What is the image of Lady Gaga in your heart? Because at Oscar's bright Eye "normal" performance, let people think she is not the same, you think?

"I am beautiful in my own way, because God never makes mistakes, I walk on the right path, I was born so!" Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself, because I walk on the right path, I was born perfect! --goddess Kaka, born perfect

At just the end of the Oscars ceremony, Lady Gaga performed a classic musical "Beauty" of the suite, unlike in the past to give people the image of always strange clothes, she wore a pure white dress, cream-coloured romantic curls, reminiscent of the snow Aisha Princess.

Has "lady Gaga changed? "I've been thinking about when she's going to take off her dress!" "The network immediately set off a discussion, many people think she" back to basics, "but, this" true "refers to what is it? Few people know that Lady Gaga actually received quite solid music training, using "musicians" to describe her, and even more than "pop singer".

Not just a pop singer, but a musician.

Many "pop singers" are not very good at singing, this is not a secret in the music industry, some people just by the music industry packaged goods, even if the record of the song is perfect, it may be a singing scene on the broken work. But Lady Gaga is not at all the same thing, he is not only a professional voice guidance, but also a few once and Tony Bennett, the revered national treasure-class jazz singer to work with the singer, this is enough to prove that his singing is absolutely not simple.

It's hard for me to describe how much I enjoy, a female musician being seriously treated. Although I have a very formal classical piano and sound training, but because I am a pop singer, it is always hard to make my voice sound "real" when I record it. So with Tony cooperation, let me feel very pure close to the music, is very very simple happy!

Lady Gaga began to show her piano gift at the age of four and studied for a while before he actually began to learn classical piano.

I remember the first song I heard was the 〈money〉 of "pink floyd", my dad put it on, and I found out that the part of the song was written in the voice of a cash register, and after a while, I wrote my first "note" on Mickey staff.

"He's a musician, just accidentally becoming a pop singer," says Lady Starlight, a musical actress who has worked with Lady Gaga many times. "But as a pop singer, Lady Gaga is enjoying it, and he's always experimenting with different possibilities in music, writing songs, arranging, and packaging stage performances." (Recommended reading: cross-border musician Su Zihin: If life is a paycheck, there's no sense of being alive. )

"I can't learn from my successes, I have to fail before I can succeed."

Although very talented, Lady Gaga's Road to music is also hard to walk. For a dream of his own singing, he dropped out of the Art Institute of New York University at the age of 18 and dreamed away from home.

I left home and tried to find the cheapest apartment I could, and my father helped me pay for a year's rent, saying that if I failed, I would go back to school. I've been pinching and scraping every day to find people who understand my music.

Because the style is too avantgarde, his music is often not understood. Once he and his friends were playing heavy metal music in a small pub, a small place with hundreds of people on the windows, picking up the camera to take their "strange" shape.

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My father was very angry afterwards and didn't talk to me for weeks. I was really sad, but I kept telling myself that someday he would understand.

The first time I was refused by the record company, I ran to my grandmother's house and cried on the couch, remembering my grandmother telling me: "You cry, I will make you cry now." But after you cry, you should cheer up and give them a good look! "That day, I lay on the couch and saw Beyonce on TV, and I made up my mind to shine on the stage like him!"

As Lady Gaga did, he was not only as much a singer as Beyonce, but also a testament to his "strange", which is indeed a matter worth insisting on.

You define your own beauty, society cannot help you define

Lady Gaga was a "geek" who was often bullied during her high school years. He was often thought to be too radical and acting strange, had to try to hide himself, but still feel himself out of place, everyone's vision let himself also suspect himself. (same field Gayon: honest face "those miserable childhood")

I used to be a girl that no one understood, and everyone shook his head and said, "I don't understand him, I don't think he will succeed."

After I came back from gym class, I found my locker crawling with dirty words, and I ran home to cry. This kind of experience doesn't go away at all, I don't want to go to school.

One time at the pizza place, I was surrounded by a couple of classmates who grabbed me and threw me into the garbage can at the corner of the street where a lot of people would pass by and everyone saw me in the trash. I had to laugh and make it all seem like a joke, because I didn't want them to see my frailty.

Lady Gaga has built up a large group of "Little Monsters" fans that seem like a fan of some sort of cult idol, but Lady Gaga has given it more meaning. Because of the hard way, he knows how to be loyal to himself is a need for courage, therefore, he always encouraged the small monsters to do their own, do not fear the eyes of others, brave to be a "weirdo."

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2011, a 14-year-old gay boy, because the sex to the classmate long bullying, finally chose to end their lives. Lady Gaga sang a song to him in particular at the concert, and choked on the stage and said, "Bullying is a loser's behavior!" (Bullying is for losers!) "(Extended reading: Let us grow not by the bullying process, but by our own firmness )

Since his debut, Lady Gaga has said that every album of her own is tightly fastened to the same theme:

I define my own success, I define my own existence, I define who I am, and I define my own beauty. No one can define you, except yourself.

He even founded the "Inborn Perfect Foundation" in 2012 to help young people confront bullying and abandonment issues, and to convey the notion that teenagers should be confident, happy, and brave to do their own, and that Lady Gaga's mother, Sinchia, as the foundation's chairman, has helped many teenagers build up their self-identity, and this news, Has barely been exposed in the Taiwanese media.

What's your impression of Lady Gaga, if you think he's just a geek with a intergrowth beef in his upper body, you can get a little closer to him! At the Oscars, Lady Gaga was not "returning to basics," but he had always been "real", throwing away all external labels, uncovering appearances, and looking inward, we saw only the "real" lagy Gaga.

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on the day of the Oscars, "Imitation Game" screenwriter Grehaumer said in a speech, when he was 16 years old, he wanted to kill himself because he felt he was out of tune with everyone, but now he is standing on the stage, holding the glorious golden man in his hand. "Be true to yourself and never be sociable." "It was a word he sent us, and the idea coincided with the belief that Lady Gaga had been passing along. (Share with you: let Aunt Mei stand and applaud the winning speech!) Patrick Sia Aquit: "Woman, it is time for their own struggle!" ")

In life, there are always times when you feel like you are in the wrong time, or in the wrong place, as if no one can understand their own language and understand their own world. We often feel frustrated, but Lady Gaga used his experience to tell us to insist on doing what we like, to turn your "strange" into the envy of everyone, do not fear to hide themselves in the vast sea of people. Don't be a dull life, because you are born perfect.

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