Exercise when walking all the way lonely, heart but full of thoughts like the universe, the movement and the writer is similar, always one step on the road, and do not want to stop, in the loneliness gradually grow into themselves.

Murakami, a writer who used to jog at 4 O ' morning. (Recommended reading:"the necessity of old school reading" We loved the Fezi Jello and Murakami )

I was impressed, he said in a visit, that "the reason I run is not about perseverance but about interest." When a person has a strong interest in something, he insists on doing it and does not feel bored. "Can you imagine the expression of this remark in the village Haruki?" He was very much in the "about running, I want to say is actually ..." a book, if you can choose their epitaph, it must be,

A writer is a runner, at least not in the end.

Cun Shang Chun Shu

At least not at the end of the walk, at least to the end did not stop. Interest in the search, identification and rooting, is from the internal and external power, the idea becomes day and night and the organs, let write down and run, become a kind of life of nature.

Like Murakami, who loves sports as well as writing, many writers, such as Hemingway is boxing enthusiasts, the wording of the struggle with the style of life, remember he said that people can be destroyed, but not defeated A man can be destroyed but not defeated Tolstoy's obsession with gymnastics, the obsession with gymnastics is embodied in "Karenina", like his projection, the voice of his own inner gymnastics, and the detective novelist Lawrence Block to balance his anxiety with exercise and writing.

For them, exercise and writing are the lifeblood of existence, and in our case, movement and writing can be reminders of life.

Muscle stretching during exercise, sucking and vomiting accelerating, feel alive, especially feeling as a person this thing, continue to stride forward, decided to stand still, or turn back, it is only their own things, when the movement has a full of loneliness, go forward from a universe, remind us to be responsible for their own lives. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" we are only ourselves, is good enough )

The common charm of sports and writing is also loneliness and solid loneliness. Athletes and writers will be able to endure loneliness, habit of loneliness, and even preference for lonely people. Movement and writing is endless Long March, the road is blocked and the length, does not forget sets the goal, from beginning to end is a person and own battle, this road, at least to finally I did not stop. (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" insist on the need for toughness, not willful )

Now, let's invite you to this path together.