Handsome Lady, the wardrobe of the Queen and the Blue Molly Keltblanche, played between the sex and the history of her wardrobe.

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Elisabeth I of Kee Blanche, the Lord of the Lord, and Elizabeth I of Elizabeth I, who is 48 years old this year, is 48 years old. She is 48 years old. She has a high degree of her life, from a teacher to a homemaker, from a teacher to a psychic, from a teacher to a legendary musician, Catherine Hepburn.

Not just the queen

In 1998, she appeared in Australia, where she appeared as close to history. She hired a teacher to teach classical English, read a large number of biographies, bleach her eyelashes and eyebrows, reappear the iconic hallmarks of Queen Elizabeth I, as well as the iconic features of Queen Elizabeth I, such as the Queen's "The Queen's" and "The Golden Age of the British Empire".

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won the 56th Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in her career as a turning point in her career. In 2001, she began acting in the "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Queen of the Wizards of the Rings" series.Her unique airfield and temperament, which made the Queen's role persuasive, was impressive.

However, immediately after the two Queen's characters, she played at the Berlin Film Festival's opening film "Mercedes-Benz" as a female fugitive who loved to escape and shave his head.

As an actor, I want to be able to broaden people's imagination in the world.Kate has said in the interview that as the performer's happiest place, it comes from the thought of "why would you do that"?

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Why doesn't it just try to figure out the emotions of a role? It's not just trying to figure out the background of a role: what age, what class, what family came from, what kind of experience has developed this role, and it motivated her/them to "do this rather than like that."

Ketteblitch's work is actually a sociological imagination. You always feel like you're not just seeing someone, but seeing an age, seeing the class, seeing the community, seeing the sex, and you see the forest.

In 2015, she was inspired by the mood and taboos of the weight of the film, which attracted her to the vulnerability and gender of the heroine Céro, so that Kee Blanche took the role of the Kailor of Love you.

"In fact, it's not just gender issues that separate Carlo and Theresa," she explains, "there's class differences, the age gap, and so on."But it is true that sex is still key in that era, " while Carlo knows the price of a conflict with institutions, and she must carefully engineer each engagement, as in the case of planning crime.In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Kate made it clear that the intricacies of the relationship were not only from gender, but also the intertexture of the gender issue.

Witness the entire era in Chinese fashion

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relies not only on the acting skills of Kettblanchi and Runia Mara, but also by the class differences between the two heroine characters.

film was set in the 1950s, and the costumes of heroine Cello were precisely dressed up at the time, and the fashion designer Sandy Powell (also the third Oscar winner) explained, "I can also make a new look of the New Look, which was then very popular."But such costumes are not very reasonable in Carlo because of the degree of temperance and suppression of this character."

Sandy Powell studied and collected information from the then and , drawing the entire wardrobe of Carlo.The classic one is the lake green dress.

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In contrast to the chic of Carlo, Theresa, who was in the department store at the beginning of the department store, was dressed in a color-deep and material-material fashion.

In Sandy Powell's research, she found that the 1950s department store did not have uniforms, and that the clothing-diving rules of the cupboard were distinguished from the shoppers by a very dark costume and avoided the shopper's elegance.

However, Sandy Powell's deliberate effort to put Theresa in black dress with mustard stripes underlines the nature of some of the rebelliy qualities of Teresa, and the creation of the two early encounters, which has accelerated the unsettled atmosphere of instability.

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I love men, and I really like the Maya.

Kate has also played legendary rock star Barbudylan (now also the Nobel Laureate Laureate) in the film's "rock star", and she cleans up Barbutron's subtle, gentle, cynical, cynical and decadent.Five other actors were portrayed in the same film as Dylan in different periods, but Kate's fine grained performance was strong and strong, winning both the Venetian Film Festival and the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress.(with a playground: why I fell in love with Ketblanche )


In fact, Kate likes to wear a tie, wear a suit and often shave a hair. Her neutral play is very charming, but is it necessarily gay when she likes men's clothes?This kind of imagination is really too flat.Her costume was almost as wide as the character she played, "I belonged to the monster that liked the horse."She used to say this to the media.

In modern times, Marjia is often seen as one of the old fashions and symbols of progressive women who stress the feminine deformation, waist tightening, and the concentration of the breasts into a single "monobloom" of a large radian.In the 20th century, the evolution of the Maga to Bra, symbolize the growing liberation of women and the right to freedom of the body.

But when people refuse to reprimand and assign them to the "politically incorrect" position, women who like Maga feel that they have been abandoned.Feminism, however, is not a woman. " You have to build a small police chief to determine what progress is, what is a step backward, and only to like those that symbolism progress.Kat's confession: Is it still a step to rethink the shackles of the gradual liberation of women's sexual bodies from the shackles of thought?

The human body is not an exam paper, but it is not right to be wrong. When the concept is implemented, it must grow the flexibility and the same process.

Cate's straightforward speech makes people see that honesty and honesty are the liberation that makes oneself comfortable.

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Who doesn't worry about getting old?But I'm even more afraid of my face, no history, no sense of humor

In drama, the identity of the fission of fission, transcends the reality and envision a different time and space.Kate says that when she sleepless, she would often go online to see style.com, to look at the various colors of people and how to use their clothes to tell their stories.

has been selected as the most intelligent 50 in Hollywood, 50 of the most sexy and beautiful movie stars, best clothes, first name, and so on.She was fashionable and looked at the old age: " Of course I will worry about getting old, and don't cheat on yourself. We are all afraid of death.I just don't panic because of my own humor. After all, who would want a face without a history, a sense of humor?(Sibling: [Handsome Lady] Fashion old grandma Iris Apfel: It's more important to wear a good look better than dressing!)

Who doesn't worry about getting older?But I was even more scared of my face than history, without a sense of humor.

Kate Blanche

In a very different role, Kat said, " It's like going back to a 12-year-old to spend the night at a friend's house, and being able to sleep in the middle of the night and have a chance to do things that you don't normally do."

When this life has its limits, movies are an arbitrary door to an actor, acting as one of the most greedy of life experience, and the actors, by acting to imagine, experience, surpass their own lives, "if they can choose, they hope to die in the rehearsal room."That's what Kate said.

value of Ketteblanchi is pure, but she is also provocative, from God to man, from prehistoric mythology, medieval times to contemporary, from straight to woman, from straight to woman, to the Western Millennium Women's.

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