Handsome lady See Lanatri, handsome is not a leather jacket, but with their body reconciliation, when the society imposed beauty standards, you still take pride in the body.

In recent years, the campaign for the stigma of obesity has finally gradually gained sound volume in the media. People often criticize the large size by "unhealthy", and even develop personality defamation, such as lack of self-control, laziness and irresponsibility. Ignore the fact that everyone's body is different.

Require different bodies to conform to a body code: fine, slim but have muscle, but often cause modern people's physical and psychological burden.

British actress Lanatri (Keira Knightley) is a famous Hollywood bone-feeling actress, contrary to the stigma of obesity, she is often criticized by the media for being "too skinny", "flat and lacking in femininity", despite the beauty of mainstream aesthetic approval, and implies that she is not dieting to cause anorexia and must pursue for young girls. "Bone feeling Style" is responsible.

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She made it clear in her interview that she was not anorexic, and that "the idea of dieting would make me want to eat chips and ice cream." "To keep her balance, she prefers not to think about dieting," she said.

Even so, the media's "body-hunting" in a certain period of time is still rampant, which makes her very frustrated, but also self-doubt is a kind of sin, even the initiation of the idea of a fluorescent screen.

She confessed to the British media that if her future daughter wanted to be an actress, "I have a 150 million% degree of certainty that I would try to persuade my daughter to become an actress during her teenage years." 」

Daring to expose the Hollywood trim

When filming "Ghost Qi 2" movie poster, Kee Lanatri said that through cosmetic and repair software, her flat chest in the poster was deformed into a C cup.

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It made her wonder why she could not show her true form. Lanatri said: "My body has been on many different occasions, based on a number of different factors are adjusted, manipulated, whether it is the paparazzi videotaping or film, I think the woman's body is like a battlefield, photography is definitely to make it one of the killers." You must do what you can to keep your body as "symmetrical and beautiful". Today's society has been conditioned by these stereotypes, and it is hard to see the different types of body shapes. (Extended reading:"I love my flesh and my body" we love the Jennifer Laurence .)

The woman's body has become a battlefield, after the picture is one of the culprits, it is difficult to see a variety of different body size.

Kee Lanatri

France, in 2015, voted by lawmakers to pass a bill that would require the image of a model to be modified to be slender or rounded, and must be marked with a "revised map". Although the bill has led to discussion, it is still a symptom and not a cure. Few women can feel confident in their present body when they see the spotless face and body of the magazine, the ad subtext of "no ugly woman but lazy woman".

Social practice to the unrealistic image of the United States to require women to cash, but also condemned women to pay attention to appearance, ridicule women's pursuit of mainstream aesthetic, but never thought why women's beauty anxiety than men more prevalent. When Lanatri's natural stature coincided with a model on the runway, the media said she was promoting "bone culture". Watching the media's attack on her, Lanatri's presence exposes the world's media exposure to women's age.

It's not a problem if I can choose the way I present it.

When she was taken by Interview magazine, she showed her body generously, and humorously mocked herself: "I don't care about showing my breasts, but also because they are small and people are less interested." 」

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But through this set of photos, she does have a message to convey: "What I want to fight for is that women have the right to choose the way she wants to present her body." And this choice is based on one's own desires, not on the fear of others or social evaluation. 」

"No woman should be imposed a sense of shame on the body by society. "she said.

"Of course, when you get older, it's going to be easier to reject social evaluation." You will learn how to be brave and say "no" and "good". 」

Now the body is the best body: the "Back to body" myth of postpartum

In 2015, she gave birth to her daughter, who received a visit from British Harper ' s Bazaar, and a myth that she was back in shape after production.

"The body after the production is different from the previous one because it accomplishes a great thing," he said. I thought I was going to think, "Oh my God, I have to get back to my prenatal stature!" But in fact I chose the opposite path, and I said, "Go to him!" I don't want to put this pressure on myself! 』」

Postpartum physique is certainly different from prenatal, because it completes the extraordinary thing!

Kee Lanatri

She also mentions that in some magazine media, people often use the title "How she takes back her body," which I think is very annoying. 」

She says the way women are viewed, expected and criticized is very scary, "especially now when I become a girl's mother, I can't help thinking: The world is full of bondage and discipline to the female body, how can I bring my daughter to know her body in a healthy and happy way, until now I have no answer. 」

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This society keeps women in opposition to their bodies, and we humiliate our bodies: "Too fat, too skinny, too muscular, too dark or too pale, too drooping, too many wrinkles, you're embarrassing!" "Again and again, you are on the opposite battlefield with your body, full of armies, all kinds of coping and pressure."

What society does not tell us is that satisfaction does not come from the perfect body (no body does not age) but from peaceful coexistence with the body, but it requires learning and practice.

The process is very hard, so as long as walking on the road is good, fast or slow, occasionally fall, occasionally looking back, it does not matter.

Looking at Kee Lanatri in the study and body peace and coexistence of the road to push forward, for the girls, perhaps one day, people can regardless of body shape at ease said: This is my body, she/he is beautiful, I am proud of it.

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