Georges O ' Keeffe's forgotten nostalgia, does not possess, and does not envy.Love is not a lifelong matter, it is for yourself.

I'm getting to like you so ly treated that it sometimes scares me.

" I like you and I'm scared.It turned out that someone loved it this way before the Spring and Jiao Zhi Ming.Georgia O 'Keeffe was an important American artist in the 20th century, drawing more profound fables, and many people said that O' Keeffe did not draw flowers, but women's vagina. Every flower petals had a uterine pain in the stomach.O ' Keeffe's bovine bones and dead branches, too, have a wilderness in the heart of witches.

When young, O ' Keeffe made a picture of a museum, teaching middle school in Texas, listening to pop music in a pub, he was flirting, and no one cared about her painting.It was not until the photographer Alfred Stieglitz was met. Stieglitz gave O ' Keeffe love, and gave later generations a great artist.

Stieglitz was a photographer and gallery owner, who was 52 years old a year ago, and Stieglitz had an interest in painting, and a day's friends sent out the creation of a nameless artist.Stieglitz appeared in his gallery and then fell in love with the person — ' Keeffe, who was 28 years old —

Stieglitz used to be an older generation to show her show, and he asked O ' Keeffe to think about his paintings. O ' Keeffe responded: " I'm worried that people don't understand my paintings -- I want them to -- but they're worried that they really understand."

" You don't know what you're doing to me." Stieglitz told O ' Keeffe.

Stieglitz wanted to keep in mind a beautiful moment of silence, recording O ' Keeffe's body with a lens, her breasts, finger shape, wild pubic hair, and her hip line.This series of photography has caused concern in New York, where it is possible that Stieglitz's thirst for O ' Keeffe is in photography, and many wonder who is the woman who hid a universe in such a glittering eye.

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Stieglitz divorced his wife a few years later, and was officially with O ' Keeffe.After the marriage, they remained in their own creative life, and Stieglitz often remained in Georgetown, where O ' Keeffe went to New Mexico, where she liked the wilderness.Their marriage lasted until the end of life and lived together for no more than four years.

O 'Keeffe became more famous, and Stieglitz acts as a protest against the physical derailment — — "by the" O' Keeffe ", which is no longer just a love of me, but more in the arts.

Stieglitz went to love, O ' Keeffe heartbroken, continued painting, and she wrote: " I chose to leave because I felt good at least here, so I felt that my internal change was much higher and more straightforward, and it was quiet.Maybe you would hate me for that, but for me it might be the best thing I can do right now.I hope that this letter does not hurt you, but painting is the last thing I want to do in this world."

two men communicate with each other in correspondence and continue to exchange art and ideas, and have accumulated at least 5 000 or more letters in their lifetime. They have always been distance, and they have been very few in their love of the other side, but they have been reading the language of the other side.

Stieglitz made the world find her, O ' Keeffe banished herself.O ' Keeffe's old age with the desert, her lover, love of the earth, and even more than others.

A lifelong quest for the will of nature and even a love of love: " If you take a flower in your hand, and carefully look at it, you will find that the whole world is entirely yours."

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