What do you think of a stewardess directly? White teeth, bright smiles, S-curves, tall shapes ... Why do we directly project the "beautiful" impression on the stewardess? Is such an impression fair to the stewardess? Let's get to know the world's first female air service--ellen Church, whether it is beautiful or provide services, it is the professional stewardess.

1965-August 22-The world's first waitress on a plane dies in a sleep. Ellen Church, who worked as a nurse at the San Francisco Hospital at the end of the 1920, studied flight knowledge and finally got a pilot's license.

But when she walked into the airline, the manager told her: "I'm sorry, our company doesn't hire female pilots." "Too want to fly Ellen Church to the next, to another airline, she strongly recommended that she has a nurse experience, can make the passengers on the plane more secure, real-time ambulance, so she became the first female flight attendant.

Ellen Church created a stewardess, the airline just started the era, many people feel that they have a plane phobia, Ellen Church feel that their appearance is necessary, she said: "If a woman working on the plane, which man will say he is afraid of flying?" 」

In the photo, Ellen Church, 25, was greeted by a guest on the Boeing 80A Hatch, smiling and reassuring, and the stewardess became the gatekeeper of the Guardian passengers. In the 1930, more companies began training women to become flight attendants, because the aircraft cabin was small, bearing limited, they stipulate that the height of the stewardess can not exceed 162 cm, weight can not exceed 50 kg, must be under 25 years old, and single.

The first flight attendants in the world

The world's first flight attendants have dark green uniforms, double row of wool coats to keep out the cold, the pocket on the shawl into the hands and screwdriver, the customer seat can be fixed in the cabin floor. On the plane, they serve customers to eat, clean toilets, keep the cabin clean and safe, and at the end of the flight, the aircraft propulsion hangar.

These women are known as "Angels from Heaven" and must be groomed, engaging, gentle, aware and solve problems. Later Missouri State Kansas City's Global Airlines (TWA) has training, want to be a stewardess must first after a series of beauty training: they will be makeup, instrumentation, language, entertainment and other aspects of training, as the first step to open stewardess career.

1936, the stewardess served the VIP with a cocktail.

In fact, the gentle and patient "care function" that girls get on the plane is their ticket, because Ellen Church was allowed to get on the plane because she had a nurse status. Then Asia began recruiting female air attendants, and in 1937, 20~25岁 first recruited a list of conditions: 150~170, physical appearance, height, weight, 40~59, can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, read and write Chinese characters.

People to the air attendant gentle and virtuous, beautiful and elegant stereotypes more and more deep, so the female air waiter became an alternative to the mother, as if the flight attendant is born to complete a variety of tricky requirements, and even the airline asked the stewardess on the plane to jump the alternative aircraft dance to please customers.

The stewardess's beauty contest: Only one size is worn in a lifetime

Airlines also vigorously shape the service quality of flight attendants to ensure that, in addition to the basic vision, education, English proficiency, as well as the appearance of examination, more than 157 height is more likely to be admitted, weight according to the proportion of height is appropriate, body can not have obvious scars or tattoos. Many unknown beauty norms, shaped the "stewardess" and "beautiful" direct impression. (Recommended reading: Air Service must have a waist?) There is no "sexy" in the stewardess's job assignment.

"When a Chinese airline trains a new flight attendant, it will help each flight attendant to set a standard BMI value and do regular sampling." If a flight attendant's BMI is found to exceed the standard set, it will immediately be grounded until she returns to her original posture to qualify for service on the plane. What I learned on the plane

Ollegg Sminov, a senior pilot, said to the BBC: "The stewardess certainly has to be very light and graceful, moving back and forth between the seats to serve the passengers." But they must also be strong enough to handle the heavy inflatable escape slides in case of an emergency. "There are airlines in Taiwan who are urging flight attendants to make a larger size uniform once the size is fixed," he said. Not only has the posture requirements, the recent evergreen chairman of the new airline--Star Aerospace Space Levy information written: "Flight attendants will have an age limit, under 40 years old will have the opportunity, and only women" aroused discussion.

Section fifth of the Employment Services Act stipulates that employers shall not discriminate against job seekers or employed employees on the basis of race, class, language, ideology, religion, party, origin, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, age, marriage, appearance, facial features, physical or mental handicap or past trade union membership.

Star Aerospace is not the only one that has "special requirements" for flight attendants. Airlines love to use women more than men, love young than mature is unwritten unspoken rules. High-pick, beautiful, upright, stewardess through rigorous "selection" and "training" to become representative of the image of the airline façade. The "retired" stewardess is not the news, and the Huang for the work has put forward that the beauty of the young is the condition of "female body labor", which regulates the female laborers ' body movements, posture, expression and emotion in the process of labor.

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Sister's smile is need to practice! Through the efforts of the "beautiful" service

Perhaps the problem is not the "pursuit of Beauty and youth", but many people regard such "capital" as a matter of course, and think that everyone can use its beauty as a "service"-that you are a stewardess, deserving of service and humble; you are a woman with a waist and a hip so I can gaze at desires and even sneak.

Female flight attendants have many professional injuries because they provide "beautiful service". For example: it is not uncommon to stand on long distances in an inch and a half and be injured in a rocking drive. Do not wear masks during the service, must always "provide a smile." Because of the turbulence caused by jet lag, because the flight naturally absorbed high radiation ....

Beyond that, there is a long way to beauty.

For example, the first lesson of the Civil Aviation Institute in Chengdu or Sichuan is to practise smiling and deportment, a book on one's head, a chopstick in the mouth, and a piece of tissue in the leg.

To be an air hostess, girls Learn how to make up, how to tie a meticulous baotou, how to walk, how to smile. When we have to talk about "These beautiful stewardess copied the standard beautiful oppression woman", I think should see the girl to "beautiful" autonomy-through imitation, learning, reproduction, the beauty of girls can be priced. The services that customers enjoy--smiles, deportment, and beauty--are the capital that girls strive to gain.

We do not need to criticize the girls who want to enter the stewardess system, and prevent girls from pursuing young and slim beauty. But we must review the restrictions on "crowding out old girls, fat girls, non-standard beauties". Refusing to let beauty be a specification, no longer makes people obsessed with putting themselves into a beautiful frame that isn't right for them.

The United States has a senior 80 of the stewardess Bethina Xu, she is the world's oldest, flying more than 59 years, still serving the air service. 2015 Argentina Airlines regardless of customer complaints to recruit fat stewardess, and responded: "Prejudice doesn ' t fly, we leave it on the ground" (prejudice in the air does not work because we left it on the ground.) )

Don't forget, the stewardess is a waiter, not a fairy. "Beautiful" may be through efforts to refine, beautiful is not easy, we must see beautiful behind the time spent capital and money costs, intangible labor pay. However, in support of girls can be made by trying to "become beautiful" at the same time, we also look forward to more atypical beautiful female service personnel can be on the plane, "beautiful" is a professional, but we can break more "beautiful prejudice", beautiful can be a variety of size, all ages, beautiful not only appearance, or Good wrist skilled communication stewardess service professional. (same field Gayon:"Ding Juan column" Don't let "good-looking" become your stumbling block )

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Autonomy of


In the discourse of the women's movement, there are many different interpretations of autonomy, and the common view in the West is to regard autonomy as individual independence and women's self-determination without interference from others. The individual is also responsible for himself. A large part of the positive goal pursued by the feminist movement is "autonomy", in the hope that women's bodies and lives will be free from coercion and freedom.

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