When was the last time you really listened to your voice? Have you ever thought about your ideal life? Ideal life is not to do other people's eyes in the Victory group, willing to work hard for the workplace you, willing to do a little more for their own life efforts?

July 22 This day, we invite female entrepreneurs Zhang Enging, women fans of the popularity of the author Pomelo Sweet to the woman fan Paradise, in partnership with the brand partners in the workplace salon "" grasp the pace of life, Find their own just good light life ", and you share how in the busy work, get back just good life rhythm experience and the way.

The start of the event is 2 o'clock in the afternoon, 1:45, the scene has been fully seated, 2 points, en Miriam and pomelo Sweet slowly moved to the front, like a friend party, the atmosphere is very intimate, here, salon participants and speakers also cherish their own and time, ready to their own early.

It was originally the Miriam of the office workers, away from the original media work, from the writer, director to acting, her work "Real theater" in the network caused a wide range of echoes, recently in cooperation with the Dutch Chef "Hoka Theater" in the role of actress Xiao Lotus, interpretation of women's independence and exquisite.

Female fans in the station, the author of Grapefruit Sweet, resolutely resigned from the bright business of foreign companies, while opening the heart of counseling, while writing the life philosophy of the elder sister, sharp observation, tender pen, the first article in women fans online, the rapid accumulation of more than 200,000 of the browsing volume.

Two from office workers to become entrepreneurs, they venture, is to create an ideal life, together to listen to their selfless experience and the idea of sharing.

The chance to change the runway of life

It's not a simple decision to leave your paycheck in the comfort zone and start your own business.

En Miriam from his seat, the petite body full of energy, she described the work in the past as being relevant to the media, "at first my idea was very simple, starting with filming a little waiter being bullied, and I found out that filming was like throwing a pebble into the pool and spreading the positive ripples in people's lives." Accidentally received media attention, found himself as if can run Zhang Enging such a creative actor, so began to run their own. 」

Grapefruit sweet to share her experience is actually full of surprises. In the scene feel grapefruit sweet gas field calm, it is difficult to imagine she is a business school origin, "before the foreign business, bright, overseas exhibitors, to stare at the factory abroad." Coupled with the company was well raised, my personality is also very pragmatic, I think entrepreneurship will starve! Everyone laughed.

"Embark on this road, because the beginning of contact with spiritual practice, spiritual practice is not a ghost, but to go inside, and the inner voice contact, know what they want, I found that, God, even if it looks bright, but originally I do not like my work." 」

Sweet pomelo. Frankly speaking, she did not start to think about starting a business, but she knew she was not suitable for the past work environment. "After leaving I decided not to do what I do not like, I began to help everyone to solve the mystery, the process of feeling written in the network, the beginning of some columns, and finally the publishing house to see, and I signed, spiritual counseling and writing into my two major undertakings." 」

How to find the life of the chi industry

However, before you change the runway, you must know what you want and what you don't need first.

Miriam says that most people don't know what they want when they start working in the workplace. "The quickest way is to try as much as you can, without having to limit yourself to a certain type of work in the first place." "She gave examples from her career, started as a web editor, then was responsible for Web content operations, converted runways into marketing PR, until now the filming work." "Very few people begin to do their dream job. Because you have to develop yourself, try many ways. 」

En Miriam suggested that you do not reject the job assigned by your boss. "Every job has something to learn. Every time you get a job done, you can feel what you like about the work and what kind of things make you feel fulfilled. From the process of continuous experimentation, you will understand your own attributes, then combine the interests and attributes, the appearance of the chi industry will be more clear. 」

Grace Miriam the courage to do things, positive questions about life, she said, each person born have a gift, through constantly trying to know themselves, do only you can do things.

Grapefruit sweet from the point of view of the soul to add, she said work and feelings are very similar, very few people find true love the first time. "Even if you find it the first time, you may not recognize it," he said. "People are floating in the sea after the feelings of the people will know what kind of person, want what kind of relationship."

