The winter to the winter is a holiday for Chinese reunions to eat and eat.This day is the shortest day of the year, and it can be said to be the beginning of the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and the climate has clearly begun to get cold.It is a great pleasure to have a bowl of gluten for a bowl of warm behulls during this cold and cold season.But do you know what impact the Winter Solis can have on our lives?

In the eyes of the ancients, the winter soldest day was the most important day of the year. We started from the traditional Solar Terms: "Winter solWinter to a sun."When the vertices begin to weaken, the other side is the moment when the sun begins to grow, and it is the time of the yin and yang conversion.

Logging: " From the winter to the sun, the emperor is so angry, so congratulations.It means that the day after winter will begin to grow and the sun will gradually resume. It's a natural cycle to begin with. It's worth celebrating. The 'Han Chinese Book' also says: " The gentleman is quiet in the winter, and the gentleman is in no way, and he doesn't listen to politics, and then it's a provincial matter.In ancient times, it was a national holiday, and everyone wanted to rest and recuperation, and live with the times.

importance of the sun is that it is the most important part of the body, and that it is capable of adjusting the balance between the yin and yang of the sun and the sun, and that the physiology can naturally be 100 % and the disease does not invade.People interact with nature in order to make a corresponding pattern, and all of them are related to the state of our bodies, and everything is affected by the circular.As a result, from the winter to the beginning, we prepare for the health of the coming year, so as to keep the sun in the air and make it grow slowly and slowly.

This day, when cold, it can be used to mobilize the vitality of food, and the so-called "winter-to-summer and spring tigers" can eat warm food, such as angelica, ten-whole, mutton, and so on.The mutton is warm in nature and is suitable for women with cold, cold and cold limbs. It helps to promote blood circulation to resist cold weather and complimentary vitality, but it is not a common cold.In addition to eating gluten, the "radish mutton soup" can be used to replenish the body of the body.

The Chinese medicine practitioner suggests that the acupuncture point of the palm of the palm and the side of the front arm can be used for maintenance by using the body's acupuncture point.The acupuncture point of the Louvre is of strong heart, safety, stability and strong heart, and it has the function of protecting the mind and nourishing the brain.These two caves are often pressed at any time and anywhere, so that they can help the gods to repair their brains, stabilize their emotions, and make themselves healthy and enjoyable.

acupuncture point map: Center location of the Louvre cave.The inside cave is three inches (four fingers) at the palm side of the palm, and is located between the two ribs.

Health is not a synonym for the elderly, nor is it a complicated problem. In fact, only by observing the laws of nature, "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Winter," keeps a virtuous circle. In winter, it will prepare for the spring of the coming year and accumulate energy, and it will be able to fill the air for a full year.

womany's sweet tips:

  1. A method of capturing acupuncture points usually, one middle section length represents one inch, and the four fingers are three inches long.Feel the caulking or numbflax or swelling pain is usually the point of the point.
  2. The winter soles are the moment when the sun begins to give birth, and can be used to fight the health of the sun in the following year through food and acupuncture.