"They explode in the day before graduation II", seven years later they grow up adults, lost generation of youth reactionary, live in a collision and the era of collision, faith you believe in goodness, and with justice to live.

Help me remember, I'm not broken yet.

"They exploded the day before graduation."

Who can help you remember your first appearance?

Youth put you into the adult world, want you to look at a black hole to see a barren, when the reality and dream pull, you are determined to walk away from the world, or with the world collapse Let ego fall?

"They exploded the day before graduation," the first season has been seven years, when it is said that the gap between the youth and the great world, good and bad topsy-turvy, with the characters grown into adult appearance, now this generation of confusion from their own expansion and society, they always say that the young generation, Is the Life network also no longer openings to mention the dream of the characters. Time stretched the details of the narrative, "they exploded the day before graduation II" the protagonist and the audience experience a generation of life turbulence, the blood of the social movement, the value of street struggle, when a generation of mixed confusion is involved in the social system, giggle, value and reality of the explosion, is the world to us, One of the grandest adult-style.

"They exploded the day before graduation" stills

To be confused: live in the age of collision and collision, faith, the goodness you believe in.

Would you like to stand with me--"they exploded the day before graduation II"

Hao far dead for the explosion of youth in painting the period, very eager to join the system, change the world of Ah Din and into Yi, later all live into their own earthly stability.

No longer with the young naïve and some frank agitation to practice the ideal, ah Din also wanted to use music to change the world, and then sang singing, singing himself into the reality of the involuntarily, into the Yi of the energetic also in Hao far away from the day disappeared, he learned to study the law of rationality, try to pull himself out of society, so to live, Can less helpless feeling?

You are born in a collision and want to collide the generation, 22K pay and high price collision you want to live the dream of a good life, try to collide with this society, many people tried and tried exhaustion, feeling that this life situation is a big environment. If you are in a tunnel of invisible light, believe in the goodwill you trust, and let it be the driving force behind your search for life. When you see yourself in the tide, you can choose to drift with the waves or turn over the reverse tour. (Recommended reading: to the people of this era!) Interview Li Zhi: "Even if living in the seam, but also to continue to live")

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To the reactionary: fight to shout a future, with your righteousness to live

Maybe you have your justice, but I also have mine.

"They exploded the day before graduation II"

Although it is safe to live, the blood of the reactionary factors still faint flow, when Ah din and into Yi met with the enthusiasm of the Community transport Youth-Hoshong, the repressed revolutionary nerves were provoked to face this seemingly immutable world, and they tried and tried, never giving up, to fight a better future with the justice they believed in. , with the news value and social justice which they believe, carry out a period of struggle in the distance of desire.

As a young generation, do you remember? That day, the shadow of the night, in the same direction of the twilight Rush, the direction of the symbol of hope, but also you look forward to the social changes in the distance-the student movement that night gathered in front of the Legislative yuan in the excitement, Red House white wall slogan-"When the dictatorship became a reality, Revolution is duty ", these generations of memories will reverberate in your life, it makes you understand that everyone has the justice of everyone, to become a circle of adults is easy, and sometimes stubbornly adhere to a good kindness is the most difficult thing to grow up. (Recommended reading: Goodness must be a bit of sharpness: Goodness is not a concession, but a stick )

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To grow: When you feel unrecognizable, look back on your intentions.

Damn the world, I must change you.

"They exploded the day before graduation II"

Ah din, into Yi and Hoshong, three people with their own life experience again together, the future of the world will become better or worse? They are generally confused with us, but in the face of the wave of growth, they toward their desire to swim to the other shore, not to let the secular waves of their own overturned, grow up seems to be so, surrounded by gray, before the fog, we do not have the direction of the time, only by the heart of light, lead us to the unknown a step, slowly groping, The way you grew up. (Recommended reading: 30-Year-old fresh people!) Interview Music Bookstore Store Chief Charisan: When you have nothing, you only have the original intention )

May you believe so, when the body is trapped in a seemingly large environment, only the original intention can be beyond the recognition of their own, to believe that there is a thing in life, it is worth in the reality of perseverance, do not let oneself grow up a betrayal of youth ideals of adults.

An explosion that opened up the adult style of the prelude, this explosion of embers will faint burn your life, these to the youth of the reactionary in your life, I wish you with youth filled with blood and stubbornness, in a reality embracing justice, goodness to life, the secular is not vague, still able to upright self.

It won't be long before you find out.
The emergence of torture is dispersed at different times.
It's so fragile that I don't know so much.
And the other side of the world is now seeing

I say
Don't fall in tears.
Don't fall in tears.
Don't fall in tears.
I said tears don't fall down

--"Tears Don't Fall" Schumien

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