You have loved but do not want everlasting, these traces of love to chisel out a better himself, three film sheet dedicated to the deep love you, do not care about tomorrow, the best time to exhaust the youth to love enough.

You love him, but do not want him, love in the everlasting is too far future, camel night running in the streets of unmanned, love is such a mania, you are in the empty road hug kiss, look into each other full of desire of the eyes, but do not do, and so the morning light, we will find ourselves, live back to their lives. You love him, love is not enough to describe the overlapping of your soul, love him when the feeling open, his moist hands to smooth the folds of your life, so that you know to embrace sadness to live free, you outline his outline with love, see through his dark still with gentle package, let him know that when falling, you will always be behind him.

In the life of a man who has been pursuing all forms of intimacy, enter and leave, only to live closer to the feelings of their desires, the world give Love a name a kind of appearance, but the development of intimacy may be more than the social definition of love, it can be a kind of attachment, tie, bear or the sudden passion burst. (Recommended reading: I love you without hesitation: Reread the little prince, put down the roses that have been watered )

Three movies, dedicated to have deeply loved a person you, to love like the ocean general, wrapped in life all the encounters, to accept love such as waves to drown you, ebb and flow may be left behind, but the strength to love, you do not have to ask for everlasting.

The love of the soul overlapping! "The Flower God Café": Searching for the soul, holding each other is eternal

"The Flower God Café" stills

"The twin Flames meet, the soul on the way back to find the other half of their own." This reincarnation will eventually end, and two souls can move towards the full eternity. "The Flower God Café"

Story axis with a piece of music through, across the two years of parallel space-time story, with the soul of the staggered and life cycle, your life is to meet someone, meet him to understand the meaning of love. With the modern time of Canada hands, describe how a married musician desperate only to be with their soul mate love, but also talk between mother and child, too tangled motherly love became a kind of possession of the spoil.

To explore the true meaning of love with the theme of soul and Samsara, if you come to this world only to meet with the soul mate, then before meeting him, lost love is not a pity, just to let you meet that person is destined to stay with you, to pursue your life that the most profound love, love met all have meaning, You know that every time the separation is for the next encounter, sadness will be turned into nutrients so you have the courage to move towards the future, the soul toward the other end.

The present that I love deeply! "New York's Sleepless": I'm willing to stray in your love

"New York Love Sleepless" stills

I Love You,before We go. Before I parted, I loved you completely.

"New York Love Is Sleepless"

One night encounter but this life, he is your life has been too beautiful love, you in the Yellow city lost, reconciled to each other's love lost, although only one night, it is your life for the moment of love. Love of the present, these emotions into eternity, that you love the most beautiful relationship, only one night in your life stretches, let you miss in life.

Nick · Waghan, a trumpet-playing street entertainer, played at Grand Central Station in New York, met with a penniless brook when he missed a train. Dalton. They met in the late night city, through the understanding of each other's loneliness saw the light of love flashing, this city is too beautiful lonely, and love now do not have to care about each other tomorrow, only in love when good love, sincerely do not regret. (Recommended reading:"Song For You" I love you, but do not want to have you )

Walk a long way to know how to go home! "My Blueberry Night": Leave you, I learn the meaning of love

"My Blueberry Night" stills

How to say goodbye to someone you don't want to say goodbye to? I didn't say good-bye, I said nothing, I just left like that.

"My Blueberry Night."

"My Blueberry Night", the heroine lovelorn later to the male lead to open the café, in the closing dessert cupboard, which has unsold snacks, the actor said that the fastest selling is always the favorite cheese cake and apple pie, and every night there is always a whole blueberry pie, but what's wrong with the blueberry pie? The blueberry pie, of course, is not a problem, even its sweet and sour taste more cheese cake, but people's choice is different, all this has nothing to do with the blueberry pie.

Just like love, love and not love, love who does not love who, this is the choice of question, you are still a delicious sweet and greasy blueberry pie, you unique beauty, need unique eyes to wait. Keep yourself in love, and your values need to be defined by yourself. However, these reasons must go a long way to understand. (Recommended reading:"Single Diary" You can't accept the worst of me, nor deserve the best of me )

There is an emotion, such as full of the universe, in your life to bring an explosion, you have to grow a better self, you know each other but do not have to love, the fierce love did not want to be together, you can love each other's thoughts without having to occupy each other.

When the sunset will dye your skin red, now you are free to run and jump, to throw yourselves into the sea too large, to be overwhelmed with love, to feel happy, to trust in strange arms, to go far away from the unknown, and to walk in the sea at sunset, where love is now without looking back. You love like there is no tomorrow, then do not care who you are, as long as the deep feeling, now holding each other's body temperature is enough.