Is pregnancy equivalent to a nine-month ban?Don't be silly, of course not.The sexual behavior of pregnancy is not only safe for mommy and baby, but also more likely to have an unprecedented enjoyment of her mother, which is also a quasi-mommies who have found their "good wishes" as never before.

But because of the growing belly of the pregnancy, the change in body size does not mean that all body positions can make the Superman comfortable. The following body positions for you are not only comfortable, but also more comfortable for you and your partner, yo.(Recommended reading: More [Pregnancy sex] series )

One: Female

Reference source: [sex position] Female-close cross X

Lower your body close to each other, be it his face or his feet.When a lot of quasi-supermen find pregnant, the nipples are particularly sensitive, so if you face his face, you can give them a kiss.

Location Two: New missionary positions

It may not be possible to use the traditional missionary position, but it can be tried like this: lying on the back, folding your knee back, folding it up, or going straight up on his partner.And he would kneel between the feet of the point, and he would not have oppressed the abdomen of the point.A pillow will make it more comfortable when it is at the waist.

body position three: lying on side

Lie down face to face with your partner.But when you get bigger and bigger, this body position may not be appropriate.

Location 4: Soup style

On the side, you bend yourself into a supply font, allowing a partner to enter it from the back.It's not going to be very deep, so it's very suitable for the later stages of pregnancy.

Location 5: Last followed

Reference material: [sex position] male-classic

The bedside is on the side of the bed, and then the partner can enter from the back.This is one of the most profound individuals in medicine, so if you feel pain, don't forget to let the loved ones know.

position VI: sitting posture

Make a partner on a chair or a bed, and then you can sit on him.Or, in turn, to lie on the back, and then spread his legs and let him kneel between his legs.