Xu Yu Ning and Rainie two degrees of cooperation--red dress little girl 2, play is the affection of the family, the play is said to be two to the performance of the industry's insistence and hard work. Because of deep love, so brave.

Xu Yu Ning and Rainie because of "Red dress little Girl 2", know 18 years of friendship second cooperation. That year, in the "drunken decision to fall in love with You", she is Linxiao, she is Tangyiwei. It was the first Rainie to drop the sweetheart label, and it was Xu Yu who did not know the two role of the girl who played the charming and the rich. At that time, they did not know, one day the audience will see, Xu Yu ning is not a vase, she has been one of the most powerful actors of the generation. They do not know, Rainie will become Taiwan's first three gold finalists of the artist.

They have to deliberately keep the distance in the film, almost do not speak in the field, Rainie said this is the first time there is such a strong role, Xu Yu Ning said: "There should be no one to come out, we are still trapped in the boundary." 」

The boundary is the place of the demon God, mortal can not be near, from Xu Yu ning Mouth spit out particularly grim.

Yongming in the play: not close to madness, not to mention efforts

In the red dress little girl 2, both are mothers, a ghost body, a daughter was dragged away by ghosts. A mental consumption is weak, one exercise reason. Two people seem to be in fact call, walk in reconciliation with their own way, in a ghost film weighing weight of love.

Rainie's role is the most "normal" character in the movie, she and 15-year-old daughter because symbiotic coexistence, love winding too tight will have strangulation, daughter disappeared in the mountains, Rainie played Li Shufen Dusty, face yellow, hair quality rough, like a woman after the fate of Air-dry. "This anxious mother has a lot of inner drama, is I have played the most depressing role, her repression from must be rational and strong, relatively speaking, to be introverted emotions to be seen feeling, the handle is not easy." 」

Xu Shanning played Shen Yijun, in the second episode is no longer think she is Xu Yu ning, half shave eyebrows, whole body dirty scale, like half a century did not bathe in the female ghost, Xu Yu better put people, play than ghosts still like ghosts. In order to interpret the mental breakdown restless, she kept practising looking in the mirror and asking "Who are you?" Xu Yu said: "I want to understand this restless soul feeling is what, so I went to read a lot of psychological books, you will find that science and unscientific actually overlap." She jokes herself into folklore experts: "You can go to the news tornado to tell the authenticity of the supernatural photos." 」

Xu Yu to the self-smoking stage, every day in the psychedelic breath, on the play, the eyes look out of the world is sticky, because the "ego" depressed, she found: "I am capable of driving me crazy." "It's not always easy to work with Cheng Weihao:" He's a director who drives people crazy, and it's good for actors. When we think we are at the limit, he will know that you are still possible, will give you time to prepare, or in various ways to grind you, the trick. (Recommended reading: can afford the actor two words!) Xu Yu ning: "Give me a chance, let me prove I Can")

Rainie deeply have the same feeling: "He is very much like the teacher of the heavy training, if you have been called" I can't, I can't ", the teacher will say to you" that is your brain to tell you you can't, in fact, your body's ability can also ". "Xu Yu Ning chimed:" He said at the same time, may help you add a pound two pounds. 」

They are very much like crosstalk, a natural script, with excellent complement play treasure tacit understanding.

Because of love, so fetters

Film in the title of Obsession, the young girl in red dress up to find the deep, the people can not let go, the memories of people filled with remorse. Xu Shanning talk about Shen Yijun to cry, Shen Yijun will be a long time, is her life can not bear the light. Xu Yu Ning said that he is also a deep person, hold read from Love, there is a bond of love: "My family and friends of the emotional fetters are very persistent." Because I love very much, this is a kind of feeling with Yi June very close. "In the film Yi June because of too much death, or worse to die knot, I asked Xu Yu would like to let go of their own obsession?" She thought about it and found it difficult. (Recommended you:"A read ignorance": We need not redemption, but companionship )

"The terrible is unable to let go of the most painful, too persistent will want to grasp, hope that all things in the expected, if this thing is not in your hand, you will be strange." "Rainie is like seeing through her general:" Her starting point is love, to let go is impossible. 」

Xu Yu ning very much love friends and family, she had written to Grandpa in the magazine, thanks to Grandpa instead of father, let her feel not lonely, in the record of life, she has many hug family, Kiss Grandpa's image record. In the past, people said Xu Yu Ning looks very distance, in the showbiz some out of tune and high cold, but in front of love, she is so like a child.

