After the birth of the child, the sex life of most newly married couples will change.All the new parents will always ask about womany, then what can be done to maintain it and make the sex relationship of the two people better?Of course it is!Please continue to read down and discuss it with other new parents.The most important thing is to leave time for your love!

, when is the time to return to sex?

as mentioned in the Recovery Guide for Love: The Recovery Guide for Postpartum: The most secure is the six weeks after the postpartum period .For six weeks, it is because of the possibility of infection.However, the study confirmed that two weeks after the birth, the cervix would be closed, and if there were cut wounds, the cervix had already healed.

So now we recommend that you can start restorative behavior when your new mom is ready.

This time is usually the two weeks after the postpartum period , and is no longer bleeding.

However, if there are symptoms of fever, infection, haemorrhage, or major cutting operations after childbirth, it is recommended that the following should be followed by four to six weeks after the delivery.

A new mother usually begins to restore ovulation after two weeks after delivery.

The appropriate contraceptive measures are also necessary.And if there is a risk of infection by sex, it is important to use condoms. The first post-natal sex is often a bit nervous for new mothers and partners, perhaps lubricative can help a little bit.

So the best time point is, at least two weeks after the postpartum, after the bleeding, the safest thing is after six weeks!

Better Love Suggested

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