Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

In the last Friday, the most popular TV series in recent years, "Men turn adults," the end of the show, I rush to finish the day before the end of the "Boys Turn adults" director Guo Youning's interview.

Do Gui interview, there is a luxury and complete a period of time to listen to Gui story. The director is good at verbal expression, also not hesitate to share his life and even the drama of the various stories. and his memory cell format is AVI file, listen to him talk, I like watching movies. (same field Gayon: an interview with "The Boys Turn Adults" director Guo Youning: Everyone, there are boys and girls soul )

But the director gave too much material, interview pen, I suddenly feel like a novice chef, delighted to accept farmers from the farm to send all kinds of the most fresh food materials. Back to the kitchen but suffer from too much material, do not know how to cook, more afraid of the sincere intention of the food material. Chefs even think that the direct introduction of raw ingredients (that is, a slightly collated version of the interview verbatim) is enough to attract people, then, the role of the chef?

Before writing, I kept thinking, as an interviewer, an editor, where I stand, what is the meaning of intermediary?

In the first afternoon of writing an interview, I stifled the difficulty of pushing 3,000 words, but the structure was scattered and could not be used. Distance article online has not too much margin, I anxiously call friends for help, ask, "How to do?" Too much material, afraid to write this line will have to give away another, more afraid to disappoint the director, to disappoint the reader. 」

My friend told me, "Don't try to please everyone when you write, concentrate on one thing: Write an interview that treasures each other's heart." 」

In a word, tie the knot of their hands and feet, I began in the most stupid way, the day of the interview recording of the hearing of the tape, to reproduce the original flavor of the material, and classification. The most basic and slow process, but also gradually put out the fear of "fear of betrayal."

The next day, I will be the first afternoon to write a 3,000-word interview manuscript cut off again. To write again, like a pleasant flight.

But wrote 2000 words and encountered a dilemma: Should the director of all the face to write out? I called the Audrey, an interview veteran of the content lab, and asked her, "What if the respondents have more faces?" "audrey assured me," You write a face, write a face, write, full, it is enough. " 」

Audrey A word like reassurance, and then write, such as the window of rain, fell on the keyboard of the finger did not stop, the word count from 2000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 cumulative climb, gradually more than an interview with the number of words. 5,000 words, write to gasp also want to finish for oneself, think of "the drama" inside 3 minutes 33 seconds (note a), more think of Jimihan drunk in Woodstock performance (Note II), computer keyboard is not the interviewer playing instruments, not to the climax depletion must continue. Since it is a close-up of the Gui, a period of time, but also a mirror to the end.

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Close to 7,000 words, the article let go of my hand as the music ended, I knocked down the last period.

Consider a large number of mobile phone readers, should not let the reader mobile phone to the end, or folded into the top and bottom two pieces.

After the interview on the line with colleagues to eat, chatting about this interesting experience, I said myself as a character interview novice, also like a novice pilot.

Writing an interview, more like flying to the new world, some people are alpine snow, clear grassland, dense lake area, or meticulous city, most of the journey is enjoyable, I happily let go, let the scenery and intuition take me away, enjoy the pilot alone of the Feather Lin Light. But flying is always difficult, when you are helpless, you call the most trusted tower, sometimes friends, sometimes colleagues, the pilot briefly described the situation, the Tower in accordance with the description of the short judgment, but the next thick fog is straight or dodge, side wind how to stabilize the fuselage, flight, ultimately by the pilots themselves.

The plane landed, I took off the flying protective gear, finally understand the purpose of Take-off.

Write an interview, is the scene of the smell, touch, the mood in the air to the people who listen to the story. The novice chef eventually learns to dig out the original ingredients and tell a story about the food through cooking. An exclusive interview is a magical time of the year, one of the tasks of writing is to bring the interview scene to the reader, so that the reader can participate in the interview process the most wonderful moment.

The woman fan Engineer is the source later told me, "The interview is actually the text of the VR, in order to show through the text of the magical moment in the interview." "Unlike real VR, words light up the situation and guide the reader on the journey, and we create a unique experience." Verbatim manuscripts are also a form of VR, where all information is not collated and moving moments are easily lost in noise.

The technical language of the engineer leaves a clear footnote to the flight, and is committed to helping readers to successfully enter the VR experience of the character-building of the woman-obsessed editor through system design. In the future, women-obsessed editors will continue to bring more wonderful scenery to readers and look forward to our next flight to continue to fly with our readers.