Lin Jin, Lindong, Mai Lin's into, fly abuse despicable, daily life he played different roles to live out of true me, interview Lin Jin, he said: "I also have the soul of girls," play "Mask let me no longer hide themselves. 」

In the "Hot Baby" before, they have thought about whether to call "into spicy chicken leg fort", if small a spicy is a little distance but very delicious cold lettuce, Lin Jin is stewed three days Grandma brand chicken legs.

Lin Jin is Hong Kong's North Gang Children, the Pak Kong Tree Foot has the child's ancestral house, neighbors are relatives, there is a big courtyard before home, Grandma's house has red bricks and peeling paint, and grandma favorite TV, Mother's house covered in next door, Lin Jin room stuffed with idol pictorial and Doll Machine Trophy, Lin Jin one months at least go home once, He said he would never settle in the tree's feet, because there was a rumor in Zhangzhai's head, life Manager to see, how calculate here is Shing, Strange is, in his growth process, four Shanwa husband go first, Grandma's husband also go, until a few years ago dad also died, is really a woman ding exuberant village. "So I'm in Taipei now, wow haha." Lin Jin laughed so much that the audience on the third floor couldn't hear you.

The way of the vile and colorful "metamorphosis"

Lin Jin, Lindong, Mai Lin's into, fly drunk despicable. He is a man of many corners, "I like to play a role, fly away from the despicable to give Lin more courage, people will remember my female role, I found that" play "mask so that I can not be careful to show their small world. A lot of words if use Lin Jin face to say out, everybody will think I am very niang, but I borrow fly to abuse despicable, everybody will feel very funny. "There is no need to be responsible for the Lindong expectations of others, costume and comedy show liberated him, the above is purely fictitious, if the same, pure coincidence." (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but do not love the transgender side?) )

Lin Jin University to read beauty salons, get along with more girls, he in groups by the girl's gestures infection, observation and imitation of their behavior, a little bit satisfied with the negative characteristics of infatuation: "I started from kindergarten, I like to buy colorful pens, my pencil-box must have all the color, I started talking about cosmetics with girls when I was in college. "The students have not been to Lin Jin bullying, because he said:" My innate personality optimistic and lively, when my feminine characteristics come out, they will think I am funny, do not think I have "problems." 」

Alone in the country, he was "interviewed" by Playmates in the village. "I grew up playing with kids in the village, there will be my older brother and sister four or five years old, I am very good with my sisters, and sometimes touch their hair or something, once a brother asked me out to play, he took me to a corner, the chair picked up and hit me. It turns out he was upset that I was too close to his girlfriend, he attacked me, I urinary incontinence, crying ran home, mother very angry, with Big Brother's mother negotiations, from now on my mother forbade me to go out. 」

When I asked Lin Jin, when did I find myself liking the same sex? He was in the small five have a very fond of slapstick boys and girls, once they play too serious, fighting each other until Lin Jin think he can't go down, he sat on the ground crying. "In the country, once to flag the boy in front of me, I pinch his butt, I found that I have a reaction." "He has a very good finger," he said, pinching his classmate's butt with his finger muscles. "Chinese schools will have some activities, he because the family live relatively far away from the end of the event I invited him to sleep with me, I impulsively asked him:" I can touch you there. "(Recommended reading: exclusive interview Zengjia:" If you look at my body, can you also listen to my soul?) ")

Lin Jin with the look of the new world's expression said: "Fortunately he refused me, otherwise we will not be friends now." "First love is not only love enlightenment is also the Enlightenment, Lin Jin began to find himself like Sven, Lin Jin the first time with his mother out of the Ark, mother said he is" abnormal ".

In fact, the Metamorphosis of Biology (Metamorphosis) is a gorgeous change, from the egg stage, larva stage, pupa period until the adult period, evolution is a brilliant storm.

