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The world's first female pilot, gratitude for Emily Eyre Elhart: "Everyone has his own Atlantic Ocean to fly."

The first female pilot in the world the reason for her disappearance remains a mystery, and every few years since her disappearance, new rumors or theoretical studies have emerged of why she disappeared, and last month, a television documentary also claimed to have found her in Marshall Islands.

According to the New York Times , in the past 80 years, the residents of Kansas state, the home of the honey-loving Leah, have learned the words of prominent historians or researchers claiming to unravel her disappearance, the mayor of Achison, Alan Rayvisse Allen Reavis said: "At this time of year, these discussions will be intense." 」

Photo Source |The New York Times

However, the residents of the home of the Honey Leah's hometown believe that these rumors can not confirm the reason for her disappearance, but also fear that once the mystery of disappearance, people will lose their interest in understanding her and visiting the museum in their hometown. For local residents, they celebrate the uncertainty of the affair, after all, when the truth emerges, the world may gradually fade out of the great female pilot, in addition to the spirit of adventure, she also opened up a feminist for a number of girls to their future imagination. (Recommended reading: The first woman to cross the Atlantic!) Pilot loves Leah: "I want to fly, because I yearn for freedom")

"Everyone has his own flying Atlantic." No matter what you want to do, contrary to the traditional, community view, and the so-called "common sense" of the opposition ... it is an Atlantic ocean. I flew across the Atlantic because I longed. It is a success to love and desire, and to expend all effort to do one thing well, to be faithful to oneself. 」

--Love Leah Earhart

Photo Source |The New York Times

Led the local Chamber of Commerce, held the annual Amelia Earhart Festival director Jacque Pregont said that every year this activity sucks from the variable in thousands of people came to Atchison, people in the July 24 of the 120-year-old love of Honey to her hometown to her gratitude, for the world, she is an adventurer. And the end of her life story mysteriously disappears in the world, which is almost a perfect ending--not--no end.

Emily Eyre Mary · Elhart, an American female pilot and feminist activist. Elhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean with the Distinguished Flying Cross.

When she tried to fly the world's first global flight in 1937, she was missing during the flyby of the Pacific Ocean. So far, her life, career and disappearance has been a fascinating one.

-- Wikipedia

When Disney Princess came to reality: "To me, the princess means to follow the heart, listen to herself"

According to the BBC , 10 of the voices of the Disney princess were gathered at a gathering of American Disney fans. From The Little Mermaid of 1989 to the Moana of 2016, spanning 30 years, these dubbing officers grew up with the Disney princess.

Photo source |BBC

Disney says they are flipping the rules of the past, from characters to future movies that will break the stereotype of the princess. Next year will be issued "invincible destruction King 2" will let all Disney Princesses wear T-shirts, not dresses, to break the past to the Princess's established appearance, look forward to through the film Let society start to discuss what is "perfect", accept more yuan body image. (Recommended reading: Disney's fairytale Revolution: "Beauty and the Beast" is a feminist movie?) )

John Lasseter, chief creative director at Disney and Pixar, said at the Walt Disney Expo in California in Sunday: "We like to take these roles beyond the frame of the movie story to think about the meaning of what he represents and what value he wants to John Laster." 」

"What I Love most about rivers are you can ' t" "the same river twice. The water ' s always changing, always flowing "-Pocahontas you can never be on the same river two times, the spray is always changing, the river is always flowing, and this is why I love the river. --Bao Jia Countee
"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell! "-Beauty and the Beast ' s Belle I like to explore in the wild world, discover more unknown things-beauty and the Beast
Okay, I Am not a princess. I ' m the daughter of the chief '-Moana first of all, I am not a princess, I am the heroine of this story-the Sea of romance

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1995, Irene Bedard, who plays Bao Jia Countee, says the princess will keep up with the times.

