recent years, the poet's first reading of the Chinese poem "through more than half of China's sleep" has attracted the attention of both Chinese and Western media. The director Venn Venn's film shows the way in which the documentary film shows the way in which he and she fled the marriage.Perhaps we can understand more about life in the poetry and the people of Buyeo.

In fact, you sleep
's just
this flower's virtual flower.
's the spring
, the moose and the

— — Buyeu Xiuhua < Go through more than half of China to sleep on you >

The poem by the Chinese poet, Eyeo Soo, was a poem in 2015 that was vulgar and wilderness, rural women, cerebral palsy, and disability, and she became a very controversial poet of the day.People are concerned about her marriage and even her creative work.

In China this year, the film "The World of Divorce" was released in China. The documentary film "Divorce" is the main axis of the narrative, and the side swatter is on the side of Buyeo's half-life.The film is a bit of a deliberate, overly poetic, space-time, dramatic conflict. It's like arranging for a similar arrangement of the suffering and tragedy of Zhang Yang's Yuhua, and all of her feelings of deep depression and sadness.

Buhe Xiuhua: I think the best thing is divorce

The film shows the divorce process between Wu-yu and her husband.At the age of 19, he married a 13-year-old gentleman, Mr. Sir, and Mr. Soyeo's husband was accepted by his body because of his physical disability.They don't love each other, produce, survive, just stop there.The husband did not understand the spiritual world of Buyeo's spiritual life, so the world of yeo Xiuhua was suffering.She wants a divorce, her parents are forced to die, a rural woman, a woman with a disability, and she has to have a husband.Yum Hsiu-hua is weary of his marriage to appear in a poem:

"This is always the case. She is beaten by her men by her men/her/she hid in the tree hole, painting a picture"

"He had my hair, and when I hit the wall, the witch waving his tail and his inability to be a pain in the face of a man who wasn't afraid of pain."

Buyeu Xiuhua wrote poetry to the whole of China. She finally had the money, and she had the money to leave her husband."My mom didn't want me to get a divorce, and we didn't live together for a long time, but my mom told me that you were going to be a nun, build yourself, and I spit," she said."

The husband was happy to divorce her, and took a house and a lot of money." Without love, we are enemies." In a joylike fashion, I want my son to wrap up a bag of red envelopes to celebrate freedom.Buyeo is a woman who is desperate for autonomy. She is a crippled road, at least in the spirit of flying.Many of China's feminists praised Buyeo for abandoning her husband's stance, saying that he had abandoned a mediocre man who abandoned her paternal patriarchal heritage in China's history.(Recommended reading: Objection to the Chinese government's illegal arrest!Women's Rights in Support of China )

In his marriage, he went to the higher side of the marriage and went to the Internet to talk to someone about love, to ask for love in front of others, and men saw the appearance of Xiuyu, afraid of, and refused.The love of Xiuhua is also dead once again.

After the divorce, the reporter asked Eyeo, "Do you still want to love?"She replied craving." I believe in love, I don't believe in marriage."

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I'm a slut.

What about Slut?Slut is a slut.— — — Buyeo.

Buyeu Xiuhua once responded to someone saying that her poem was a "slut."Perhaps a poetic hemiplegic poet who wrote an erotic poem is a violation of the patriarchal nerve in China." I didn't really experience the love of the skin and the love of the soul.I am still not willing to do so."The best thing to get is love."

In the footnotes of the young lady, the poems of Soyo Xiuhua appear to be unbearable.Women spray cologne, smear lipstick, neat and neat, or talk about economic independence, or talk about economic independence, or the loneliness of the Bolchoa style.In Buyeo Hua, she used the old clothes of sweat and sweat, the smell of the nail on the right hand and the smell of the field, and the left hand held down the trembling right hand and a single writing.Put it on, the moment, the moment, the mean, the mean:

"This is the night of a foreign land, and only your name has been smashed to my heels/I fantasis/fantasizing about you, and I don't want to reinvent the gold in your arms. 100 men are your division" — < Why do you need to say more? >

the poetry of the poet, she often jokingly encounters a male poet who is a true love affair, and only a true love affair." I write about love that I can't get.There is a sentence called "What to fill with what is missing."If you have to have a distance from your body, you can only observe it.I write poetry, that is, the distance from writing.(Extended Read: Might and Ebasan?People to middle age, even more righvating )

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Because it's not a love flower, it's a poem

She is China's Emily Dickinson, and she says, " I'm not.Dickinson is unique, and my Buyeo is unique."

In the literary world, many people may not see her.Eyeo's attendance was too large, and the exposure was too big. "Life is not just a poem," he said.I do all of these things, all of which make my life richer, even if I don't write poetry, I don't think it's a big deal."

She was an eye-looking person in the world, and now she's in her eyes, and she's got a lot of pleasure in her eyes.The village of Hengxiahua, where she lives, flourished with her. At first it was just a brick and brick house. A reporter entered the village of Hengdian Village to catch her on a walk alone. The government built a tourist attraction, which was based on Yueyu's view of the location.

Yuyu Xiuhua was wealthy, but she didn't have love, but she was still poor.The attention of the spotlight is very lively, but Buyeo says, "I'm lonely, just like before.""

With love, she may not write poetry, but if she does, she would rather have sex.In reality or in prison, where she is imprisoned, she divides her desire into a hundred, on average, in poetry. She does not have real love and love, but at the very least, the desire to love is forever.(Extended reading: snitch from the physical barrier: Thank you for your praise, but I don't want to be an inspiration )

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Some people with a strong sense of justice felt that it was not right to use Buyeo's life to override her poetry.I felt that because this person was a Buyeo Xiuhua, it was a good poem.Perhaps there is a kind of creation, the creator's own life marks are the best, and her disability has carved her into a completely intact character, and her hideous face is the most embodiment of the absurdity of the bottom layer.For literature, Buyeo is a natural presence. She may be too much of a rush to the general media. She doesn't expect a savage farmer to write a poem that is uninspiring. So the reporter asked, "Do you have any inspiration to tell the story of others?"She laughs back:

I am a fart.