single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Love you, the rest of the day to like you. Like your days, do not have to occupy, do not have to lose, we will be more stable, together.

"Wednesday fits the forgotten part of the sadness, Wednesday fit to make a decision, Wednesday fit to fall in love with a person."


Like a person's feeling is very lonely, also very pure, than the lover is nostalgic.

Friends come back from the east coast, with the sea breeze in the Pacific area, with the burnt wheat skin, looking at him but like a newborn baby, eyes with white waves, he was wounded to leave Taipei, the fish in the coral reef to bury his unwilling, can not love him, but still like him, like the original.

Sometimes I look at not calculate pay him feel distressed, but also happy he does not owe to love. Those who love more forcibly, have no regrets; those who are left will go farther and wider.

I want to tell the story of this friend, when a friend likes a boy, the boy thinks he can't fall in love with the boy. They are very good friends, reading together, cheating together, farewell to youth. They have been in love, just without kissing, without hugs, without doing. The platonic relationship until a few years ago, that surface tension, in fact, as long as a tear will collapse.

They all like each other, want to occupy each other's body more, once a friend to his home for the boy washing clothes, the heart like dehydration, high-speed rotation, the boy first kissed the back of the hand of a friend, the eyebrows, ears, clavicle, ribs, the speed of rotation from the ease to the violent, the clothes will soon dry, love is going to the water.

So they decided to go down together and see how strong the love was and where the reaction would take them.

The boy kept with all his family and friends for two years, and two years, like all the popular folk love experience, but he was like a mistress to be hurt, hide, like being in the boy's shirt pocket. They love is no different from others, once had a mountain alliance, but the boy finally married. The sea oath that scratches each other's armpits, is buried by a friend on the Far East coast. (same field Gayon: Marriage Equality small bee practice: Dear passers-by, talk about marriage, companion law, gay couples Law bar )

A friend can't pretend to go to the wedding and pretend to be the best brother of his life. They are the brothers who sketch each other's bodies with their hook noses, they are hurting their brothers with more pain than their fists, they are a 鹣 brother who washes clothes and coats a coat. But I heard that the boys at the wedding, watching their own growth in the film two people, than the bride cried pear with tears.

Friends leave and come back, said, in all the time, he felt just like him when the best, peep his pen is very good-looking side face, every know his new expression is throbbing unceasingly. He was the three boy of the week, with the blues of the Wednesday boys.

A too sober color, with a too-mixed color; a man who is too attentive, a man who is good at distraction. When they like, they are more beautiful contrast, when they are in love, they are the difference between the world and the helpless.

Pic:Stranger by the lake

He was more nostalgic for the time when he had only his spirit. Friend is probably drunk: "Alive is very good, alive can miss the first day like him." 」

Some people come, will iron you, will you pass after make you more flat and pure. Some people come to see you more angular, like sitting smile proud Eagle, the more you fear, the more you want to go up. You may eventually not love a person, but you can always like a person, like very harmless, do not have to promise, Occupy, go to the end. Like the original is lonely, and we will accept that they are alone. To cherish a person with the heart of love, accept that he is only accompany you to walk a certain way. (Extended reading:"single diary" Breakup is zero, we have no relationship )

Love is not an attempt, a good relationship full of blessings. Platonic like, do not want to hope, nor close, not demanding to have, you do not have to give up: love you is very immoral, loves to develop a set of inequality full of destruction and desire of the survival mechanism, please let me concentrate on like you, as ever.

"After this world, many hopes, because have you." 」