"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Some people, met then has the soft rib, the love teaches us to be afraid, if has the pursuit also has loses, but he is you ache also to love one return person.

The song of Ice and Fire seventh season, the King's Landing city Charybdis, the ghost ring North, Winter will come, the power is a luscious cloak, love is the most complex and simplest game, or to gamble on a board?

The Seven Kingdoms, love is social wrist, love is emotional blackmail, love is the exchange of resources, this point is probably very understand, love is also politics, a person if there is no love and no contest, if there is love there is pursuit, so amiable as people, so there are weaknesses can coerce, love is a powerful weapon, enough to hurt people, more enough to destroy themselves. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Oscar Wilde and the American teenager Percy, the heart is used to break )

Love is also the senses awaken, give you a body, giving you another life, like the scum of ash and worms and the Mulberry, born to slave life, slaves do not think, is love let them know what freedom is, freedom is to their feelings magnanimous.

The weapons of the Lord, no say my name, no family, castration male sexual characteristics also castrated love concern, clean, naked, to do a weapon, weapons, weapons, the fate of the battlefield, no 罣, is to fearless.

No scale is a name, called Ash bugs, like the life of worms, gently pinch on the scattered, ash flutter plopped down mixed with the earth. The ash worm yo, this flesh is but shell, all useless all remove, he is the battle for the life of the plate, just want to win, do not know what fear is.

Until he met Micah, she taught him what love was and taught him what it was to be afraid. Love is a beautiful thing, with a lover, you in this world, have more than you care about people.

The first time the Ash worm felt alive and well, he wanted to survive because he wanted to see her again, and he wanted to live because he didn't want her to cry for him. The original is so, do not love really will not die, but Love will come alive. (Recommended reading: the scar to love!) "The boys turn to adults": even if it hurts, but also to love

Love makes time feel, love makes life fear, love makes war seem cruel. His thin life has a new meaning, he used to kill the arm, since the embrace of the meaning. Love her minutes and seconds are past, suddenly hope that a little longer, originally eat a life of tasteless, suddenly can't bear to abandon.

On the eve of the expedition, Gray bugs to the Nathan, "I have never had a soft rib, I am not the tallest, nor the strongest, but I have always been the most fearless." Until I met you, I had a soft spot. 」

Love is a person's soft spot, is the invincible person, the body is the softest, and the most can hurt that piece. Once my fearless let me proud, and you let me have a soft rib, is a fragile person, I would rather my fragile is you.