"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, from a girl, understand a new era. Look at the way they turn crazy and read their atypical successes. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. A very deep routine of the friendship ads let Shing known, her character free and easy, temperament wild, in the lovely Japanese, Xing deer a face disdain, contempt of eyes meaningful. The boy likes her, the girl more worships the Xing deer this share does not care about the appearance.

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Friendship will prevail: with the boys when the face to tilt to the left 8 degrees, take the menu to the other side of the trend show the slender hand, occasionally fiddling with hair change wild image instant seconds kill ... The beginning of the snow India This girl love scheming film is popular: let each other create a sense of love, break the myth of romantic love, the first meeting is a woman in the heart of the Zhen Huan, love is not to wait for the prince, but the girl's an expedition.

The film Liu Qi Big Eyes of the girl blockbuster, who can be more innocent than cherry blossom sister? Shang (Ruka), from Chongqing, is an important figure in the Japanese girls ' magazine, a year where girls have Fujii Lena, and now girls love xing deer Ruka.

Chongqing Sister Good! Men, ideas, love, freedom.

Xing Deer 1992 students, many people say she is the successor of Komatsu, but Shang seems more mischievous and boyish. She played Instagram with her friends in college, was discovered by Japanese model firms, was alone in Japan, and is now a professional model, and a designer who has a brand-name Light Forte "deertrip". (Extended reading:"A GIRL" Komatsu: I am strong, I do not want to lose myself )

Xing Deer's "charm" impression through the snow printing ads deeply rooted in the heart, bringing up the female "expressionless" fashion, she in Japan magazine Circle to "strange" sensation. into Japan before the development of Shang received a Chinese media interview, talk about their own entrepreneurial, but also talk about their own character, Shang think of home most like himself: "Chongqing sister should be the most manly son of the country's sister, independent, have ideas, love freedom, loud voice!" Grinch I think this kind of character is very good. 」

This seems to Grand girls like Japanese comics, favorite cartoon characters for the Atom, all pocket money to buy the comics, her university is the architecture department, Xing Deer described this is " super easy to let the brain crash professional." Later, she found that she was not suitable for the industry, because she said: "My character has long been accustomed to freedom, doing things in the way I like to live, no organization, no discipline, so I do not particularly like (refers to the university's professional)." "

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I'm so cute that I can't believe

Shang is called Shang, because "think deer cute to incredible", she said in an interview with a smile: "very much like me." 」

Whether in the advertising MV or magazine, their own IG, Xing Deer gives people a kind of dexterity and not close to the human feeling. Shang used to have a phobia of people, solid like a person traveling. She said:

Sometimes it's too pale to stay with a friend, or go on a trip.

Xing Lu

Prefer to walk alone, also do not want to be pale lively, this is Shang to oneself of insist. (Recommended reading: use Life to tell a story!) 10 Things I traveled alone to teach me.

Shang can be young when the boss, because she was the end of the sophomore suspended, then she said: "I think the current life is rich and full and interesting, more happy than college." "At the time she laughed at herself and might become a tramp later:

"I didn't really think what I would have been doing, but now I think it's always right to bury my head in it anyway." Because the last few decades want to be a live, free and easy doctrine of people, hope to be lazy to enjoy life, so now must be very hard. 」

Because I want to be lazy, I must try to be right now.

When someone asked her to draw her eyebrows on a live webcast, she replied: "Why should I draw eyebrows?" "Xing deer eyebrows painting does not draw, there is no spirit, no one can meddle."

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In the higher education of Asia, one of the girls did not read, entrepreneurial, silly Leng to Japan model; in the 996 working system first in China, there is a girl who dreamed of laziness, so she walked an incredible way.

Everyone else is at war. Hot Girl Handbook, Xing Lu Men and women take all, with a snow print advertising magic big open. Perhaps because of the vulgar popularity too much, we like Shang body difficult to replace the retro temperament. She's always changing, so it's always fresh, people ask what you're doing without modeling, and Shang says, "I'm probably going to open a ranch." 」

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