Handsome Lady of the day, happy Birthday to you today, to celebrate our little fat figure, continue to live the rest of our lives!

She opened her bow, her eyebrows tightened, her eyes gathered farther than the arrow on the string, and the prey fell to the ground, and she stepped forward, her palms tenderly touched, and her eyes closed.

Starting with the "Frozen Heart", Jennifer Laurence's outstanding acting quickly attracted the attention of a professional critic who was less than 20 years old. At the age of 22, she starred in a handful of Hollywood heroes of the heroine, The hunger game, and became famous as a new generation of civilian heroes born on the screen. Also in the same year, she took "Pat's happy Screenplay" to win the Oscar-winning actress.

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Her dramatic talent as a good arrow, the precision of the performance of small exercise, so that she quickly hit the actors are hard to win a lifetime of honor.

When she was 9 years old in her hometown Kentucky State Louisville Church performance as a prostitute, acting lifelike to frighten people, everyone saw this acting small genius straight to her parents said "really don't know should congratulate you." Five years later, the model agent came to the door, she couldn't wait to move to New York with her high school equivalent, and all her friends and relatives were not optimistic, she said, "I'll prove it to you."

She's always been a hunter, she wants it, she takes it.

But her charm not only from the acting, but I bold sincere, humorous and lovely manner. In just a few years, Jennifer's charm has swept the world from Hollywood, she's brave, free, sexy and humorous, and everyone wants to date her and make a wish to be her best friend.

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The scariest moment: One second thinks oneself is super beautiful, one second thinks oneself is very ugly

One of Jennifer Laurence's most well-known anecdotes is her generous embrace of her fleshy body and her insatiable appetite.

"In Hollywood, I'm fat and often considered a fat actor. I eat as much as a cave man. I'm probably the only one of all actresses who doesn't have to worry about anorexia! I will never let myself be hungry, I am invincible! I would never let the little girl who watched the hunger game say, "I want to look like Katenis, so I'm going to skip this dinner!" 』」

For some time, the media always love to open her figure joke, little Jennifer responds: "In the future in public to say others fat, should also be included in the illegal act." "Her direct, let people rethink" fat "meaning.

The reality is that almost no situation can make "fat" a good word, and people use it almost as a curse. Then how to flip the "fat" image, in the public ear, "fat" is still a dirty word, and "the same as the".

"Are we actively restricting smoking, promiscuity, swearing, and not saying that people are obese?" "She wants people to stop being" fat "and humiliate others and themselves so they can live happily.

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"When to humiliate people becomes an interesting thing, many programs let girls imitate the voice of the host on the show, so that they feel that it is cool to criticize other girls dressed very ugly, the media should be their own review of the dissemination of false values of behavior." 」

So she insists on not dieting, "because dieting makes me miserable, and I like myself." I'd rather have a bit of meat on the lens, but in real life it looks like a normal person and don't look great on the camera, but in real life it looks as if it's a thin sparrow. 」

Instead of telling her what it looks like to be beautiful, she will be a successful actress by being a real actress.

"Besides, when you're hungry, you can't do your job." "Don't fake it, eat enough to work well, it's so simple."

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But she was occasionally uneasy, and she was honest that Paris Fashion week had brought her "the scariest moment Alive".

"In the restaurant you dress well, feel very beautiful, but when you go out to see those costumes, there are seven feet high model, suddenly you will feel" I am rotten, I never go out. " 」

Jennifer's experience was so sympathetic, but few women were willing to say, as if admitting or losing. Her directness also prompts us that the discussion of the body should be honest, confident and weak, and that you occasionally feel too fat and ugly. Remember not to be too harsh to even feel fat and ugly. Review ideology. At this time, you need not punish the inner child, but tell her/him, "everyone has their own appearance, I may not be so high, but I also have a unique charm ah." 」

Hollywood BFF Emasdon: She never gossip about other women.

"Why can't you be a better person?" In the morning News "Good Morning America", Jennifer Laurence her doubts.

She does not understand people and even women themselves, why to gossip about other women's bodies and intimate relationships.

"Most people are like, slowly growing up, and then going back to high school level immediately." 」

Luckily she made good friends in Hollywood, like Emasdon. The two of them were known by the actress, Woody Harrison, and since then they have been texting each other for a whole year, "feeling like our" Codex "--365 newsletter. 」

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In an industry that has always loved to make women fight, the friendship of two of bona fide actors goes far beyond the stereotype of the media's love for the feminine feelings.

"I love my job," Jennifer Laurence said, "So if anyone loves the same thing, it will make us more intimate." But also depends on who the other person, Emma is so normal and lovely. "To help Emasdon to love You More", Jennifer Lawrence joked: "I am not her die-hard fans, will certainly fly her." 」

You know Jennifer will be the kind, when you fall to the bottom, she is willing to accompany you squat for a while, just pull up you say "fight spirit!" Let's go buy an ice cream! "Friend, a great thing has come to you, you know she will not be jealous, but more happy than you, in front of you regardless of the image of the clumsy dancing."

The ancient fashion of Jennifer

Jennifer's style on the red carpet always makes the fashion world look stunning, and she always seems to know how to wear it.

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"In fact, it is to set a theme for themselves, to find a number of trustworthy friends to help me see." "She is the Hunter Alfordingetnis, the gist grasps in her hand, is not the spotlight catches her, is she catches the spotlight."

As for the dress after the work, she said in a recent interview with "Vogue" because of the film "Mother", "you can dress more boldly in New York." "and explain that in the Los Angeles where she lives, the situation is slightly different. "In Los Angeles, a more low-key outfit looks cool. 」

She was interviewed in a flannel shirt with a tank vest and a simple pair of jeans in her lower body, even though she looked as if she had been polished by a fine finish.

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Asked how she was dressed with a glow, she said that it was in fact a more comfortable, fitting in with the daily life situation in the way of ancient. Do not have to fancy, let these old clothes naturally into your original wearing habits.

Her wardrobe always hides some of the local old clothes in Los Angeles, said little Jennifer, through the Times play, such as the "Serena" (the play was set to the 1930-Year-old North Carolina) and the "American Hustle" (1970 In the years of Jersey, she learned how to find fun ways to match retro fashions and to look at the details of old clothes, working with costume designers.

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From long hair to short hair, the whims of an impulse

Jennifer's hairstyle has countless kinds in the drama, the most impressive is the pelting she suddenly cut off her long hair.

"It's really an impulse," she said, turning long hair into a new style of hair in an interview.

"It's like, I'm going to cut it off!" And then really took a breath and cut it all off. It's cool! "She said so, elated, full of appeal."

But even people like the sun, also have the time of tiredness, there will be a low ebb, it is natural for Jennifer Rollens, she thought that there is nothing can not be confessed to talk about.

"I was in an interview yesterday and in fact I was in a terrible state and mood. I can't even remember some very basic words. I can almost see my PR in the background, with a beak to indicate what I should say. They want me to be likable all the times, but I just can't. 」

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Keep your energy, don't let yourself be hungry, when you're not happy, if you can't cheer up, occasionally stupid weak weak also have no relationship, even can confess to people, this is little Jennifer's handsome magic, I think, in addition to her as the pursuit of dreams, each of us can come to a little her courage to show weakness, not afraid of self-deprecating, and sincere whims.

Look at Jennifer Laurence's short hair styling.

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