Women are obsessed with sex hacking workshop, take you from scratch to create their own chat robot, in fact, learn to write programs is not as difficult as imagined.

Female fans hold sex hackers loose into the second year, feeling that the participants on the gender, but worried that they can not be ignorant of the procedures in gender hackers have contributed to, so specifically planning a series of gender hackers workshop, through the implementation of the background of the first time a friend to learn to write a program to start.

The theme of the first session of the gender Workshop was the teaching of Facebook Messenger BOT (Face book chat robot). Bot is the meaning of the robot, especially the chat software robot (for example, Fb Messenger), through the setting, we can let the robot reply the related message, not only saves the manpower, also lets the user receive the response in the first time.

Getting Started with Ruby first

Participants continued to take their seats, the partner smiled and said, this is their procedures for the workshop since the largest number of girls to participate in the once! The scene in addition to students, more from different sectors of the participants, all because of the chat robot and write the process of curiosity to come to participate, the common point is: we have not learned to write programs.

The lecturer takes us to open the environment of the writing program while introducing the program language Ruby. Ruby is an object-oriented, imperative, functional, dynamic general-purpose programming language. Published in 1995 by the Japanese computer scientist Song (Matz). (note 1) It is characterized by easy reading and understanding.

Like English, Chinese, the program is a language, but its communication object is the computer, not human, learn how to talk to the computer, is to learn to write programs. In a nutshell, a program lets us drive a computer to do a lot of tedious repetitive things; through the program, you tell the computer what it's going to do repeatedly, when to do it again, and tell it how to decide when to stop and when to start.

The workshop was organized with two very enthusiastic teams of Ruby languages to introduce to you, Rails girls Taipei (small additions: rails is a framework for Ruby, a bit like a ruby editor), a group dedicated to promoting girls to learn Ruby language, Through workshops and girls in various styles to limit the party, so that girls remove the fear of writing procedures, the goal is to let engineers more and more environmental sex ratio, and then subversion of engineers are boys impression, women fans can work with such groups, really great! (same field Gayon:"The scene hits" FB to appear the female fan paradise!) First Taiwanese female engineer party )

Another team, five times times Ruby, is made up of a group of developers who love Ruby language to promote Ruby programming language in Taiwan, promote Ruby to more businesses and developers through educational training, corporate training, and actively support the activities of relevant communities, So the workshop lecturer specially invited five times times Ruby very experienced lecturer Cang time chord Also, lead everyone to get started to write program. Fear that everyone learning on the road alone, each group has a five times times ruby partner as a teaching assistant, on the sidelines to help you learn.

Write a program: Before you write right, it will be a failure.

At first we opened the CLOUD9 Web page that the instructor prepared for you, a Web page that allows you to edit the program code online so that you can develop programs wherever you go. Considering everyone's learning speed is different, each assistant to walk around, as long as the face is full of confusion, the TA will come forward to inquire about the situation, is not need to help, so that the site to write procedures for everyone at ease. Cang is also prepared in advance with the module model, to help everyone skip complex front work, such as in the road paved with a good walk and flat asphalt, so that everyone together painless arrived. We are in the FB developers login register to join the fan page, then never know the program why the novice jumped into Facebook developers.

(Colud9 Home)

Lecturer Cang said, general beginners if you want to start from scratch to learn to write programs, suggest starting from a simple example, do not care about the program why is this also do not start to find out the reason, otherwise it is easy to stall stagnation. To reduce the area of mental shadow, you have to succeed first, then slowly build the habit of writing programs and understand how to build code arrangement rules.

Then he took everyone to open Ruby's teaching Web page, called Tryruby, the website screen is very lovely and intimate, it will teach you the basic use of the auxiliary use instructions, you can follow the teaching, while the completion of the practice, the wrong is OK, and then again! (Recommended:TLC host Samantha: The key to success is the courage to make mistakes)

When you start to practice writing programs, there is a time when you pop up. Why can't I get out? "Why!" "Such a wail, then the next to the assistant will be a pounding to the students around to see what is going on, Cang when the teacher also remind everyone:

Failure is a normal condition and is wrong before you write it. Psychological quality is strong enough to become an engineer, because they face failure every day, success is just right. The most powerful engineers are the ones who have made countless mistakes.

What does a chat robot say?

Face Book chat robot's operating mechanism is this: we first write a program on the cloud9 to build a can and face book linked mechanism, but also set up a keyword database, is you want to tell the computer, the other side of the speech, to reply to what kind of content, such as the other side send "Hello" message, I let chat robot said "Hello!" "To respond. After registering FB developers, connect the written chat mechanism and Facebook fan page. So when the user to the fan page private message, the face book system will send the user message to the written program, the program to make a judgment, the response message to the face book, Facebook will respond to the message back to the user.

In fact, a little worried at first, no program background, weak logic can really be in the teacher's teaching smoothly with Ruby write face book chat robot? Results not only did not appear previously worried about the situation, but also because of the understanding of the procedural logic, and finally with a full sense of achievement out of the door, the scene has a mother with still in primary school daughter to attend, they are also from beginning to end face all hanging meet smile, live laughter and discussion voices. (Recommended reading: The stubborn necessity of life: willful courage, achievement like yourself )

Understand the mode of operation of the chat robot, leaving time for everyone to set their own database. Last Demo time we shared our own chat robot conversations, someone wrote a special and do not know what to eat people dialogue robot, someone wrote a special and you talk nonsense robot, someone for the content of the fan page wrote the relevant response to the robot, immediately the atmosphere of the workshop good Joy Good Happy, It comes from the satisfaction and achievement of writing the program yourself.

In addition to publishing their own results, participants share the feeling of the day after the meeting:

"Very carefully taught me to understand the coding concept I didn't know before."

"It was a really great event, and the course was very good for people who were completely!", and the speakers and the Tas were very attentive, too.

"Although I have taught myself HTML before, this activity has an eye-opening feeling!" 」

After a full day of workshops, we left with a smile of achievement and felt a special sureness in my heart. In fact, this is the female fans hold the original intention of gender hacker loose, create the opportunity to gather together, experience for the sex to make action brings surprises and discoveries. The Sex hacking workshop is also a partner who takes into account the bitter and the non procedural background, and we would like to offer a way of getting started with the technology so that we can experience the fun of creating and changing in the process of participation. Technology is changing, unchanged is, the original intention of scientific and technological progress, is the hope to bring more and better convenience of human life.