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Chiuge, starting from the perspective of children, constantly launches innovative stories that inspire the imagination of children.Past works include traditional Chinese stories, children's literary names, and the internationalization of the Taiwan Children's Drama, which is also one of the major development goals of the nine songs.For the first time this year, the classic works of Shakespeare's classic literature have been moved to the dance platform, integrating the best of Eastern and Western art, and giving the " Storm > Modern novelty and human

Writing in 1611 was the last legendary work of William Shakespeare in England.When it was a news story, it could be Shakespeare's important source of inspiration.In the summer of 1609, the British "Sea Adventure" and the fleet did not have any information on their journey to the Americas. However, in May of the following year, there were two search and rescue boats carrying the entire survival of the boat, which seemed to arrive at the destination.It turns out that when a passerby encounters a boat, it doesn't mean to land on Bermuda Island before discovering that it is a living fairy territory.This remarkable journey has become a common fantasy island theme in literature.

Shakespeare's storytelling, on a beautiful island, depicts the Duke of Milan, the Duke of Milan, taken by his younger brother Antonio, with his daughter Miranda and a magic book in exile in a desert island, where the genie was called.One time, ProLogan evoked the storm and took his relatives and friends to the barren island.Through magic and magic, the sorcerer eventually awakens the conscience of enemies and forgives them, and also creates happiness for their own daughters.The show sent a message of love and forgiveness, and a political storm like "Hamlet" was finally calm in the forgiveness of forgiveness.Shakespeare, in the "storm", praised the selfishness of selfishness, affirms the power of reason and intelligence, and allows the audience to learn forgiveness and self-acceptance, and to reflect on their own relationship with nature.The description of the characters in the show has been very new, even though the similarity of the similarities between the time and the clothing and the human nature has not been defined."The real world is good, it's ugly, it's ugly, it's a lot of growth challenges," he said. "But don't forget, love and honesty, and always triumph over lies and betrayal."

Continuation of the 2010-2012 Trilogy Exchange Program, and Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Troupe of the Children Theatre of Eastern Europe, a collaborative, creative and creative collaboration between Ivica Š Imić, the artistic director of the renowned Mala Scenic Theatre, Eastern Europe.Director Massir shared his career as an actor to the current director's heart, saying that although his role in the play had changed, he was still gearing up for each performance.In this play, he plays the role of a "children's drama, drama, art," and shows children in a way that shows children to show respect for children.The design of the dance platform is simple and simple, with the simple five balls showing the violent death of the storm, bringing in new visual effects and playground activities.

The storm was written around 1610, also known as Shakespeare's last solo play, and also known as the "Legends of the Year".Unlike Shakespeare's other tragedies, Hamlet , O ' Seiro, etc., the storm shows Shakespeare's dream of self-consolation.Although the protagonis also suffered a tragic death, the drama has given the protagony a sense of justice and magic, a chance to repent and repented, and the happiness of his daughter.He said, "I forgive you for the worst sin of your life, and I'm going to ask you for my parks.""I'd rather press my anger and listen to my higher rationality," he said.If they have repentant, my only goal is to reach the end, and I don't have any anger anymore.{\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000!This story presents Shakespeare's longing: the villain's remorse, immortal , justice, and the return of justice.Everyone relocated himself when he was lost.


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