Work and feelings are very similar, few people find true love once, the first encounter you may not recognize it.

Sweet Grapefruit

Before leaving business, Pomelo Sweet made two preparations, "first, start a business before, save enough for a year's living expenses, make a fortune." It is important to develop the inner acuity and do what is right. 」

Similarly, "If you find the job is not suitable, do not for the record more good-looking and support for several years, because this is your youth, your boss will not be responsible for you." However, do not dream of the work of destiny is not painful, "just like you and the right one will quarrel, the difference is, not comfortable you are willing to do." 」

Each person's timing is different, no need to compare with others

Do the feelings of the grapefruit sweet, often encounter worries about the progress of life behind friends. "Some people will say that I have not met the person who can marry, my friends have two children," Eve. 」

Grapefruit sweet Ask everyone, "Banyan and gold GE grow as fast?" If you are a banyan tree, why do you want to live in the footsteps of Golden Ivy, feel yourself too slow? 」

Most people push themselves into a framework, such as the 30-year-old must do what is the success of Life group. But sweet Grapefruit said, nature has a variety of living things, some one-year, some years of life, why can't we respect ourselves and each other's time series?

In the workplace, it's important not to compare with others.

"Don't gossip behind the other person," he said. "En Miriam share her past career experience, there have been new employees because they are active and hated by colleagues, when colleagues forced en Miriam speak ill of each other, she refused to and leave the scene." Later, the colleague was in charge of his own ability. "Work time is very long, do not engage in small circles, do not step into the small circle, when they think you are peaceful and neutral people, naturally will not find you to say gossip, work more happy." 」

Pomelo Sweet also fully agreed, she said she was happy to be a career gossip edge, "when you hear the more negative whispers to colleagues or supervisors, such as his relationship, or extramarital affairs, it is difficult to maintain a consensus on the work of objectivity, inevitably bring unnecessary emotions." "Pomelo sweet very simply, encourage everyone to be bold when the marginal person, Dodge gossip thunder, instead can focus on the business at hand, let work produce forward loop."

Planning is important if you want to live a "just good" life.

Entrepreneurs usually have the discipline to schedule their own time and life through planning.

Miriam said, like filming, she will plan rundown for each day, in half an hour, "I will know clearly, what time to do things, fine items will also be written, will really according to plan development." "But sometimes, schedule arrangement is too tight too anxious, how to do?"

Well, Miriam is a woman of both reason and sensibility, and she says you have to listen to your voice, "Only you know how much you can load." It's good to push yourself moderately, but don't crush yourself. Pay attention to your voice and measure whether you can go on. 」

En Miriam Shen Lake down, like to cook for themselves, do housework, "You must know how to let your own pressure index down, try to find out, to understand their feelings, to open their own perception, a wide range of care for themselves." 」

To open the senses, to care about, to listen to themselves, to know what is just the life.

Zhang En Miriam

Pomelo Sweet is to make good use of the past to do business skills, two books 120,000 words pressed in hand, she like the business of calculating the hands of all the manuscript amount, calculate time such as quotes, the secret is eight words: Loose plan, strict implementation. "Be courageous in listing your work lists and don't run away. People walk with the heart, can do well only the present step, that will take you to where also resigned. 」

For example, a manuscript written from scratch, run the manuscript, subscript to the finished product, about two hours. "I'll take three hours to digest the bad times and not think of the title." Most people are pushed to the limit, will want to rot, but when your plan is 80% power can be accomplished, can do things, I write the first one to the last article is the same state. 」

Pomelo Sweet has a deposit rule: every week One days closed day (Gap Day). This day, she will disconnect all 3C products, meditation, writing mind notes, usually busy talking with others, many of the truth but did not tell themselves. After a period of time, she found that "dare not face the blank fear, is the most common source of anxiety." 」

