"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, from a girl, understand a new era. Look at the way they turn crazy and read their atypical successes. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. Reading Korean actor Kim Min, bear the name of the Fox, her actress is brilliant.

Last year, "The Temptation of Maid" Let a person photographic memory of Kim Min XI this year has a new film release, "Alone in the night of the Seaside" trailer, a long shot, she hummed songs, lonely and distant, a smoke spit out the lonely history of ancient times. The picture is calm, Kim Min-hee's eye tension is full.

The review of the Berlin Film Festival described her as "a woman who can't look away from her", Kim Min is not one of the most beautiful, but the only beauty, a kind of fear you see, very publicity of the United States.

Have you ever seen a woman in an interview with a gossip lover's suit coat? Kim Min is a.

Mistress of Style: I just want to love

In Korea, everyone points to Kim Min Love is not a woman. She because of "this is right, at that time wrong" with the difference 21-Year-old director Hong Shangxi acquaintance, Hong Shangxi still in divorce lawsuit, Kim Min with a few Fox fine beauty let people hate.

Later Hong Shangxi Guide "Alone in the Night of the Sea", Kim Min love to play marriage cheating woman, South Korea set off a wave of tyrants, people straight to the nausea, neither fish nor fowl. However, the film let her take the 67th annual Berlin Film Festival Best Actress, Kim Min pleased to receive the award when the Hong Shangxi shouted: "I respect him, I love him!" 」。

Kim Min is a powerful actor, but also a powerful mistress. Kim Min happy to intervene in the family posture, and Hong Shangxi love make oneself leave brokerage company, countless advertisers and Kim Min like to terminate. In the past she was known as the Reaper, Li Jingzai, Hyuck, Jo Sung had openly been with her. This lover and Kim Min is very different, he used the vicissitudes of the years to replace the fresh relationship, Kim Min, she would like to find a place to take root again.

Now the Kim Min of the uncle's love was all spurned, they say is because the Uncle many gold has achievement, Kim Min likes to use the international famous actor posture Proof, she does not need to depend on any person superior, she can make a talented overflowing actor, a magnanimous mistress, all is because she knew that she was always playing really. (Recommended reading: Mistress history: "Nudity makes me more comfortable", Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy never said the story )

To Love Hong Shangxi, Kim Min is very paranoid, no one else, Hong Shangxi, said: "We two people love each other." We follow our way, love the frankness of sincerity. Kim Min is just watching him, with light in his eyes.

Love is a breath: Why does love have rules?

In all media reports, her love history has been made one after another timeline, for the general public, perhaps this woman is too amorous, beauty, 2015 only adultery in addition to the crime of South Korea is afraid of this subversion of the family power of women. But she seemed to be indifferent, unwilling to submit.

Kim Min is Pisces, a person who needs love watering, in the past she has published a breakup message on the internet to talk about love:

"Love does not disappear because it is over, love can cast a person." Meet you later, you like things I also like, with you spend time, happiness, feelings, all become my ... At first they seemed to belong to you, but now they have become mine. 」

Kim Min Love not so many reality constraints, she in the interpretation of "Maid Temptation" show son role also said: "Girls from childhood is intimate together." Holding hands and arm, go to the bathroom together. So many have been seen as commonplace. Will not divide the relationship by gender, the love between people to understand acceptance. "(Recommend you:"Maid's Temptation ": Love, Lust, Revenge of the female gaze )

Intuition about feelings, let her go all the way.

As an actress, she is both free and capricious, and as an artist, she loves her honest enough.

Actor: I'm capable of making a script look better.

Kim Min from performing family, grade five in the father's stage play, to a chocolate ads into the showbiz, when the model for a year, Kim Min in no agent no team and no funds, non-stop to the film field audition.

"Train" is the position of her powerful acting works, she won Busan actress. Alienated sexy temperament, decadent pale and weak appearance, with the inside of the fierce, Kim Min Xi out of an atypical idol drama, neither Sweet nor the Sun's heroine style.

How do you talk about her more precisely? I think she is an exquisite and exquisite actress. Park praise and her cooperation, "The Temptation of Maid" in these words to describe her: "Holy, cold, lazy, enlightened, charm." "In her because of" maid Temptation "to climb the Korean actress, and Hong Shangxi love caused all lambasting, everyone said, a good actor, contrary to virtue is useless. On the tread of the South Korean arts, Kim Min, she betrayed the public, completed their own. (You'll like:"be true to yourself, you are born perfect!") "lady Gaga's Woman story )

If said Kim Min Xi is Hong Shangxi's muse too despises her, is she brings up "alone in the Night of the sea" of the rough, she created the "Maid Temptation" of the gorgeous sadness. Because Kim Min, so the movie. "It's like a script that's worth reading after what I've tried," he said. "Kim Min is confident, she can make a movie more full, more like you my life, as she has been honest to love."

"A Girl" quotations: Kim Min XI

"No one knows how much I yearn for acting. 」

Thank you, love you, I became a woman, after the breakup, I became really true person.

Kim Min Hi

I wish I could reach the age of 40 soon. I like 30 years older than 20 years old. And I'm looking forward to getting into the 40-year-old more quickly. It seems that people can become more peaceful, and there will be a more mature me, right?

Kim Min Hi