I'm from the foot of a tree, Lady of the Ladies

Since being scolded a pervert, his heart is a little hurt, also more daring, like the heart of tigers, no one can stop him to the world of ridicule and roar. "Then every time I look at the computer, I call my mom to watch some guy Shing, and my mom will scoff." "Lin Jin once brought her boyfriend home, his boyfriend got up very early, and mother and grandma sat in the living room to chat, after the mother said the boy is good." His out of the closet in a talk about a smile to dissolve, if the mother said homosexuality will aids, Lin Jin on the mother of sex education introduced condom use. (Recommended reading: gay marriage through, the number of AIDS surge?) Five common aids rumors cracked )

The conservative village to Lin Jin's character happy to see its become, Grandma's friend Qiao Grandma saw Lin Jin from the alley came in to say: "Miss reversed to AH." [Note 1]"Lin Jin will return:" Ah, Miss Nen turn to Ah, grandma you think I hmm? [Note 2]"

"My grandma is very happy to watch my performance on TV more and more good, I have been with the young woman together, very able to talk to them, you know that mom and I will talk about some pessimistic things, love to talk about" next door Zhuang who is the right to go [Note 3] ", after what people want to mountain [Note 4]", I can bring them happy with them , so that they don't think about what they have. 」

Lin Jin to the grandmother "no big no fine [note 5]", he also confidently said that he is Grandma's favorite child. " "I am the most noisy child in the family, Grandma said I am alone at home with them, better than the whole family to come back the new year, I think my grandma a bit pompous." 」

Home, is the closest to Lin Jin place, he likes to take his sister home, Grandma has been misunderstood Lin Jin very heterosexual charm, a lot of girlfriend love. Sometimes with "physiological male" home, grandma asked "What do you want to do?" Lin Jin replied: "To propose." "There is no line between Lin Jin and grandma, for example, he would say to Grandma:" Grandma, I have itching enough to want to do with people. [Note 6]"grandma will be greatly shouted to say:" Germany the people sell black and white speaking. " [Note 7]", but there is a smile in the eye.]

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Lin Jin and his three warm boys

After the popular back to the village, everyone feel Lin Jin uphold, native children can also fight for breath. Lin Jin, although his character is delicate, but he is very able to with those "proud of his" hometown brothers get along.

In high school, he met a lot of jumping kids, in order to establish a relationship with the same sex, Lin Jin run to learn to smoke, a cigarette, boys can quickly close relationship. "It's a bit of a stereotype, but after a cigarette is lit, I will deliberately installed man, chatting with boys, and was about to go out with three warm, in fact, I am very shy but I have been in ㄍㄧㄥ, walking very like nothing is afraid, but see them" those "I really shy to no, because some people are very big ... 」

He honed a set of friends with a man in three warm days, and the boys would still talk to him until now. "Everyone knows I love boys, they love to talk to me about sex, I am a very dare to talk about people, deep into they dare not listen." They will also ask me some questions about sex up. "Lin Jin will take the opportunity to sex education, they ask Lin Jin why like boys, will one day like girls?" Then he replied, "How do you look at that pinch?" [Note 8] How did you change? [Note 9] Without you inserting me to see the MAI [Note 10]. 」

They asked Lin Jin see the roadside handsome man will "up Autumn", Lin Jin rhetorical question then you see the roadside beauty will? They replied: "Of course, not a pervert pavilion." [Note 11]"Lin Jin said:" I am not a pervert. " [Note 12]"They ask:" You are not a foot mastiff 歕? " [Note 13]"Lin Jin back:" Also you want to find out. " [Note 14]"

Which of the world's different men to Lin Jin with the master? Lin Jin of the different male primary school hall, the problem to the heterosexual, in three warm bubbles out of the similarities and differences, in the understanding of homosexuality before, they first like Lin Jin, know homosexuality, like him. Lin Jin has given up smoking, as well as being free to deal with non-me races. (Recommended reading: comrades make me a better person: I am straight comrade, I am them )

Dad turned the table again: Fortunately, there is fried rice blood to eat

Lin Jin Home is like a matriarchal society, there is a strong warmth, laughter, the parents hug. In fact, his childhood, in the father's violent growth, Lin Jin to his father's deep feelings, a few years ago, the father walked, is fearless Lin Jin life of the first "frustration" sense.

"Before the TV show someone received the call of death, acting very pompous, when I received this call, I finally feel what is sadness." The biggest sadness is not crying, the original may be completely without feeling, and even laugh. "Brain Blank, he rushed home, just want to see dad." Lin Jin's friend told him, father funeral when you must cry hard, a hard cry, you will not think of him.

