When there are some symptoms, it may indicate a problem with a relationship.Learning to drop it will be a better choice for both sides.

When you're in love and love, you can't get away with it, but when you break up, you give your blessing, and then you smile and walk away.If you just don't want to make it clear or think that the other person is getting more thoughtful and more mature, so long as you're sure you're going to be better together than before, then there's nothing wrong with turning back.Stock buyers are the same.If you think that something's wrong, you should leave. If you don't have a grass in the world, why do you have to love a flower?

Provide a few simple ideas for everyone:

One, Stop Loss

Knowing that it doesn't fit, knowing that separation is better for each other, but after all, it has been true that love has always been cut off from love.It was always difficult to break up, but ...

Everyone says that there should be a stop point, but how should we set it better?(Recommended reading: I broke up well, my last tenderness )

You can check your stock price every day, and then think about how to stop the damage.Small proposal: Mobile stop-loss can be used.In other words, as long as the stock price goes up and the stock price goes up, the loss points will only be adjusted downward every other time. If the trend is correct and the loss is properly set, then there will only be a loss-loss opportunity.

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Two, don't let your profit become loss-making, book profits by more than half, that's when you're going to play.

The lovers are immersed in the sweet world and only see the advantages of each other in the eyes of each other.But when it cooled, it began to discover the other side's drawbacks, and began to have a friction dispute. If you can't communicate with each other, and before you get revenge, you'll probably be good when you have a thread of love, and you might

When your profits are continually magnified, you can afford to be more volatile, but you don't need to hug them again, or else you can buy it a little bit, and it doesn't mean anything, because you will also sell it up!

So if you don't get the first thing to do, then the second firewall is that you should be in the game when your profit returns more than half.Because if we pick a strong stock, more than half of the return files should not have happened, implying that we are no longer strong in the short term.

You might say, this might be a wash.But why should we guess what we can't prove, even if it's a dish, there will be a chance to get back in the car again.As long as they have money in their hands, they always want to buy their own opportunities.

Three, exact execution

Although the decision was made in mind, the word "breakup" was always swallowed up by the mouth.It's always been procrastin; it's not good for both sides, it's not as short as it hurts, but ...

It is also necessary to set up a stop point, and if you don't have a hand, then give it to the specialty!Some brokerages have intelligent stop-loss orders, and they are set up to leave their hands when they are set up!

If you are a person who is easily influenced by the impact of the pan, then you have to rule out the problems that affect your problem, and you have to think of ways to minimize this impact.

Although it is said to be an excellent operator, it should not be too easy to be affected by the concussion, but we are people, people will definitely be human, and the top players will still have problems with the emotional problems.Just in the market, just like the Olympic marathon, it is less than who made the wrong mistake.If you don't make mistakes, you earn a little more than a few seconds, and it's getting harder and harder to get influenced by the long term, and it's getting more and more ahead.

Most people come to the market to make money, and not to prove that they are good and solve their own strengths and weaknesses, so that they can suit the remedy to the case.(Recommended reading: [shaddock sweet column] The love of a young girl is not to leave, the departure of a younger sister is an understanding of love )