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Embrace diversity! The ice cream industry is very married: two-ball ice cream is forbidden to choose the same taste

Taiwan's marriage with the constitution to attract international attention, the Australian "Sydney Morning Post" 24th reported that Taiwan will become the first gay marriage in Asia legalized countries, causing many Australians for the government's delay in legislation to protect the rights of gay people. To arouse the government's emphasis on legalizing Australia's marriage, the famous ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's set up new regulations in all branches of Australia, consumers prohibit the purchase of the same taste of double ball ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's statement on the website said: "If you go to the ice cream shop and find that you are forbidden to order two balls of the same flavor of ice cream, I believe you will be very angry, but this is far from being unable to marry the person you love." 」

According to the Daily Mail, Ben & Jerry was founded in 1978 in the United States, with 26 branches in Australia, in order to promote the legalization of Australian marriage, with humorous but also the very meaning of the marketing approach, in the hope that the community to reflect on the feelings of comrades, action to the Government and members of the public: "It is time, It's time to make the same marriage legal. "

Two men stand for assassination in Portland Trolley murder

The tram killings in Portland, May 26, reported a 35-year-old white-supremacist suspect, Jeremy Joseph Christian, on the tram to two women roar, 1 of them hooded Muslims and 1 women African-Americans, according to AFP. Tram two men appeared to defend the woman, against the suspect assassination.

The two men who stood up for the 53-Year-old veteran, Rick John best, and 23-Year-old Mei Xu (taliesin myrddin Namkai Meche) were killed in the incident. Mangan has, a 16-Year-old girl who was attacked by Christine Destinee Mangum, told local TV station KPTV: "I just want to say thank you to those who support me with my life." They don't know me, but they lose their lives because of me and my friends. 」

Photo Source | Associated Press

According to the Associated Press, the suspect Christine, 1 days before the crime has been on the train to make a big speech on racial discrimination, 25th recorded in the film, Christine cursed Muslims, Christians and Jews, which he also expressed dissatisfaction with the police and the tax system.

After the incident, Trump said on Twitter: "The Friday violent attack in Portland was unacceptable." The victims stood up to fight hatred and intolerance. We prayed for them. "Hillary. Hillary Clinton also commented on personal Twitter: "Heartbreak." No one should endure such racist abuse. No one should lose his life in order to stop this kind of thing. 」

Japan's first transgender male enters politics: "LGBT children, here I am! 」

Picture source |jérémie Souteyrat for the New York times

Last week, Taiwan announced on May 24 The result of the Chancellor's announcement that the same-sex marriage is a major step forward in the right to equality and gay rights. In March this year, Japan elected the first transgender male to enter politics, and made the path of gender equality more open.

The 25-Year-old Tian Zhi also won a seat in the Conservative city Council, becoming the first openly transgender male to be elected to office in Japan. In addition to his name and title on his business card, he specifically stated: "Born as a woman." "He felt that he was a young man trying to find a gender identity and decided to join the political campaign for the city council, hoping to speak for the same LGBT community, calling for social attention to the interests of the minority.

"I want the elementary school, the young students in the country to know that I am here," said Tian Zhi, who also received an interview with the New York Times. "We hope to encourage the young LGBT community." In addition to standing up for the LGBT community, he advocates for the government to set up a LGBT consultation window, to strengthen school-related education, so that LGBT young groups have a place to talk and know themselves.

To warm up for the opening of the Taipei World Universiade, the propaganda film takes Taiwan's height

How high can Taipei jump on the international stage?
We're ready.

The 2017 Taipei World University Games will debut from August 19 to 30th this year, the Universiade executive committee released the third wave of official promotional film "taipei in motion", through the actual and computer graphics, the landscape and movement in line with energy lines, while exquisite but very dynamic, copy refers to The introduction of the North jump on the international stage of adequate preparation, bring out the height of Taiwan, tell the world: Taiwan, ready!

"taipei in motion" using more than 5,000 units per second Phantom Veo high speed camera, underwater high-speed camera, GoPro, and other professional photography equipment, to the real film combined with animation, line combination movement, through the lens of various views of the city corner and the humanities landscape, Let the world see the beauty of the Great Taipei, and feel the dynamism of the city. The film also appeared in many Taipei Universiade competition events and venues, through the rhythm of the lively splicing techniques, showing the competition in the stadium screen, for the Taipei World Universiade opened Hot Teng Prologue!

More than hundred injured in Iraq Ramadan attack spate

Fasting month is an important Islamic practice, the fasting month in the Hijri calendar in the Nineth month, time up to 29 days or 30 days. The first week of Ramadan will be "sealed Iftar", after which the Muslims can only eat one meal a day, all day can no longer eat, after sunset, eating things. Most Muslims will stay up early in the morning and go out, shop or eat with their families before the dawn breaks and the fasting begins again.

Photo SOURCE | Reuters

May 30, the Iraqi capital Baghdad and its Western 1 towns, a total of 2 car bombs and 1 suicide bomb attacks, killing at least 35 people killed and more than 100 injured.
After midnight, a car filled with explosives was detonated at a famous ice cream shop in the Carrida district of the Baghdad Business district (Karrada), killing at least 13 people and injuring 40 others. A few hours later, a 2nd explosion occurred near a government building in the Carker District (Karkh), killing 10 and injuring 44. A man also detonated a vest at 1 military checkpoints on commercial street in the Sunni town of heat on the west side of Baghdad, killing 12 people, including 7 soldiers, and injuring at least 24 others.

The Islamic State of the Sunni hardline group, which controls parts of Iraq and Syria, said the 3 attacks were done, Reuters reported. The 3 attacks were aimed at detonating bombs after midnight when people went out to dinner and shopped. A typical attack targeted at late-night crowds during the Muslim fasting month.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) pointed out that the is in the general Muslim fasting, self-control of fasting month to launch attacks everywhere, there are historical factors. The Islamic prophet Muhammad launched his first crusade in Ramadan, and the radicals actual fasting the month of war.