"Cargo Notes" cargo, is to eat the right, know the taste of the human nature of good, the woman obsessed x Love food for you to take stock of all the way restaurants, recipes and food stories, if you want to give yourself a cool summer, recommended you five summer in Taipei will eat ice shop!

"The ground is going to burn!" "Recently, as long as near noon, nearly 39 degrees of heat to let people dazed, go out to buy lunch also unbearable heat, Jane." Whenever I look at my forehead sweat drop, I always think-if you can now in the air-conditioned room, eat delicious ice, it is heaven and earth! Eating ice, in addition to satisfying the appetite, but also to eat a situation, eat a feeling, when the ice melts in the mouth, you imagine is wandering in Australia Gold Coast, when the ice melts on the tip of the tongue, love and happiness in the brain burst.

This week, the woman's love x Gourmet food Diary of the joint cooperation, to recommend you this summer four private house ice shop, to your sweet antique, sweet pull wind trendy, sweet indifferent Japanese! Weather hot summer, eat ice xu life a little coolness, is happy necessary! (Recommended reading: the summer taste buds provoke!) Miss Picky: Kapiti ice cream, unique classic beautiful )

I want to want to eat ice かき.

The heritage of Wenzhou Street cultural highlights Street View, "Good want to eat ice" concise white tone with warm decoration design, it is difficult to let people pass without attention. Especially not only the store, just see the menu will make people full of infinite expectations. The night limit of the fire really Baishan prison, "ice" and "fire" combined with caramel, sesame and peanuts for the dance of Black Lishan ice, but also to take you to dessert 剉 ice new Realm! Want to eat ice? Let's go to Wenzhou Street!

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If you want to have a bowl of Japanese ice, recommend you | want to eat ice かき

Address: No. 80th, Wenzhou Street, Daan District, Taipei, 106 Taiwan
Tel: 2366 0115
Opening Hours: 13:00-21:00
Fan page:https://www.facebook.com/iwanticesomuch/

Meat up, meet your ice and snow romance!

Are you a beautiful girl who likes to work and dry flowers? That Meet up will be the vision and taste of the ice choice this summer!
In the West Gate of the movie Street around a long while, greeted by a picture on the wall of the red crane painted with meat up wooden curtains, do not eat ice, after taking a picture can also catch a cool chill. The meat up meal contains fruit juices, gradient drinks, fried objects and hamburgers. Outside the sun is hot, with a cup of "Queen of Hearts" and "Ha chu" Xu own heart a summer date of the heat! "

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If you want a cup of Ges-Saint-Des, recommend you |meat up

Address: No. 124th, two, Wuchang Street, Wanhua District, Taipei
Tel:2331 4200
Time: Monday-Thursday 11:30–21:00/Friday 11:30–22:00/Saturday 11:00–22:00/Sunday 11:00–21:00
Transportation: No. 6th, Ximen Station, MRT exit
Official website:https://www.facebook.com/Meat-Up-267652336940708/?fref=ts

The Emack and Bolio ' s Taiwan are satisfied with the light look

From Boston, the popular world-wide popular ice cream, now do not go abroad in Taiwan can eat! Have the choice obstacle you should notice, here have up to 30 kinds of flavors of ice cream, colorful, let a person be dazzled but every kind want to try! Is there really no way to choose? It doesn't matter, emack and Bolio ' s is the biggest feature is "Diego", it is said to be able to overlap 12 consecutive goals are no problem, want to eat which section of the courage to go down! (Recommended reading: The Pocket list for women fans!) Six most healing dessert shops in Taiwan )

* Small series: You can play to 8/31 where the purchase of ice cream, you can be free to help you another ball (limit of 100 balls per day, limited to the same cone/paper cup), the heart is not as quick action!

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If you want to have an ice cream, recommend you |emack and Bolio ' s Taiwan

Add: 4F (Shinyi), No. 11th, Xinyi District Road, Taipei, Taipei, China
Tel: 02-2765-2596
Opening hours: Sunday ~ Thursday 11:00~22:00 Week Five or Six 11:00~23:00
Fan page:https://www.facebook.com/pg/emackandboliostw/

If you want to experience the mixed of ice and heat, taste the ice fairy.

Want to eat ice, recommended to love the pearl milk tea You "pearl is Love milk tea",q pearl plus cheese, do not have a flavor. " One of the most special black tea, thick tea fragrance, sweet and not greasy, people want to eat and eat again! Ice fruit in addition to have delicious ice, fruit juice, there are salty food packages, recommended to eat the ice to eat hot you, sweet material more real seafood oolong noodles, not to be missed!

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If you want to meet the needs of sweets and salty food at the same time, recommend you | ice Fruit Romance Ice Fairy

Address: 7, First Floor, 3rd Shilin District West Road, Taipei, China
Opening hours: 11:30~21:00 (Tuesday holidays)
Fan page:https://www.facebook.com/icefairy88/

Eat ice also want color profusion, right ice cream to special ice cream

"Ice cream" to see the straightforward retro-style signs, want to eat ice you have to speed up the pace of money to eat ice. Special Ice cream Store is not small, but the classic ice ingredients are not less, powder cake, lemon clear ice (Valkhof, lemon), betel pepper juice vegetableschinese frozen, cheese, snow mud, ice cream and so on, a variety of choice. Season-limited ice, but also to special ice cream IG haunt frequent regulars, winter Sao colder, Summer has a comprehensive powder cake ice; When the boss is in a good mood. There are cherry-flavored ice cream, do not want to miss the limited version, quickly follow powder!

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If you want to taste the summer limit comprehensive ice, recommend you |right ice cream ice cream

Address: No. 54th, 36 Lane, four section, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei, No. 5th, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Station exit
Opening hours: 12:00-22:00, Tuesday Hugh
Tel:2762 2008
Right ice cream Ice cream | fan Page

If the world does not have ice cream, it will become decadent-famous American athlete Don Kardong

Eat ice, in addition to the desire of full appetite, more can let the mood dance like joy; in the hot summer, besides today's recommended ice, what else do you want to eat? Download the Love food diary, follow the Love food to track the hot summer food bar >> Http://bit.ly/2hfyr7G