Go to the place you have been to do a thing without him can do very good things, you begin to understand that a person, two people, are very good and good, worthy of blessing.

You are a dangerous person, such as driving fast, watching crime movies, skydiving. Control the danger makes you feel very safe, but you have the heart of the Sea demon, have been afraid to look at their seemingly calm and free under the sea.

You are not familiar with water, the first time snorkeling, fins like new organs are not their own, breathing tube forcing you to adapt to the new way of life. Very afraid of the waves come, one time to beat you away, you break up. It's okay to get lost in the sea when he's holding your hand, and that person is your Sirius and takes you north.

It's always dangerous for you to be afraid to disclose your fear to anyone when you're learning a dive: "You are not afraid of danger, you can control danger." "Install the equipment, adjust the device with the cylinders, you do everything well, but the uncoordinated breathing leaks out of your actions." To learn a lot, the gas bottle is not angry how to signal the coach, the latent companion is not how to return to the surface of the water, how to adapt to the body's buoyancy and ear pressure ...

The first time to dive deep into the sea, riding the morning sun first class downwind, the sun is good, but you feel bad, you restrain fear to break the pupa out. You bite the memory of the strength to bite the head, if choking, I am afraid to bury the sea. Each drop a metre, there's a little pain in your ear when the plane goes up, you slow down the breathing rate, every gas sinks deeper, and you remember the fear of the first snorkeling, when a pair of hands led you to the fish, and a hand to humble the coral reef.

Learn your own body, adapt to your own breathing, at first you only know your own sadness in the sea, now you like the first open eyes of the baby, to understand the depths of everything. Underwater silent, the greatest is their own one suck a spit, this like the Star Adventure film, only belong to the universe of music effect, and approximate fetal heart sound, always let people feel that the world is not good enough, unworthy such a pure deep voice.

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The coach tells you in sign language: "You're great." "You can't see his face, but his compliments hug you like the ocean." "Not afraid of danger, can control the danger." "This spell is like a natural whale to hear, and you murmur and chant while you're in the water, and now you don't have to protect yourself with this spell."

Deep dive learning is to throw away the inertia, not love and loneliness is also.

No one can open your mouth and breathe, no one knows the state of the body, no one can hurt you, and walk you through the darkness of a person. Slowly breathing, slowly consuming oxygen in the cylinder is very difficult, like to love moderation, and you have to tell yourself, faster, will not let you see the end, this is a must spend the time of the road, pain is love homeward. Perhaps you come to dive, is to look directly at the pain, the most dangerous is not how much you have to do to challenge life, but you cross your common memories.

Your love has its own way of breathing, and now you have acquired a new, able to see the fish at your own pace, can look at the sea at their own pace of light, you have carved out your own waters on the seabed, you identify the direction you want to go. The scale of the fish and the magic luster of the sea, are the scenery you have not seen on land, they give your soul new polishing.

A friend who served as a diving instructor told me that he loved the ocean, but left the industry after all. Until now, every place in the skin, there will be the sting of bubble bite, the shadow, that is long-term under pressure of the body's sequelae, even so, he still love the sea. He said that diving is a career of death, you know that death is there, cannot ignore it, challenge it, pass it, respect it, accept it.

Love a person also has sequela, you will adapt to the pain, until you become that pain. Loving someone is the most dangerous thing you do, you no longer try to control the danger, no longer timid own small weak. When you decide to accept the danger, you begin to understand the tenderness that is being wrapped up in danger, more than the pain of a dangerous fall.

I like the Loubesson "Blue Sky", as you have experienced a relationship naked: "Dive to the bottom of the sea." There, the sea is not even blue. Blue became a memory. You float in the silence. 」

This deep ocean, it has the ability to cover you swallowed you, but it chose to return you to nature.