Tunisia is a virgin, a virgin, on the basis of religion and law, and the local "hymena surgery" is prevalent.We cannot help but reflect on why women's sexual autonomy is based on virginity and the rigidity of sex education in the past.

BBC News Service is that in recent years there has been a thriving business in North Africa in the —, with the development — a virgine film.It took about 30 minutes to rebuild the virgin women's film, and the price was 400 dollars.It is worth noting that Tunisia is an important leader of the feminist movement in North Africa. Because of religious traditions, it is stipulated that before marriage is a virgin (but not men must be a virgin), the law stipulates that if a woman is found not to be a virgin, she can also divorce.

In Tunisia, where virginity is the equivalent of virginity, young women who have sex experience sneaking money before marriage, leaving their family and fiancé to go to the clinic to have a "beautiful" wedding night, and to the future of a marriage that is safe and free.

I don't agree with people that the virgin is sacred because I don't agree with the idea that men are dominant in society, " said the surgeon who performed the operation."

The sanctiate of virgin images is not remote from Taiwan.From mid-March to mid-May every year, a wave of "virgins" was created in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. In order to prepare for the June wedding, it was often the mother carrying her daughter to the clinic to report to her clinic.A piece of "intact" virgine film is a strong guarantee of the marriage and sweetness.

How can muscle tissue in the women's film and women's body be oppressed in a close relationship?

Is the hymenfilm a "film"?How does a virgin arise?

Let's first talk about the maiden film.

film is a translucent connective tissue that surrounds the vagina and is located in the vagina.The central part of the front film of the vagina can be discharged from the blood through blood.According to the shape of the opening, it can be round, ring, vertical, half-moon type, sieve hole type, star shape, if it does not have small hole, it is a vaginal front membrane lock.

The film is a film that is not just a poke, but it is more appropriate to imagine that it is a muscular connective tissue.The so-called "first night bleed" is actually a vaginal membrane tearing, and in fact is not a sexual intercourse. If it is violent or bruise, it may tear out the front membrane of the vagina and bleed out of blood.The texture, thickness, blood vessels, nerves and conditions of the vaginal front film are also not bleeding.(Recommended reading: [picture editing] The Yin and the Yin track plan: Have you seen your private place?)

The maiden film is not "complete", nor is it a measure of whether or not a sex has ever been used.

have a virgus film, and we have to talk about it. Why do we have a lot of ideas about the virgin?We have seen from the communication of sex education.

The Path to Sex Education for Boys and Girls

Contemporary sex education reveals our duality standards of different sex, behind the control of the patriarchal system on the "sex".One is to regulate male dominance and female subordination of rigid power; the second is sex unrelated to reproduction, such as masturbation, homosexuality, and non-marital sex, and is treated as inappropriate and perverted.

What we're feeling in sex education is that boys are sex, conquest, boys are encouraged to carry out sex adventure and sex exploration to validate masculinity; girls'sex is to be invaded, girls are warned about protecting their bodies (actually virginity), and girls' sex is not abstinence or passive.The sexual intercourse of power, through sex education, quietly tells the child.(The discussion on the emotional education of boys can refer to this: [Gender perspective] cannot be cried, demeaning women, gender dictates!How did a boy's masculo-masculo be developed?)

The child is in strict compliance and is especially harmful to women, and a woman who is in violation of sexual norms will be subject to harsher social sanctions than men.A girl in Jordan was accused of being disgraced by an unmarried woman, and her family was ignited on her body to ignite petrol. It was the same ideology that was behind our overcare of girls before they were married.

We have not talked about desire. We have never said that sex should be built on the premise of respect. We do not have a clear conception of contraception. We have an abortion threatening film that has been broadcast in middle school.The conservatism and closure of contraception, together with a sexually repressed atmosphere, gives girls the inclination to choose the "least resistance" of sex education, which is highlighted in sex education, protects oneself, protects the female film, or is used to perform virginity.

Why is it that the virgin Valenta has been screaming for so long? Why is it not working?It is because this is an ideology that is supported and encouraged throughout the entire structure.The surgery revealed that the surgery revealed that both men and women acquiesced and strictly abided by the strict norms of society against women.

The virginity surgery, also sexual violence, metaphorically, is not a virgin bride/girlfriend, I don't want to.

Farewell to virginity, valedictory power relationship

In the past, we focused on the composition of the disassemble of the maiden film, repeatedly discussing the "unbreakable" maiden film, saying goodbye to the virgin virgin, and most useless.When people talk about hymenas, they are still a sacred dream.

To put it bluner, the virginity is not a feminist construct, but a derivative of the power relationship of the sex.

Farewell to virginity implies a valedictory power relationship that requires active action by women and men.Looking back at 1994, Taiwan's desire to talk about the starting point of development.Ho Chun-juei publishes the "feminist: feminist sexual liberation movement — — women's pleasures, developing women's bodies, empowering women, empowering women, liberating women's sexual love, challenging and disrupting patriarchal systems, and a liberation movement that clearly has a symbiotic relationship with power."(Recommended reading: Photo exhibit: Virgess is not a film, but a twisted complex )

Women need to take the position of an emotional subject and accumulate women's erotic resources through the exchange of experience and sexual experience, and to develop a feminine desire to challenge both the existing erotic power relationships.

This is still our revolution today.And this revolution is going to invite men to join.

usual "virgin" was a "virgin", but he knew that "virgin" was patriarchal, and some would say "virgin" was in trouble, and she would have to be responsible for the burst of her body, especially the film.(In the same field: [Chou Chih-hsuan]] Why are women's sex precious and men's sexual overflows?)

This shows that the present sexual control and regulation and oppression are two personalities.It makes women unable to master their bodies and desires. The ultimate goal of protecting the body is to make the ultimate goal of protecting the body. It is the man who has full responsibility. As men have their own oppression, they are expected to have a sexual ethic. They have to prove their own right to hold their own decisions through women, and sex is a contest of their own.

Rethinking the sexual liberation movement from the virginity, I look forward to our quest for sexual liberation as well as the quest for gender emancipation.At the same time as the emancipation of virginity, the power relationship of emancipation is also emancipatedOnly then will we be able to truly disturb the patriarchal system, not to duplicate the rigid power relations, and to return the rich and romantic to the individual's hands.