The real rest may not be drinking, looking for a sister to chat, watching Korean dramas to Dawn, "These methods are to use the dazzling to cover up anxiety, but you can not be forever so hidden, only those things are cleared away, to find a return to zero pleasure." 」

Interest and dream, more need bit by bit plan than work

En Miriam very good at the time after work, her eyes warm, planning delicate, "interest and dream is no one will force you, you need to give yourself another time, prepare two different schedules, a management work, a management interest." Instead of thinking about it, write him down, whether it is learning new things or starting a business, first of all these small details listed, will know what needs to know what some of the things to be summed up into the schedule. 」

Grapefruit sweet mention, early writing blog, she stipulated that she can only write one hour a day, "more than a minute can not write Oh." I suggest that you put your interests under pressure for another hour, because one hour is easy for everyone and not for more than a minute. Trick yourself into doing the first step, which is loose planning and strict execution, which is the secret to stack up amazing output. Because office workers may not have the energy to do many things, an hour of bit by bit, the cumulative amount is very considerable. 」

En Miriam summed up, we all have a vision for the dream, "some dreams may really be feasible, do not try to never know, the only thing to do is to try." Without trying, there will be regrets. Tried regardless of the result how, all give oneself an answer, I encourage everybody, have a dream, have a ready to try! 」

On the end of the talk, en Miriam use the food materials of the Lotus Chef, for the salon participants cooked delicious borscht and corn soup, even if busy, still can be simple to prepare delicious but low salt, low card, fresh and healthy private food.

A just good practice for you to take home

Pomelo Sweet and Miriam each provided a small exercise for the participants to find a good life balance exercise, perhaps you can also try!

Grapefruit sweet: The work as a lover, at any time to stop to think about whether or not to go with him for life. Everyone is easy to work hard, but emotionally but know how to ask whether they are suitable, a job is the right physique, want to walk with it for how long, it is too close to invade your private time, we have to stop and think.

Zhang Enging: My practice is, if just the content, some things you listen to some emotions, regardless of that mood is good or bad, all trouble you to write down, ask yourself why there is such a feeling? In my experience, the most important thing in life is to ask yourself what you feel right now and question yourself. We are living in the world of our own understanding, for the people around us, we need to do is the link, the most need to communicate the person is actually himself. It's important for us to realize our feelings.

Review of Sharon's golden sentence

About career

Zhang Enging: Career is very long, do not go into small circles, to be a calm and neutral people, work more open.

Grapefruit sweet: Work like a lover, no best lover, only the most suitable lover.

Zhang Enging: In the workplace you can ask a lot of questions, and Taiwanese bosses are usually happy to share.

Grapefruit sweet: The work as a lover, at any time to stop to think about whether to go with him for life.

Know Yourself

Zhang Enging: We all live in our own cognitive world, but forget the most need to communicate is actually ourselves.

Sweet grapefruit: Does the banyan grow as fast as the Golden Ivy? If you are a banyan tree, why do you go to live Golden Ivy's footsteps? Why can't we respect our timing?

Zhang Enging: To open the senses, to care about, to listen to themselves, just know what is just the life.

About REST

Pomelo sweet: Leave a gap day for yourself every week, leaving 3C products and finding the pleasure of zeroing in.

Zhang Enging: Before going on a big vacation, remember to clean up the things at hand.

About the Dream

Pomelo Sweet: People walk, can do only the next step, let life take you to where to go.

Pomelo Sweet: Loose plan, strictly enforced. An hour of bit by bit a day, the accumulation will be very considerable.

Zhang Enging: We all have visions of dreams, maybe some dreams are really not good, but do not try, you never know. Don't be afraid to try, it's better to try than to regret.

About Love (hidden edition content, salon participant qualification)

Grapefruit sweet: If you feel lonely, do not rush to ambiguous, first from the establishment of links with people start.

Zhang Enging: The best boyfriends must start with their best friends.