Tanabata Cloud Love letter, you are the only client, you are the only protagonist of the story, we are the only face of the writing object, an illusion-write to the deep possession of C.

C Power of Attorney

to Dear M.

Never thought, have been hurt, never forgive stealing behavior you have to split the leg, the desire for stable relations, possessive strong I have become a third party; perhaps because of too much love, although know that eventually everyone will be injured, but still a head into. Face you have not loved him, because of fear of hurting each other and difficult to break up, in the face of the original self identity as heterosexual you, as the same sex, I can only secretly as an invisible lover. How embarrassing this relationship is, no matter who listens to shake his head, it just happens.

Most of the time rational tell me, wake up, this relationship is difficult to have results, can be in the vast sea of people meet a so fit, can make oneself willing to pay all, can do anything for each other, how difficult it is. For the first time in years, I know what it is to really love someone, so that every feeling in the past is overshadowed. At that time was diagnosed with depression, I think the world is a good gray, no longer can make their own happy things, but those days, only you take the trouble to pull me, talk to me, only you can make me laugh out, let me find that they can be happy.

You let me know, the original is not perfect also does not matter, originally I do not need to pay in exchange for other people's love, originally when I was at the bottom of the worst, there will be someone to see my essence, the original people will love me. But the reality makes this love become very bitter.

Even though you finally broke up with him, even though one day gay marriage was officially legal, you, who are born in a traditional family and have a close relationship with your family, have no chance to spend your life with me. You often say, and I met like a fantastic journey, yes, how I want to forever immersed in such a dream, can be smart as you, rational like me, I know it's time to wake up.

Today is your birthday, and we can not meet, and then to the Tanabata, also destined to spend together, but still want to say to you: Happy Birthday, Happy Valentine's Day. "I hope that you will have a good life, whether or not I am in the future."


"Cloud Love Letter"

"I wish you happiness and health, but I can not complete your journey, I just a traveler." "Chiuxin in the Montmartre note" wrote such a sentence, is Chiuxin misreading or love of the wrong translation, bless good cruelty, like the loss of light color of the cheek, no longer desire to kiss.

Say bless you, but actually bless yourself.

The day before yesterday, he gave me this book, three months ago, he used "evil son" Exchange not to my Montmartre heartbreak, I was the essence of the pain of the people, then you see the big smile, said, you two really like AH. The eyes of the vast my past life of gentleness, I wish myself more than the strong temples live more stubborn. The big cart, I do not walk beside him, we look like twins, we together, feel complete, feel complete, feel lost in each other's body breathing, to survive. (Recommended reading: Do women's literature write straight?) Chenxue, Chiuxin, Zhang Yixian, women's literature landscape

Went to take a bottle of red wine, I refused. I have to keep sober by refusing to be drunk, I must be sober enough to live well, and I must live my life so that you can leave at ease. Of course, red wine will remind me of you and Mini, once you did not notice the red wine dripping in the mini hair, he licked, frowned, with a small meat mat wash face. I thought I was nurturing love--let's play father and mother, hold hands, and grow old with cats.

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In fact, you love me, just as you are allergic to cat hair, still for me to keep the same cat. You love not the cat, but the cat. I love not only you, but the pain you love me. When I went back to the lesbian classic death script, I felt like I was forgiven myself for being loved.

Do you know? No matter who you're going to love, the temperature you've embraced me makes me believe that I am not the third person in the world, the victim. I am strong enough to accept my frustration and heterogeneity. The refusal of your parting made me know that I have always been weak, afraid of being the perpetrator, and patience is a chronic disease that frustrates love. Because of their pain and mature to endure, afraid of others hurt, I stare at impermanence, miss the Daily Good, will love me people.

This month I have an invoice, the date is 2016 we know the winter, send you home on the road, the road is very long, as if life can not go to the end, the rain passed us. Convenience store cheap umbrellas, such as when a young father's shoulder, blocking the winter choking rain, maybe in love is to make me grow a solid skeleton, to brace their own sadness, to take a box of rain quietly appreciate their time.

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You are the ticket that I have won but have not cashed, I am the inn that you rest on the way of rain and wind.

I think my love is no different from others, at first I love you, then I am sorry, finally thank you.

Before I met you, I always felt that I would never be happier, but maybe I will meet the next happiness like meeting you, I can make myself more happy. It is pain and you taught me, you are the person I was destined to miss, pain is my journey, guide me close to myself. (same field Gayon:"Girls only" firewood: lesbians do not need to copy heterosexual feelings )

The best thing we can do for ourselves is neither to give up nor to possess. Wish you good health and happiness. Love is difficult, but we are simple.

Dear, you want to be happy, want to smile like my memory splendid, in the future I will be very good. There is always a person in the world, will understand you love my injury, I have a crush on your fragile, to my deep love.

I wish you happiness and health |theo Angelopoulos

I wish you happiness and health
But I can't finish your journey
I'm just a passer-by.
All the feelings that I feel
is really making me miserable.
And then it doesn't belong to me.
There are always those who would say:
It's mine.
I have nothing to be mine,
One day I was proud to say.
Now I know it doesn't mean
And we don't even have a name.
And know that sometimes we have to borrow one.
You can give me a place to overlook.
That side of the sea, forget me.
I wish you happiness and health.