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Indian actress meets with Prime Minister, dress is "disrespectful"

Photo source |bbc

the BBC reported that former Miss World, the Indian Bollywood actress Chopra (Priyanka Chopra), met with Indian Prime Minister Modi in Berlin, wearing a knee dress and showing his calf, criticized disrespectful to the Prime Minister.

Chopra not a positive response, but in Instagram graceful return, posted with the mother of the dress, revealing the legs of the photo, and under the photo annotated: "A day of dew leg." So far, the article has accumulated 500,000 praise, and then the Society for Women's freedom of dress discussion.

The report also pointed out that in the past, Indian actress often faced similar problems, actress Deepika Padukone in 2014 had publicly declared: "I am a woman!" I have breasts and legs! What's wrong with you guys? At that time, the speech was echoed and many actress stood up for support.

Chopra has described himself as a "strong-willed feminist" who advocates a change in the attitudes of women in Bollywood to the difference between men's and women's salaries.

"Over the years, women have been told what to do, how to dress, how to think and not even think," she said in an AFP interview last year. "People misunderstand the word feminism," she said. This is not to hate men or to think of them, but to say, "We want to have our independence and make our own choices, just as men have long been." 」

Photo source |bbc

Similar incidents occurred in March this year, when British Prime Minister me (right) and Scottish Chief Minister Sterkin (left) met in Glasgow 27th to talk about Britain's de-European strategy, the British media Daily Mail headline reads: "Never mind the British Theo, whose leg wins!" 」

The report, which led to lambasting from all walks of life. Alastair Campbell, former Anglo-Campbell political PR, said the newspaper was "extremely bad". "It is 2017 and the two ladies will decide whether the United Kingdom continues to exist and the Daily Mail headlines are their legs," said Yvette Cooper, the opposition Labour MP. (Recommended reading: Gender discrimination does not discriminate between blue and green: female politicians, why can not justly "single"? )

Political male gaze to watch women in public behavior, many female stars, political celebrities also through positive stance, to fight for women's freedom to dress right, eliminate gender discrimination, expect society to take away the vision of materialized women.

The first gay prime Minister of Ireland: "Use behavior, not birth or identity to identify a person!" 」

Photo SOURCE | Reuters

Valadka (Leo Varadkar), an immigrant son of India, won the party's presidential election on June 2 and was elected Chairman of the Gael (Fine Gael) Party of Ireland as the first Prime minister in Ireland.

It is a big step in Ireland's 2015-year referendum to legalize gay marriage, the Guardian reported. Apart from being the first gay Prime minister in Ireland, Valadka, 38, will be Ireland's youngest and first prime minister with a minority background.

Valadka was released in 2015 when he was interviewed by RTE Radio. He said: "Sexual direction does not define who I am." I am not an Indian-mixed politician, a physician politician, or a gay politician, it's just a part of me that doesn't define who I am. 」

In the election, Valadka (Leo Varadkar) said in his victory speech: "When my father crossed 5,000 miles to build a new home in Ireland, I suspect he never thought of his son, who grew up to be the leader of this country, any child growing up in Ireland, I want you to look at my story and the growth background, as long as you believe in yourself, nothing in the world can not be done. He said more emotionally: "My victory means that prejudice does not exist in Ireland, and my father will be proud that Irish citizens define a person by behavior rather than by birth or identity!" 」

Valadka encourages young people to believe in themselves by their own experience, not by their own gender tendencies, origins and the framework of their own, and strive to pursue their ideals. He also felt his own growth experience, hoping to build a more equal and free society. (Recommended reading: Sex and birth should not determine our life!) "Everyone should have equal happiness" Li Yanji exclusive interview )

After the fear of the Champs-Elysees, France killed male police and boyfriend completed "ghost marriage"

Photo Source | Associated Press

On the evening of April 20, Paris Champs-Elysees was hit by a terrorist attack, a French nationality gun armed with AK-47 in the street, the attack to the 37-Year-old police on duty Jugli (Xavier Jugelé) on the spot. The suspect was later killed by police officers, who found a note by the gunman about the Islamic State of the extremist group. The authorities pitched the incident as a terrorist attack.

