womany for all women, early this year, in cooperation with the Mamibuy , who cared for new mothers.We're going to have a series of theme articles about mothers, and we look forward to every single thing that we can do to provide us with ideas, problems, opinions.Let's take a look at the first article Mamaiy brings us, and a photographer through the lens to look at a woman's life:

you were young, my mother always said that getting married and having children were the path of life. Now, I think this is still a beautiful journey. The beautiful definition doesn't lie in the passing of life. It is a serious, brave and diligent process that makes this story a good one.

Photographer from the United Kingdom , she, is also the mother of two children, and the feeling is deeper and deeper.Yes, with the lens of the Xanthe , take a look at the story of girls turning to women!

a little girl, a deep, dark eye, and a

Getting older, getting dressed, talking about romance, romance

Baffled by multiple segments until you encounter the person who is willing to lead your life in that

So, after years of thought, choosing to fly to

It seems a bit inappropriate at first, there's a dispute; there's joy, but you know, the heart is still tightly

At last, with the first baby, it's very happy, but also worried that it will be a busy hand and a busy hand

Slowly encounter many difficulties: breast-feeding, severe sleep deprivation …

Even if I want to work tomorrow morning, sleep in the middle of the night, coax the child to sleep

Yes, this is a plastering smile, so it's worth it if you see the child so

Be curious about what, start exploring the world, while mummy is carefully guarding, deeply worried about the child's

Slow, the moment you learn to

second child born, brothers and sisters, children grow up, have their own life

until you are old with your husband ....

Xanthe Capture a moment with a different angle, and a photo with a different light, image, laughter, fun, and love.When the time passes, the years are like a shuttle, what are they waiting for?Take the camera and write down your own story!

video is more Xanthe 's work!