"Dad is committed suicide, my heart for him to the good side, think that Dad is not want to drag down the family's economy, when the father did not make money, I think why mom breakfast money only give me 30 yuan?" Why does mom like to cook curry rice? Grow up to know, mother likes to cook curry rice, is because curry rice with cheap ingredients, you can eat several meal, support a lot of people. "Lin Jin's mother is the victim of domestic violence, she has a temperament of Zhuang Jiao woman, one months 30,000 pieces to carry a home." "When I was a kid, dad loved to drink, and when he got drunk, he hit her, and the most impressive thing was in our kitchen, and I saw my dad holding a kitchen knife to his mother's neck." Another time, my father turned over the table, the mother cooked dishes are turned off, my mother side in the kitchen fried rice blood side tears, I look at the side, I thought, fortunately there are fried rice blood can eat. 」

Assist the interview colleague to hand in the photo of toilet paper, Lin Jin said it's okay I hold live. He thought: "That table is grandma to Mother's dowry, my father every time drunk all the way slowly dozen, until all the chairs are broken, our family later buy Iron chair." He and his brother don't touch wine when they grow up in a violent environment. (Recommended reading: drama Lesson for home violence: I hope that you live with me )

When his father was ill, his attitude towards the family began to change. His feelings for his father, like "childhood very annoying dad told us to buy wine, but not to find the lure of the rest of the money." Lin Jin often took the change to buy more than 30 pieces of breakfast.

The Village people looked at Lin Jin and said their home was a motivational story. The original village is not much of a child, become a household object, everyone said Lin Jin very filial piety, many fan group attention to his mother a generation have said "I am such a good child, boys to be so intimate very difficult to get."

Lin Jinjiao 腼 said: "In fact, I am also a girl's soul." 」

Thank you, Grandma, for making me popular.

Because of this background, he wants to be happier, he wants to have the ability to make the family happy. On the day of August 28, 2014, his life began to be different. At that time Lin Jin was reading University, the network has attracted many Hett "from the female" (account name), Lin Jin watched a film after the remake, began to pay attention to his face book, but also some people because Lin Jin remake began "Not so annoying from the girl." A product of comedy is a merit, not hurt people, but also save lives.

His AV road opened, until that day, Lin Jin with grandma Red: "2015 I was in the Army, this year I have in the works, August 8 Suledi Typhoon, I would have to take the day two o'clock in the afternoon to return to the barracks, but the army told me today do not go back to the mouth of the film is very tamping, I have nothing to do at home , play to half Argin to accompany me to chat, the film dropped to fan group, God, explosion, I came up the next day, good tens of thousands of share, you know I have a calm grandma. "(Recommended reading: Someone more important than yourself: the picture of Grandma )

God, the explosion, his dramatic way of speaking, slow motion his own articulation. Lin Jin said: "Grandma found herself not the same, because the nurse aunt asked him: You are not Lin Jin grandma." "The grandmother goes home to ask:" Lindong enters, your bottom network very yan roar? [Note 15]"

Grandma now has a couple of bags, Lin Jin capture is not easy, he studied more strange photographic equipment to shoot natural interaction. "Grandma is very concerned about their beauty and ugliness, the former grandmother is a day to wear cheongsam of that kind of person, now grandma will feel very unhealthy very bad look, I will encourage the grandmother, you so people like you, and now many see you feel very warm." 」

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Lin Jin continued to make films, and he felt that the power of sharing was important: "I once found myself in such a great power because of a message." A single mother said, "Thank you for the film, so I have a long time to connect with the daughter of a bridge." I've even been told to find the motivation to live in my films. "Someone positioning the net red is a fleeting cultural product, but Lin Jin positioning himself as a" creator ", he cuckoo, want to pass positive energy, he talks a lot, want to link with the world. He has a mania for filming, making, and scripting, not dying, but doing more to feel alive.

With the Yunlin temperament of grounding gas, Lin Jin have the courage of Taiwan Germany Wu different. He was born in 1991, right on the line between two generations, with an anti-ancient gesture of the attack, but the same communication. Because of his desire for greatness, he had no time to care about all kinds of negative reviews: "I don't have time to waste on people I hate." "That body has indifferent domineering, the road ahead is still very long, look forward to Lin Jin continue not serious."

It is the media environment that female fans want to provide for all kinds of sexual tendencies to feel loved.

We know that many people around the world have a personal feeling about gender issues, no matter gender temperament, gender identity or sexual orientation, are thinking about how to act. It is difficult to communicate because of gender, gender equality is very far, gender initiative is very hard, so we have to go together.

Women are obsessed with this year, launch a "partner Program", invite you to do something more, join in the "partner Program" believe that a person can not do, a group of people, we can promote the impact of gender action is unlimited, will be able to reach more and more widely farther.

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