Every Friday [If you think] series, when don't you just do it? I would like to use a little tattoo to imprint your youth, recommend you five Instagram accounts, and I want to do it, then go ahead.

In 2014, the trend of minitype tattooing has been growing. People have come to a detailed tattooing of tattooing. Minitype tattooing gives people a sense of self-belief. The tattoo is full of people's hopes, and tattooing has developed a sense of self-expression, overturning social attitudes toward tattooing.(Recommended reading: "scar on me bear the bloom of the greatest pain in my breast cancer" )

Have you ever wondered what kind of imprint you want to leave on yourself?What kind of words are the kindness of your faith, and what kind of totem is the meaning of your life?

What kind of token do you want to use to occupy that glaring youth?

Live fast, die young, be wild, and have fun. Live in the present, don't ask for eternal life, live wild, and embrace life.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, an individual with a distinctive character, has a lot of stab in the body, writing a statement of her life, and paying tribute to the icon. She stabbed Nina & Billie in her collarbone, and "Nabokov Whitman" stabbed her in the right arm.She stabbed her motto, "die young" and "trust no one" to the right hand, and the left hand is meant to be "paradise" of paradise.

She once said, "Death and heaven are connected to me, and I look forward to being calm and relaxed after I die, which can also be described as paradise.""

The tattoo is a memorial to most people, commemorating the important people in life, commemorating the past, commemorating the life, commemorating the common sense of the present, and of the sense of life and of life.

If you want to make a little tattoo, you want to remember a time that you don't want to forget. You want to grab a swiping moment and make it permanent. I recommend you to five Instagram accounts, and in these words and totem, you find the token that resonates with your totem, and it moves to the end of the day.

coco schwarz

Instagram | @cososchwarz

Many gray colors show a photo style, and the tattooing of the tattoo is from the totem, the plant to the character. Although the tattooing is static and extremely dynamic, both the vegetation and the character of the character, the character of the person's slight facial features are meticable.More specifically, the tattoo of this tattoo is portrayed on the human body with a simple and powerful line. As the human body swings and lines, the lines appear to be different. This kind of tattoo seems to have life, and with every daily life you have, you can grow up with your own.

Jakub Nowicz

Instagram | @jakubnowiczttoo

This tincer often draws the interaction scenes of people in their daily lives using geometric shapes and lines. Each pattern is simple and concise, and it is attracted by the atmosphere of the scene, and is deeply fascinable.In addition to the human interaction, the animal figure and the nature of nature leap into the pen, and the simple strokes are lifelike.


Instagram | @pokeeeeeeeoh

"rough black line" depicts people's interactions with people, often focusing on specific areas such as hands, neck and so on. Occasionally, they leave corners, broken lines, and blank faces, allowing the viewer to make their own assumptions about the images. Each tattoo is unique to everyone.All kinds of colors have given different lives when viewed.

Pis Saro

Instagram | @pissaro_tattoo

very realistic and colorful plant of tattooing, if you like nature, likes flowers and flowers. Every plant's texture and color is so true that it is so true that it makes a note of the flowering colors of plants that encourage oneself to live and live, and grasp every present in every living thing.

This is the value of the


Instagram | @wittybutton_tattoo

If you like little rebellious, little words and a totem to commemorate those moments, the stinger's style may give you a sense of inspiration, whether it's a fondly gown in the collarbone, a sign of love along the ribs, or a smiling face after the ear, reminding you of the humor that is necessary in your life.These micro-tattooing records show you every moment of your life. At that time, the love of love, the old child's interest in it, all survived, and you remembered yourself.

If you want to tattoo, why don't you?

Honey, if you want, go and do it!

Life is short, but it's a long way to take advantage of the youth. When you're young, you nail each one of your own madness. These little tattooing, you remember your most real words, these totem and words, and you are fearless and fearless.

If you don't you just do it?