Rainie's father's death was a talk of his own obsession. "He left too suddenly, too desolate, I really can't let go." I have no intersection with him for many years, I feel love to the apex, you can actually put down, because you will separate the subject, with big love to see lost. But my obsession is not export, can not be reconciled. 」

"He has gone, and I can do nothing." I always wondered if there would be a change in time. I would like to know if I could not allow him to leave the desolate, three days before he was found. Even if it's not my fault, I blame myself, I can't solve this kind of obsession. "When there is a chance to reconcile, when there is a possibility to apologize, bow, perhaps that is the" little Girl in Red 2 "and Rainie hidden raging. Rainie is an unusually strong woman, words to cry, she breathed breath, that is able to control themselves. (recommend you see: interview Rainie: I am strong, so I do not do will regret things )

Rainie: When Love is greater than fear, you will be brave.

Rainie is famous mule, perhaps because parents early divorce, she distressed attention mother, side grew up, side decided to become a resolute person. In the film Rainie played a single mother: "The Li Shufen in the play because of past experience, do not know how to love talent is right, but you said she was wrong?" It's not. You can feel that she really wants to protect her daughter and loves her very much. They are strained mother and daughter, and my reality is very different. I have nothing to do with my mother, and sometimes even my mother apologizes if there is a quarrel. Her apology is not that kind, perfunctory said I was wrong ... "Xu Yu Ning side accosted:" My mother is this. (Recommended reading: I don't need a title coronation!) Rainie: "Live a life worthy of their own")

Rainie went on: "My mother would say:" It's okay, we don't have to be unhappy, I just didn't do it right. She will be very flexible and warm to judge, but Finn and her daughter is not, they are very strong, in real life may be a lot of such mothers, because of fear of child injury over protection, especially the small mother, the general small mother are all alone support, not the other half together. "Rainie think in Li Shufen know what is for the mother is strong:" Why this role is not like the average mother to find missing children, very nervous, or afraid of ghosts? She had no time to be afraid because she was very determined to find her daughter. Even hesitate, just for a second, she has no time to think about things other than her daughter. 」

"When your love is greater than fear, you become brave." --Rainie

Rainie a succession of "tea Hydroxyindole" played two mother role, I asked her "mother" whether there is more understanding? She had no intention of flashing, but she always had a sweet face when she spoke of her mother. "My relationship with my mother has been very good, but I think they have a problem, that is, two are not like my mother." My mother's way of education is very good, a Zheng too obedient, sacrificing their own all, a Li Shufen too strong, although very tough, but she actually does not have the right to love a person's weight. (Recommended you see: Every life has "tea hydroxyindole" moment: The world does not exist the best scheme )

Rainie very admired, curious how a mother became a mother? "I see my mom's Big love, she's really strong." How many mothers have apologized for their mother and daughter quarrelling? It's not that kind of an apology. Oh, she is a 60-year-old, and constantly adjusting their status with the child, for example, my mental state is different, she will speak to me in different ways. 」

Or, the mother because Rainie grew up, gradually to arrange their other life. Rainie describes the mother is a super curtilage female, but because the daughter 30 years old, with her own work planning and life idea, she began to learn a person also brilliant day.

Rainie: "She was worried, but she let go." "Love has the strongest stamina, that's all." Xu Yu said she knew the Yang Jia mother and daughter like a friend: "I think the most important thing is that her mother is love her love, believe, and will not want to control her." MOM will be worried about you, afraid you are wronged, afraid you go wrong and want to help you decide, but her mother is-my daughter is good, I just fine. "Words to be moved, Xu Yu Ning's harmonic star Soul find seam drill out:" My mother is more like my daughter or sister. 」

She again smile smile: "OK, otherwise you do a mother fan, let mother go to Cheng Lin Mother's lecture." 」

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