the spring and summer, the new fashioned-up instincts have begun to search for the popularity of the spring and summer, and perhaps the blush, the nectar and the eyelids that have already been chosen, and of course there is also a pastime of passion.But the new haircut, the color of hair, did you do your homework?


In a colourful, passionate, and romantic spring summer season, it is essential to create fashion attitudes that are important in the current season, with haircuts and "light transparency" and "transparency."

light haircut does not only refer to the hair of short hair, but if the hair is healthy and has water retention, it is recommended that you try to cut off your hair and adjust your hair style to create a sense of space between hair and hair.In addition to choosing the color of the color of their skin, they can also create a more solid level in a way that suits their color. They can improve the color of their colors and increase the transparency and light intensity under the sun.

for small tips:

dyed hair will be affected by the alkaline residue of the dye and destroy the protein in the hair. To avoid the drying of the hair, it is recommended that the product be washed, moisturizing, and protected by the AVEDA, and that it can also wash the excess of the residual alkali in addition to the good hair color.

haircut hair

The hairdressing of "soft-hair" is softer and unhefty, and the hair's hair needs to be more reserved on the choice of hair style, and it may be possible to eliminate the multiple layers of cut-off methods!Because the hair is too light, it is easy to dry, and the climate is humid in Taiwan, unless it is a haircut. Otherwise, the hair would be difficult to shape. Moreover, the haircut of the natural hair would also have to be avoided by way of a multilayered haircut!

With regard to fine-grained hair, it is recommended that the hairstyle be trimly cut to the lower level.It is a way of handling hair and hair. If the long hair is thin and soft, it will be flat or too soft, and it will cause the whole person to look untenable. It can be used for this way of handling the hair.

The color selection doesn't need to be too bright, so the hair color is the main one, because the soft hair is too bright to make the hair look lighter; at the same time, you can try the block-dyeing method of the big block, so that the soft hair is too soft, and it creates a "Amin shape" that has a personality!

for small tips:

Taiwan's climate is humid and humid is easy to dry, and it is recommended that AVEDA be used to smooth the hair forward, and to fend off the bottom of the blow, and that it can be up to 12 hours after drying.It also can resist the air damage caused by the hot air when blowing, it is the necessary hair latex.

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