Interview small S and Bengbu, "Eat love" inside say love is, willing to take some money and you eat not luxurious meal, talk about the feeling of the relationship, also talk about the loss of the warmth of backwardness, so that you smiled and smiled and cried out.

She likes to eat peanut butter, she likes to eat noodles, a Guandidi, a Xuchunmei, are small S Xu Xitii.

Little S plays on TV countless times, but it's the first time in the film to be serious. With a lot of art language and painstaking effort into the "Eat Love" cast, a realistic line "I want to prove that the harmonic star will also act." "The lion roared out her years of state of mind--there was a level of comedy. She was beaten in the play was splashed paint was Diao poured, Bengbu to warm male posture comb open her tight wrinkled eyebrow nest, small S said, this play I beauty is the protagonist, but the bright spot in him.

The interview begins, she is difficult to fade to host the true colors, always want to Bengbu bones to see. Bengbu is a very introverted person, words less, shen stability, he is out of Shanghai Drama Academy, a special grounding gas actor, 2014 in "A spoon" golden world best Unloaded Yan quality, unkempt do a stray son. That is Bengbu the accomplishment of the actor, small S think this boy is a too bright eye person: "After watching the first cut I told Can Yong, the play is too good-looking, inside the bright spot is not me, is the Bengbu." He has a lot of expressions that are very charming and warm. His acting is very natural and layered, and I admire him very much. 」

The words have admiration for the actor, she is in the actors or Santhio, asked how to see their role as an actor, small S think: "I may do is still good." "Bengbu hastened to encourage:" For the first time, is very good, not easy. (Recommended reading: put down the fear of change!) Little s:"as long as you don't mess up life, I can accept")

Bengbu really is a particularly honest person, not too flattering. The expression of the small S is also cold, won the recognition of the strength of the actor, small s corner of the smile.

The accomplishment of an actor: I Can be better

Small S on the actor is a lot of admiration, after all, their own dishes, in the film always anxious. She said a scene of her own regret, which was taken on the first day of the crew, on the first day, she was eating and weeping, and she was putting mustard on the noodles: "After the audition, I found I couldn't cry while I was speaking my lines, so I added mustard in it, so I might have a chance to drop my tears, and I just had to wash my nose." 」

So little S gave up on mustard. Her mood is always free airing, small S is not an easy to collect the person, study in the play to ponder more life Daigo taste: "I finally still can't cry out, only the eyes of tears, Con Yonggo, well, you just that very good." Then I went to the movies and I cried myself. "Who said sad will be a crash to cry, a kind of cry is very bone, more heart-broken."

Bengbu said that the first scene is always the hardest, the script again read, are the first born in this role, live a new life. He was very distressed with the first scene of the drama, in the corridor, learned that the Guandidi disease, 2 of the closest to the people are very emotional, small S said: "The film cut out, that fragment is very good." "Bengbu only back:" But I can be better. 」

They are not spared themselves, I asked Bengbu to talk about the role of the actor in his own sense, he lamented: "Actor, I can say 3 hours." It's my job, I don't have anything else to be good at. is more good at acting, so many years in the learning, this is my whole. If I hadn't taken my picture, I would have written it myself. "Acting is his life," he said. What about Little S? If you say she is to play a very unfair, small S of the play, is to be in place every time.

Give you a young girl's Xu Xitii

"I am very strict with myself, Kangyong said to seek me to act, I promised him, at that time my life condition is very bad, just our family happened some disturbance, my husband every day about me to the balcony to drink a heart-to-heart talk." To my standards at that time photogenic is very bad, I asked Con Yonggo in the play set I was a few years old, the original is a more than 20-year-old youth girl, I said, well, then I will give you a young girl's Xu Xitii. 」

Few people pay attention to the way of Xu Xitii: Well, I give you a teacher Xu; OK, I'll give you a new album; OK, I'll give you a new movie. She is the person who loves the challenge, the language is not astonishing oath endlessly, so Xu Xitii always has next climax. She said, in order to play Guandidi changed the life: "I have been to stop drinking, today is my last day, my stomach has been barking." (Recommended reading: You are the incomparable beauty in my heart!) There is a feeling called Kangyong small s)

The first time the protagonist of the film, is 2 characters, kangyong the difficult to control the Xu Xitii sent to outer space, and pulled her back to Earth, she suffered, more understand sweet. A young girl's Xu Xitii is not to lose weight on the line, in order to adhere to her pride "In addition to me, probably no other actress suitable for this play", she was in the scene of live ammunition Lian, every piece of bruises, is her self-evident efforts.

Love, the one who walks with you 10,000 paces

In this play, Love has a deep metaphor. Small S Such a careless person to talk about love is also very meticulous. She said her marriage had been better this year because of the script. "I married 12 years with my husband, experienced a variety of storms, like every couple, from passion to family, to the unfamiliar, to now, we finally found a can do together sports, recently we agreed to lose weight, with my draft cooking, accompany me to walk." When I came to 8000, I said, "enough," he said, "Baby No, we walk to 10000 steps, you will be very successful." 』」

"There is a person willing to accompany me to walk 10,000 paces, walk together is very romantic." --Little S

Bengbu talk about the freshly in the play: "The role values of the play is similar to me, 2 of people together is very simple one thing, no matter what happened, can work together, as long as we get a little something to share, is that I am looking forward to the relationship." "(Recommended reading: single diary: You patiently waiting for a person to accompany you to practice love )

Small S don't forget to ridicule Bengbu: "Take what thing?" He replied: "For example, we take a little money, eat a meal not luxurious, such things." 」

Small S very resistant to talk about his husband and rob a meat dumpling story: "I am the individual points, I did not want to share with you, I want to eat my own favorite things." 」

Bengbu was very patient with her wayward, laughing unexpectedly long, like watching small S acting like. I think she except a single point of meat dumplings, but also booze a wine, after all, after today's visit Kai.

There is a kind of love is to eat a bowl of noodles, there is a kind of love is each eating their own. Love has a lot of patterns, "Eat love" is lost after the warmth, lost after the brave. Kangyong and Bengbu This dish, together with the food you are familiar with, with a section of your deepest favorite and most painful memories. You smiled and smiled and cried, this is the most powerful film in the climax of the lethality.