"Gender Watch" with the motivation to motivate themselves, influence the environment of the heart, you see the gender based on current affairs observation. The world's first! Canadian baby has no sex health insurance card, from Taiwan's first sex change surgery process, to reflect on the significance of sex.

Canada, a August-Big baby Searyl Atli, just received a health insurance card, there is no default gender labeling, only write U, meaning has not yet decided (undetermined), we are not anxious to ask, he is a boy or a girl.

This is the world's first, we give the decision of gender identity to the child. When he knew the world, he also wanted to know who I was and what sex I was.

Baby parents Kori Doty is a non-two-yuan gender transgender person, is also a gender-free Identity Alliance (gender-free ID Coalition), for many years for gender communication efforts, he advocates gender can not light from the explicit sexual organs of the judge, "I was born, the doctor looked at my genitals, Tell me that I belong to a gender, his momentary judgment follows me all my life, I have been revising this default for the rest of my life. 」

Such a gender experience, let him decide to start from the child education. In addition to the big U word on the health care card, he will address the child with a gender-neutral They, and avoid the use of She or he on the word, and upbringing, he will raise the child in a gender-neutral way. (Recommended reading: Harvard's policy on gender pronouns!) The sex bar is no longer just a choice question )

"I want to wait until the child has a sense of self and mastery of the vocabulary, and they tell me what sex they are." "--kori Doty

Dear Child, I want you to be a free man, not restricted by the gender hurdles.

First transsexual surgery, sex change registration, third gender

The U-word on the health Care card is pioneering, in addition to the delivery of sex options to newborn babies, and the need for "surgery" to gain recognition of the country's gender.

Looking back on Taiwan, the promotion of gender change registration was a more than 20-year affair, initially from a transsexual operation.

In the 1953, Taiwan's first transsexual surgery was a pioneering and social event in medical history. Soldiers Xie Shun because of illness into the diagnosis, found that the body has both male and female sexual characteristics, judged by the physician, it is more easy to become a woman, than to maintain the original male more easily, after the approval of Xie, the operation. (Recommended reading: You do not know Taiwan history: Taiwan's history of the first sex change surgery, from male to female Xie Shun )

After three times of transsexual surgery, Xie pointed to the soldiers into a young lady, the surgeon Records, "after three operations, breast protruding breasts, black nipple and coarse, sound sharp hoarseness, urine often red and white liquid outflow, like menstruation, now fully become a woman." 」

The newspaper at the time turned

In the 90 's, many people privately looked for plastic surgeons for transsexual surgery. Plastic surgeons see the benefits, but don't want to touch the law (felony injury), so the psychiatrist, hoping to give surgery "medical justification", then in the Mental Illness Diagnostics and Statistics Manual of the third edition, increased the "susceptibility" (transsexualism), as a "disease" and " Medical problems "must be rectified" through "transsexual surgery". At that time they asked the government to complete the "surgery" to obtain the country's gender recognition, the administrative process, called the sex Change registration.

For a long time, therefore, the only way for the "transsexual" (transsexual person) to change the sex is through "surgery", to be able to obtain state recognition.

In the 21st century, the term "transgender" was substituted for transgender nouns, emphasizing gender insecurity, because gender was constructed by society, replacing degeneration with the process of reversing biological sexual characteristics. The fifth edition of the Handbook of Mental Illness Diagnostics and statistics also promotes the Gender of gender insecurity (dysphoria). (Recommended reading: Malaysian transgender confession: "They forced me to be naked in the cell and make people laugh")

Transgender people do not choose to be "others", not against physiological settings, but to be comfortable with their own gender.

Gender and the state: thinking about a gender-sensitive future

Australia, Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh and New Zealand have all officially recognised the third sex in official documents, while Taiwan is on its way to open up the "third sex option".

At this stage, if the need to change the identity of the country identified, still need to undergo surgery, I think of an interview in Taichung Zengjia Core teacher, listen to him talk about his 40 years of sexual struggle, he occasionally frown, occasionally sigh, "If you look at my body, can you also listen to my soul?" 」

Gender, there should be no standard answer, a temporary default stance, almost will determine their life's fate. The gender recognition of the state is important because it is a gender-framed society, and we define the order, logic and norms of society by gender. (Recommended reading: interview Zengjia Core: "If you look at my body, can you also listen to my soul?" ")

So is it possible that we think about a gender-sensitive future? Gender is no longer the hegemonic oppression of social structure, but the choice to let everyone have a conscience.

Wu Zhiyi, director of Taiwan's gender-unaware Care association, said that the physical sex is not only male and female, gender identity is diverse, physiological sex is also, chromosome karyotype 46 pairs X and Y, not all to male development, nor all to female development. In clinical medicine, the body is not only two kinds of men and women.

"The gender note on my health Care card is female, and sometimes the doctor asks me when my last period came." I don't even know what to get back. or my health care card on the gender note is a male, I have female sexuality, the doctor saw my data is the boy will be puzzled, call me husband is very strange, I will not be comfortable. 」

Thus, the future of the "third gender option" currently promoted would be directed towards the direction of unspecified, coercive, and not marked, and everyone would be free to choose, rather than a specific label for any particular ethnic group.

I turned to the gender section of my ID and health card and closed my eyes, and I imagined that sex was no longer the necessary information to identify a person. Will I have more margin and space to think about my gender identity and gender roles? Will I walk a different path?

Canada's August Baby health Care card on the U, in addition to is not yet determined by the world's first gender, perhaps also marked, about gender, everything is not stereotyped, everything is still possible.