She toldVariety magazine: "We can tell the story in a different way, reversing the public's impression of the princess." To me, a princess means being able to follow her heart and listen to herself. When the heart has a different voice, the courage to say it out. 」

The problem for Disney in recent years is that the princess may have a taste for young girls, the pursuit of perfect myth has an impact, and recently tried to reposition the image of the heroine on the screen, Moana's image will be rid of the former symmetrical stature to "average" body appearance, and this year's Beauty and the Beast will Belle Depicted as an inventor.

Indian presidential candidate Andrew Bynum · Covende Flip Class! India is expected to elect the "lowest caste" president

According to the Guardian , India 17th will hold a presidential election, composed of parliamentarians and provincial councillors vote, elected former lawyers, former governor Covende (Ram Nath kovind) as the new president. He will also become the second president of the country's history, a "pariah" from the lowest social class (Dalit). The party's nominee, Kovind (Ram Nath kovind), is expected to win over the opposition's nominee, the other pariah, Meira Kumar, as supporters of the governing Bharatiya Janata Party dominate the electoral corps.

Photo source |The Guardian

Prior to that, Narianan, K.R Narayanan, the 10th President of India from 1997 to 2002, was the only pariah president in the history of India. Under the Indian Constitution, the Prime Minister and Cabinet members are in charge of the government, but the president plays a pivotal role in the political crisis. Foreign media analysts believe that the 20th election results, if the 71-Year-old Kovind became president, will accumulate Prime Minister Modi (Narendra Modi) political capital, further gather political power. (Recommended reading:"World Log" British terror follow-up, Ireland's first gay prime minister, the French gay partner underworld marriage )

Of the country's 1.3 billion people, 200 million are "untouchables". Although India has tried to protect the untouchables with modern laws, The untouchables are still discriminated against and often have no access to education and job promotion. Coincidentally, Covende's main rival, Meira Kumar, a female political figure affiliated to the largest opposition coalition uniting the Progressive Alliance (UPA), also came from the "Untouchables" class.

The Indian caste system has four classes, namely the White Brahman, the red brake Dili, the yellow-represented bark, and finally the black first Indra. In addition to the four castes, there is also a person excluded from the caste, the so-called "untouchable", with a population of about 200 million per capita having the lowest social status, the poorest ethnic group in India and often lacking educational and other development opportunities.

With respect for gender diversity, the London subway will no longer greet passengers with "Mr. and Miss"

According to the BBC , the London Transportation Authority (TfL) has announced that the greeting of "Ladies and gentlemen" (Ladies and gentlemen) will no longer be used in daily broadcasts. London Metro staff have been told to communicate with passengers with a more "neutral" greeting--Hello everyone--with these small habits starting to flip the sex two dollars to make society more gender neutral.

Photo source |BBC

TfL said the move was aimed at ensuring that all passengers were "welcome".

Stonewall, the LGBT movement, welcomed the decision, and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, last month expressed support for a change of address in the subway staff during a question-and-answer session with the public. At that time, a public enquiry was made that the sound recordings of some MTR stations were still being used by "ladies and gentlemen".

Shadikhan said that London was a pluralistic city where passengers were at home to serve the purpose of the London Transportation Service, and he knew that some of the passengers might be uncomfortable with the term "lady", and he would make sure that London's Transport Bureau had a more neutral view. The revised wording will apply to all pre-recorded notices on the capital transportation network. "We want everyone to feel welcome in our transport network," said Mark Evers, director of customer strategy at the London Transport Bureau, Avers. We have revised our radio terminology to ensure that it is compatible with London's tolerance and diversity. (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but not the transgender side?) )

Photo source |BBC

TfL said that new greetings had been introduced to staff, and if there were still employees who occasionally used "Ladies and gentlemen", it was certainly not out of malice. and further explained: "This situation, we will be timely to remind employees." 」

Stonewall also said that language is important for lesbians, gay, bisexual and LGBT communities, and that the way people use can help ensure that everyone feels tolerant, and that the TfL's announcement of gender neutrality is welcome, because it will ensure that everyone-regardless of their gender identity- -Can be highly respected.