Every Friday [If you think] series, when don't you just do it? If you want to be yourself, why don't you have a bottle of perfume with your name?

The sense of smell is the sense of sensory experience that gives you a sense of smell in a moment's sense of smell.You don't even have to look at it, and you can rely on the sense of smell to touch all the good and bad emotions.

Citrus and fragrans can be illuminated in an instant, and the scent of the woody pasta makes it possible to land in a state of panic.If you pay attention to the smell of bath, shampoo, and care about your external image, why should you not have a fragrance that represents you?(Sibling: Women who do not scrub, there is no future )

The perfume is sprayed in English with the word "wear", and perfume is sprayed on it, just like wearing a personal character.Clothing and aroma are the best spokesmen, standing in the human population, and they don't need an opening. They already speak for you.

Fragrance-less women do not have a future.

Coco Chanel

How to be remembered by the other person, what kind of person exists in the mind of the other sideA female fan editor is a personal emblem of the flavor that makes you select five flavors of fragrances.(Recommended you see: Spin perfume, don't rub!The perfect location for the five spiced water )

Jo malone | Orange bloomsom orange

Jo, who loves orange blossing, says that when you feel that life is boring, sprawit Jo malone orange perfumery, and immediately own a garden of unparalleled abundance.(Recommended: [Sister's Crazy Cutlout] How do you feel when you're joyfully manipulating it )

Jo malone specifically is that it can create a smell that is unique to you, and doesn't "smells" easily, as it mixes with other Jo malonae fragrances.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.
— — philosopher Cicero

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  • Fragrant: Spacer fragrance
  • Front tone: citrus, green leaves, creamentangedin
  • medium tune: Orange, Lotus
  • back tone: Lilac

Chanel | Green smells fragrance

The fragrance of this perfume uses a fresh tone to imply a refreshing and unoily fragrant tone.

This is a "Reminder" perfume that smells like flowers and oranges to keep on suggesting that you're going to have a good heart today, and tell you: Hey!You can still walk in the hearts of your adult world:-) (Recommended: maturity is not a world, but no matter how bad you are in the world, you still believe in goodness )

Spin this perfume and take the good heart of joy to go out!

Please remember me too.Remember what I sprinkling on you, my best year.
— — Guo Jingming

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  • Fragrant: Res tangerine
  • lemon, cedar
  • , pink pepper, pinkle, jasmine
  • back tone: grapefruit, iris, amber, patchouli, vanilla, musk

Calvin Klein | CK One

Neutral CK One, suitable for use as a "lover's perfume", even if it is not a good one, and the same neutral scent that smells like a warm narcis-loving secret that is the same as the flavor.

You can also invite sisters to use this bottle of perfume, fresh and non-repressive fragrance, implying that there is no pressure on each other. In front of you, I am myself. I enjoy myself, and I am alone.(Recommended you: Go to love with the rest of your life!from the six secrets of the psychaflow of psychological relationships )

The best thing in love is "you" and "me" to eventually become "us"
— — Xin Yiwu

  • Fragrant: citrus, orange, oranges, oranges, pawpaw, lemon, little cardamom, lemon
  • in cardamom, violet, Iris root, jasmine, bell, rose
  • after: sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar, oak moss
  • Dior | Addict 2

    The pink bottle is designed to show the cute, refreshing, and transparent packaging of small women, and the smell of the smell is so close that it seems to be a little bit untempting: actually, I want to take the initiative to come near you.

    If you have a more recent development of what you want and what you like, you might want to let Dior Addict 2 give you the sign of your initiative.(Sibling: Make a full dating manual for love: Open your heart, let love live in )

    Loving deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep
    — — — — — May — — May

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    • Fragrant
    • Pineapple, Small Cangeland, grapefruit, lemon
    • pineapple, pomegranate, Suzuelian, watermelon, Lotus
    • Post-tone: Honolulu, cedar, musk

    The Body Shop | White Musk White Musk

    The wood flavor gives people a stable, fragrant and pleasant mood that combines the two together, smelling the flavor, and you are like a great river valestor, and you are happy and slowly moving forward.

    At the same time, the Body Shop is even more like an "all-vegetarian" product. It doesn't do animal testing. It suits the mind of vegetarians. Do you also want to be a big river in other people's minds?(Recommended: [Single diary] Love yourself, being a person you also like )

    There is no need for me to be accountable to anyone for a companion to the soul to confront the cold.
    — — Cicarco

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    • Fragrant: wood flower fragrant
    • front taste: musk, white rosin, Illylan, Role
    • Chinese flavor: musk, Oriental jasmine, lily, rose
    • aftertaste: musk, Iris flower, vanilla, amber, patchouli, peach

    Clean | Warm Cotton

    If you like soap too, you can smell the smell of a passerby like a shower, and you'll get hooked. I think you'll like the smell of that perfume as well. In the cotton quilt, just washed good cotton clothes, a bottle of perfumed perfumery, and a bottle of fragrances of everyday clues, to recall the most simple and beautiful life together.(Recommended you: The British illustrator captures the moment of love: every day, every moment is you, it's happiness )

    Outside of 1463 kilometers, you seem to have soap aroma without soap, and you still have a clear hug of the Buddha's profile.
    — — Wook

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    • Fragrant: wood flower spice
    • front tone: citrus, lemonade,
    • medium: fruit, orange, seawater
    • back tone: amber, musk, fern plant

    If you don't you just do it?

    If one has ever loved one person, he will remember his breath.Some people may even forget his face, but still remember his breath.This cannot be replaced by time.

    If you also like the smell of bath products and smell good, why don't you try the ME TIME fragrant group prepared for you by women?