Work is love made visible. Women's fans have always believed that work is a manifestation of love. Let's look at our work scene. This week it is edited by editor.

Every morning, it is the time for women's fans to exchange views, decide the direction of content, edit the content table, and have no absolute truth in the content table. It is important to open up the discussion, open up the sleeves, and everyone's attitude is all very important.

I mentioned three days of vacation next week, planning a trip to Tokyo.One of the partners asked me, "Prepare wifi?"I consciously go back, " Buy, the computer will also take you, and when you need me, I'll use my computer every hour to sleep every day, and I'll try to find me."

I want the partners to rest assured, I want them to know, wherever I go, the value that we believe is still in the mind, and if you need me, I'll be there.(Recommended reading: [Women's Internship Weeks to Women, Tired by a Group of Friends )

Partner three words: When you go to the fun, " If you want to have a computer, when can you travel without a brain?" We'll be fine, don't worry." You know, the so-called break has to be free from distractions. Only after coming back will there be energy.There are also editors that say, "Taking the opportunity to put down your computer, you are modern people, you have to get used to mobile reading and mobile phone operations.""

I am a different person, and my friends are different from each other. I have different concerns. My vacation is like another lively discussion topic, and I know that they want me to learn to let go, and also to rest.

What is rest?The rest begins with an understanding of their own status. When will the time be? When will it stop?When will you challenge yourself and let yourself be alone?

We are people who are not machines, and life is a dynamic balance, and we are doing our best to manage our own energy in the very best of our lives.

Editor of Women, Aubrey

Of course, I often wish I had 48 hours, or my head was even smarter, and I had a long and long way to go. Sometimes we had to move forward, and sometimes we had to make a move, and we knew how to squat and get high.(Recommended reading: [Work notes] when I'm not working, I focus on myself )

In such a good team, you always remind you to look at yourself, remind you to remember to rest, we care about the work, and the people who care about the work.

Time management is actually energy management.And when you manage your own energy, you can let it go, and when you learn to let go, you know that the team is really strong, and you've always believed in each other.

Ideal, perhaps big, may be small, but we want to keep up with the ideals of the long term.

Finally, I would like to say to myself, and to all those who have ideals, that the days are so long and that they are broken, don't feel guilty because they are on vacation and don't want to punish themselves with ideals.Ideas are the measure of the mind, the spiritual giant, knowing where the standards are, is gradually approaching.You probably always thought that you weren't going fast enough, but did you forget that you had gone far enough?As you go forward, you have to remember to look back, to thank myself, and to all of you who have been walking along with me.

So, I'm going to go on vacation, this time (maybe) without a computer.

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The English language is the Vocation, and it is only one English word for the Vacation.Women's fans believe that work is the pursuit of life's aspirations and is also a practice of self-worth, and that work can be as happy as a holiday.The editor-in-chief wrote a message every Wednesday, writing down your labor market confusion.