Jugli died, former French president O ' Rand also to his posthumously the highest honor "the French Legion of Honor", the French presidential palace more approved its gay boyfriend Cadils (Etienne cardiles) "Ghost marriage" application, the two sides completed the late wedding on May 30. (Recommended reading: The living are also experiencing a death: listen to Lin Shuyu X-stone talk about "Hundred Days Farewell")

According to the AFP report, Jugli on November 13, 2015 in the Paris series of terror attacks, is also the first batch to Bataklan theater scene of Frontline police. In the face of the tense domestic situation in France, the optimistic Jugli also constantly stressed to colleagues and friends: "I would like to celebrate the way of life, to say" no "to terrorism! 」

After Jugli was killed, Cardisse in the April 25 state funeral ceremony, said: "I do not Hate, Jugli, because the hate is not like your style." Hatred does not bring you back to the dead or cause you to become a pacifist. 」

France is still one of the few countries in the world that can "approve the marriage of the Underworld" by law since 1803, according to the Parisian newspaper . Under French civil law 171th, under major or exceptional circumstances, the President of France has to sign an order authorizing the application for marriage in Hades.

The third fear attack in Britain, the people: "The London Iron Bridge will not collapse, cannot be defeated spirit"


June 5, the United Kingdom in the last 3 months of the third terrorist attack, three of terrorists driving in London last night to crash pedestrians, and brandished assassination of people, causing 7 dead about 50 injured, and two terrorist attacks on the May 22 Manchester stadium bombing and the London Parliament building Westminster Bridge car collision incident.

British Prime Minister me British prime Minister me in Sunday after the convening of an emergency cabinet meeting issued a statement, said the attacks are not from the same network, but there is a common point: "The ideology of Islamic extremism to gather them together, the ideology of" propaganda hatred, sow differences. "It's enough for her to blame Islamist extremism," she said. 」

Leaders of various countries in response to the British fear of attacks have made a statement, to condemn.

French President Macron said: "France is now more firmly than ever standing on the British side." The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said: "Beyond borders and borders, we are not only united by fear and pain, but also by strong determination." 」

Prime Minister me also announced that the British general election will be held as scheduled on June 8. "Violence must never be allowed to interfere with the democratic process," she said. 」

Photo source |bbc

In the face of successive terrorist attacks, the British people face the fear of love to dissolve hatred, someone on the social network posted on the subway bulletin board wrote a word. In this sentence, the lyrics of the popular nursery rhyme, "London Bridge Down", were replaced with the words "London Bridge will never collapse" and wrote: "You cannot defeat our spirit." "London gives everyone a chance, no matter where you come from," said a netizen on Twitter. London is always open to the door. London is not afraid. We are London. (Recommended reading: gentleness is stronger than hate!) TED speech: "I'm a Muslim, I'm not a terrorist"

British general election will be near, fear of attack spate, in the face of terror and hatred, the United Kingdom to show a resolute and gentle attitude of unity, in addition to the British prime Minister me that the democratic process can not be delayed by terrorist attacks, the British people also choose to use a more open mind to face terrorist attacks, love

Rainbow Banner Designer's birthday, Google page shows cute animation

June 2 is rainbow flag designer Gilbertbeck (Gilbert Baker) 's birthday, in order to miss his contribution to the gay movement, Google specifically the home Logo for rainbow flag version.

The New York Times reported that the gay movement rainbow flag designer Baker (Gilbert Baker) died on the morning of March 31 this year at the age of 65.

"My dearest friend in the world has passed away," Cleve Jones, who has long participated in the gay movement with Baker, said through Twitter. Baker gave the world Rainbow flag, he gave me 40 years of love and friendship. 」

The rainbow flag's design originated in 1978, before the Gay parade in San Francisco, the first publicly-released San Francisco congressman, Harvey Milk, was shot to death. The crowd therefore hoped that Baker could design a banner that would convey unity and express the voice of the victims.

June 25, 1978 first edition rainbow flag thus flutters, at first rainbow flag has eight colors, respectively has the meaning, the pink is the sex, the red is the life, the Orange is cures, the yellow is the sunlight, the green is natural, the blue green is the art, the Indigo color is the harmony and the tranquil, the purple is the The 1979 has evolved into what is now known as the six-color rainbow flag. (Recommended reading:517 International no longer fear the same day!) Love without distinction, I love your soul.

Baker always refuses to apply for the logo of the rainbow flag. "That's the gift he left to the world," said his friend, Jones. Baker once said that when the rainbow flag was first raised, he knew it was a lifetime creation. "And the rainbow flag that Baker left behind has indeed flown in the context of major democratic processes and has become an important democratic symbol of hope, freedom and equality for the people."