"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Lin Xi's love is to cultivate their own injury to all, love is two of people, but the injury is their own good.

About love, happy because of happiness, is to do: good any tease, nor for anyone waiting for, I do not give me, not my I do not love.

Lin Xi

If there is no "ten years" without Eason Chan, if there is no "hundred Years of Loneliness" without Faye Wong's madness. Write Love the love of mortals, Lin Xi very understand. (Extended reading: Living and learning is survival!) Exclusive interview with Eason Chan: I want my life to have a sense of frustration.

Many people speculate that Lin Xi and Anthony Wong You lyrics I write the relationship is not a love, but there must be a feeling. All sorts of strange rumors directed at Lin Xi love not to Anthony Wong, regardless of version, they have feelings, the name of unknown also irrelevant. A kind of love is not exist, Tianya ends, you are still my talent, you are my muse, you or my accident.

Lin Xi said for Anthony Wong write words especially toss, too many singers in Lin Xi, only Anthony Wong difficult to subdue. Once Anthony Wong to Lin Xi's word said: "This sentence has a problem, I do not see love like this." "Lin Xi thought:" Really tricky, let me think of, wrote so many love songs, actually is to write my own, singer, producer, audience or whose love? 」

Unexpectedly, we all want someone to be surprisingly unruly for themselves.

Lin Xi did not openly like who they love, did not say what their love view is, what love is what we do not know, only know an affectionate people, so that the vast number of Chinese audience, in his words in the sea of his tears flow. Lin Xi's love Zen is very deep, he once said that he wrote a lot of songs, is the use of love to express the soul:

"A lot of love songs, writing is actually life, I do not say religion, more like faith." For example, I write down love, Love may be a carrier, put down is what I want to say. 」

"Spring in the vent" lyrics: Lin Xi song composer: Anthony Wong/Cai De Cai

He helped the Buddha into the word from 1998 his experience of a big lovelorn: "I think for a long time, how a person can protect themselves, think a lot of truth, and then wrote the" to their own love letter. Then began to look at the Buddhist scriptures, and found that it and I thought of the truth class near, Buddha's main idea is how to release pain. 」

Lin Xi to the ideal of love almost detached: "Buddha in the hearts of people, the sky is empty, but clouds cover the line of sight, 30,000 km must be sunny." 」

More than 3,000 words, second-hand love experience of the ingredients, from the love of the heart to the relief of love, but also his attitude: "To love to hold lost also indifferent attitude." "Lin Xi use words and countless singers fall in love with, he said I am not a love expert, I just heartache expert bar." (Recommended reading: to Young loved lovers: Love never have to win or lose )

I'm going to write a life piece and I have to bend over and lick my wounds.

Lin Xi

In love the demon 魍, reincarnation several back, become his own God, to realize his own. We rob food color sex, stampede out of the red dust of their own. Remember Jia Baoyu reincarnation, Fancen has been roasted, the teacher said to Baoyu: "There are some pleasures in the world of mortals, but can not always rely on, and the situation has a drawback, a good thing more than eight words closely linked to the genus, second is also happy very sad life, people do not change, is the end of a dream, all the empty." It's better not to go. 」

The human purgatory, still must persist to go to, the affection electro-optic Flint, still must use the leaning to love.

We always remember he wrote to Eason Chan: "Like a person like Mt. Fuji." You can see it, but you can't move it. You can't move a Mount Fuji, you have to walk through it yourself. Love, stroll is enough. 」