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Today is suitable for memory Prudential product founder Wu Qingyou Day.

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Wu Qingyou died in northern medicine on the evening of July 18, and he left many to the world, he let people understand that career is really a life of the dojo, life is so long, we have to spend time on the value of believing, you have to spend energy on the things you like to leave when the peace of mind, because I have been in this world eager to live, not negative ideals. (Recommended reading: life is not always to go forward, to know how to stop to think about the original intention )

Wu Qingyou Founded in 28, was 1989, Prudential Products is just the road of benevolence, a small art and humanities bookstore.

He is convinced that fatalism, everyone has its mission, life has its light, middle age, he was inspired by books, the original did not love to read a person, suddenly with the book become close, books on the load of knowledge and culture opened the world, also opened his own. Reading saved him, can the future make reading more stray?

The reality is cruel, must not support the lofty ideal, the first sincere goods turnover only 600,000, he does sincere goods all the way even lost 15 years, the most troubled time, is Wu Qingyou to the cultural enthusiasm as well as the profound understanding of the heartbeat, let him go forward.

At that time, no one thought, there is such a day, Prudential products will become Taiwan's cultural landscape, the city fell asleep, there is such a light, proudly for the cultural bright.

He had shared, "sincerity is not a business, but a practice, bookstore profit is not easy, survival is difficult, but I am doing is like things." No commercial goods can not live, no cultural products do not want to live. "Do like things, will not let you not hard, bitter is often the matter, but the pain quenching temperament, you repeatedly confirm your mission." (Recommended reading: Why do you love the job or not happy?) Find the value of self-realization at work )

"My personal belief is that life is on the career, the mind is on the ability, and the cause and work are the dojo of your life." 」

Wu Qingyou

Life is a practice, the cause is your side of the dojo, let you cultivate the mind, methodology will pass, the art of the change of dynasties, can be a heartbeat is eternal, we ask ourselves-who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What do I have to do to get this trip? And why should I do it? (Recommended reading: Why do you work?) Give the work meaning back to yourself )

That is you who also can not steal the heart to read, it is you in a rut still able to go forward after the reason, like the heart, embedded in the body, so the flesh always have wind and rain wear, but the heart is still hot.

"KPI is easy to compare, but DNA is hard to trace. 」

Wu Qingyou

Whether or not entrepreneurship, I think we should remember such a word. When the trend of people confused, when the number of people impatient, when the challenges of disorder, when the frustration of people frustrated, think about why you here, think of their own reasons for doing things, and then support their own, the road is long, I want to continue to go on.