Want to love you as long as meet, establish a long-term intimate relationship, how to see those in the daily traces of love, cherish each other as in the past?

What is not the opponent of love, matching with only love, don't be afraid of all good disappear, come on, let it exist first.

"Love You Like Life" the landlord's Cat

You always think of that afternoon, the breeze turned Snow white shirt, sun your cheeks red, just cover to each other's heart of that wipe crimson; remember, that is full of stupidity peculiar, a brain said to love you that person, upright eyes plus the anxiety between the forehead, these memories constitute the embryonic form of love, side write your youth. Later you in the road to grow up will be left to each other, how to love love, only the temperature of their own curled up, time let you grow up with that time different adults, his blood was completed mature and stable, your spoiled wayward grow independent appearance.

The stills of "Nine Descending Wind"

Holding each other's time placid, day after day of the insipid you doubt, as young as startled Tao, love overturned also insufficient cherish love where? Because the lover's crimson cheeks when no longer hot, only one person's eye, how then distant from the opposite; you use the best time to love, love a few years, spend the four seasons of warm and cold, the axis of time, how to love as first sight, and he long love?

To want to love as the first time throbbing you, the psychology of four methods, so that you in the years of quiet good daily find traces of love.

Not passion, only deep and gentle love can carry on

Diener, a psychologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, says that the accumulation of love requires the tenderness of each other in addition to more passion.

He believes that people will have a " Strongly stimulating "positive or negative events, whether it is the life experience of exultation or great sadness, can make you remember deeply, when people are in a positive or neutral state, they will have a constant and positive mood, but most people do not have a deep memory of daily mild happiness, so that they forget that mild love actually supports each other's lives. 。 (Recommended reading: love for the rest of your life!) From the psychology to see the relationship six secrets of the long

Looking back on the details of love moving, not the flowers he sent on special occasions, but in the middle of the night for you on the street, because the bowl you want to eat seafood porridge; not his day endless, but in your fragile time, touch your head said love dearly you too brave face. The Passion of love brings you closer together, but what makes you determined to walk the long path of life together is the gentle and distant love that will tie you to each other.

Let us pursue the same romance, love for a long time

How to talk about a long period of love, to maintain a throbbing relationship? Do you and your lover have the same expectations for love?

Psychologist Aaron Ben-zeév, in his discussion of intimate relationships, said that the intensity of romance is different from the depth of romance. The intensity of romance in an intimate relationship is the occasional peak of affection, which refers to the instantaneous degree of passion (usually sex). and the depth of romance in a long intimate relationship, far beyond the importance of the intensity of romance, but the depth of romance needs to be built slowly through time. (Recommended reading:"I love you, but I no longer like You" love fades four relationship psychology )

When you say no one knows cold jokes, he is always the first to laugh down to the ground; when he has childish innocence of life, you would like to spend the night listening to his Superman to save the world heroic, he is not good at words, but is willing for you, write 1000 words chronological love letter, only want to see you receive the letter of joy; Just to see the distant scenery in his eyes. You in the daily stack out of their own romantic, do not have to lavish, some romantic only need him to understand, this love, ordinary but sincere.

"PS I Love You" stills

You let me experience the different world, the vast life I explore with you

Share in your daily life, these conversations have accumulated into the scenery of your love, some tacit understanding, only you know.

Talk about a love that lets each other grow, his enthusiasm infects you to explore the life the curiosity, your gentleness, lets him learn to embrace the world softly. The past did not think of their own contact with the movement, because the lover and willing to try to dig out a different self, these you shape each other traces of each other, are your love record, life unconsciously let you love into twins, love let your life grow out of each other.

We love each other, we still keep ourselves

Love in love when serious, but still keep the self, do not love too much dependence, let each other have space to grow their own thoughts.

A healthy intimate relationship, try not to put the weight of love on the lover, learn to love when serious love, life, with their own, love in the distance when the good long out their own thoughts. When you love, put aside your ego, enjoy the lingering moment with your lover, and overlap each other's bodies with the twilight sleep. Thoughts, and the heart that loves to sink, and you can walk alone, in the night of the city, feeling the freedom of the wind across the fingers, building up confidence in the frustrations of life, without the time of your lover, you still live well, This is to their own insistence, let the lover rest assured gentleness. (Recommended reading:"single diary" to become a better person, still walk together )

"One Day" stills

How to love a person to love as the first signs of throbbing, how to cherish each other as the past?

May you find such a man, love such as warm Sun, daily rise and sunset to practice the gentle everyday, so that you in love love to retain their own, the details of life grow a lover traces, you rely on each other but also can be independent, you would like to use a long life, the shortcomings of each other to love the advantages of the indulgence.

Later understand, the so-called long love secret, is to understand the appearance of love in the daily scattered, deep and distant love let you love each other into life. Fierce love burns two people love each other, bang a strong but always will each other left, if you want to love, love like warm Yang, warm as the beginning of love, achieve each other grow better people, life is dark when he is your heart of light, lead you out of confusion, sunny, you can watch the years together quiet, flowers open.