"If you want" series, if you have a desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Family always with eye care, let you rest assured to go their own way, Father's Day eve, five kinds of gifts to love him, the road goes farther we will still go home.

Taiwanese call, and finally the wife will always say: "Well, no generation, in fact, this sentence is saying: Rest assured, go your own way."


Have not known for several years, did not hug you, my father.

Growing up you are always, that behind me far from watching me go, afraid I fell hurt, you with the eye care, you stand waiting, you with occasional sigh, see me in the reality of the rush; afraid I'm tired, you use side-face concern, you use the escort, you use a few reminders, let me know the meaning of home.

Feel lonely in a foreign land, the heart has a home, can continue to work hard to find the ideal of reading, in the heart of a home, not afraid of the future confused.

I do not know if your memory of the father is similar to me, but I believe so, 100 kinds of fathers, 100 kinds of family, there is the same kind of gentle perseverance. They use love to lead you to walk long long distance, surrounded by gray, family is the light ahead, they use the light to tell you: rest assured, go your own way.

Father's Day, this is the Father's day, but also to every hardship to prop up the family, hard to live people's Day. If you want to send love to your favorite family on such a special holiday, recommend five kinds of gifts to pull out the guy you grew up with.

To a poor-spoken father: let us enjoy a pot of tea in the quiet good time

If you want to give your father a gift, recommend you: Tea Tea Set

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He is silent, but always in the daily conversation, full of love, your frustration he wanted to accompany but do not know where to ask, send his father a set of tea, give each other a piece of tea time, share the recent life ups and downs, a lot of talk, the topic is irrelevant, the heart but solid, because of these conversations and warm up. (Recommended reading:"Father's Day special edition" Father's Day must look! Top Ten movie selections )

To the father who does not often say love: The long road We walk together, walking all the way to accompany

If you want to give Dad a present, recommend you: Jogging shoes

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His seriousness is the anticipation of you, his serious is to set an example, let you know the sense of responsibility, these overflowing edges and corners of love, let you across the long distance each other love, send dad a pair of jogging shoes, said not to export the love, let us into the real company, let each other understand, the road of life, I will accompany you, or walk or run, or cry or laugh, Is the body language that we express love.

To the father who is always absent: how I want to open my heart, we use our thoughts to overlap the missing past

If you want to give your dad a present, recommend you: one of your favorite books

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Life stage, always look at your back from home, awake in the absence of your daily, many want to open the heart, let my dear you see, how the thought and life experience let me grow up now, more understanding each other later, our heart can beat closer. Send your father a favorite book, the book's Thoughts affect the soul of some part of you, try to open themselves, with the thought of overlapping those lost past, understanding each other, let love through. (Recommended reading: Learn to reconcile with the father of a class: "I do not love you, just do not understand the expression")

To the thrifty father: It's time for you to make your dream come true

If you want to give Dad a present, recommend you: Round-trip ticket

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He also had the dream of youth, young and frivolous when also dreamed of riding a Harley-Benz Desert, later, his dream became your desire, he used his youth to change your beautiful life, he used hard sweat, to protect you from the reality of pain, he gave up his dream, just for a you need to wait. Send Dad a round-trip ticket, you have grown big enough, it is time for him to practice his own always put in the heart of the dream.

To the favorite family: Handwritten thanks, because you only become a home

If you want to send a dear family gift, recommend you: Handwritten card

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Of course, I would like to say in such a holiday that the family is not only a flat imagination of a husband and wife, whether it's a single parent, a gay family, or a generational upbringing, there's always a family that can't be replaced, he may be your mother, your master's milk, your aunt, and everyone who has held you in your life has influenced you. , care for you, let you grow into a better self. Personally write a card to his usual shy say thank you, because he, you understand the meaning of home is not a form, but those love, implicated you, the achievement of a home. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" says Happy Father's Day: from where Dad goes to Daddy wants to go home )

Dear father, Once I also have in your bosom spoiled temper, later, push your hand from the bosom down, adolescent girls, there are inexplicable stubborn, home is a long and small appearance, I am anxious to flee, anxious to back away from the family walk a long way to prove their own, but when the road more and more longer, more and more distant, finally found out the purpose of wandering, It's all home.

Dad, miss you, I'll go home now.

Go your way, go your way, you say to me
But you have to put your back in your heart
I'll wait for you to succeed.

--Long distance train fire extinguisher