The opening of the World Universiade, the body and desire to enter enthusiastically. Whose desires can be, whose desires are not? Between desire and desire, we see the great fortune of the world.

The grand opening of the Universiade in Taipei, the world's sports body warmly stationed in Taipei scene. People for the tension of the race of blood spray Zhang, call to win, fight for self-esteem, honor. is not to shout out the essence of sports watching-focus on the body of people, look at the physical strength and beauty of the possible and limit.

Photo source |2017 The official website of the Taipei World University Games

The human body has its own shape, and the bodies of different nations and races are difficult to measure. In addition to anthropology, the modern international sporting events are the same as those of the western great seafaring colonies. Anthropological studies measure the physical growth of different regions; Athletic competitions use the Western method of movement to test the physical fitness of different races, the results of the movement of the data, into the evaluation of logic, physical strength thus means the strength of race.

The international sporting event, which is the national group unit, is indeed a safe version of World War, when the national strength equals physical strength, the tournament always succeeds in mobilizing the nation's emotion, which is regarded as a contest of the state power.

Don't forget, though, that the competition is still based on Western standards of movement, separating different bodies from the pros and cons. However, toeing in the logic of competition, the acquisition of the male body is also easy to feel anxious.

When Taiwanese women look at foreign bodies and say desires,

Exercise comes from the body, and the body is involved in desire. This is a matter of gender, and everyone who has a body knows it.

The beautiful body photos of the Universiade are released in the network, the admiration of the eyes to throw to one side, heated discussion, desire arises spontaneously. The lack of self-confidence of the body that they are so neglected, feel hurt.

Photo from the World Grand Face book

Self-Esteem impairment of the body out of the appeal, do not only see the player's body, sports is professional, professional about the brain.

In the male-dominated knowledge and rational world, the body and mind two-yuan opposition, respectively refers to two-dollar gender: Woman is body/irrational/natural/Earth, man is heart/reason/unnatural/conqueror. The body and mind two yuan level, symbolizes the knowledge and the professional heart is high, symbolizes the sensibility and the desire is low.

Listen to the woman loudly say desire foreign body, someone very anxious, because the main body of the release desire is female, the male becomes the body of desire, secondly is the desire Project object is not a native, even be the position of the desire is not available, the lack of self-confidence of some men do not know to investigate the cause of anxiety, only know can not stop the desire to deny her, Say your desires are low, shameful, incomplete.

Feminist scholar Shishun commented that during the Universiade, "men who did not watch water polo suddenly became experts in water polo." Not only on the Earth, but also in the World Cup, men who did not watch football became professional broadcasters, laughing at the woman who talked about the size of a male player as a day fan. It was a long time before women discovered that the men who mocked her were mostly commentators.

The woman loudly says the desire, the man loudly says the anxiety.

When women's texts constantly teach women to learn to cherish the body outside the aesthetic frame and build their own softness and self-confidence, we hope that anxious men can embrace their own shapes and stop using flat standards to judge themselves or others ' bodies.

Female netizens who practice desire and bold publicity

What happens if a woman doesn't just talk loudly about desire, and further practice?

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A few days ago, a netizen in the Sith version of the text described himself and the Universiade about the artillery process by the villagers fierce attack, humiliating speech can be divided into two categories:

One: Players can not go out, revealing the nationality of the contestants, competitions and physical features, you will harm to others!
Second: Taiwan women good easy, lose face to go abroad!

The first kind of speech is absurd. Players can actually go out and have the responsibility to maintain their own state of movement is not outsiders, but the players themselves. People inexplicably pointed to the woman, did not ask why the player is not enough discipline, why to disclose their nationality and competition, the risk, but also did not ask the player whether I actually need to eliminate anxiety before the match.

Sex reversal is often an effective way to look at whether stigma is rooted in sex, but if a Taiwanese female contestant is found to have a gun in the race, will they review the target or review the female? Once the sex is reversed, the answer is obvious.

The second is more common, obviously consensual sexual relations, after bed but become a girl good easy, boys get the achievements of the Conqueror. We rarely hear people say, "This boy is good easy", because sex is a male to earn female compensate logic, woman's sex is grabs commodity, must wait, wait until the high price that society approves to enter, for example intercourse, for example marriage. "

Everyone forgets that easy actually shows the woman's explicit consent to sexual intercourse, which is even worth encouraging. But some villagers logic encounters the sexual issue to disintegrate, thought that the other person is very easy is the human sex toy. What is more fascinating is that the townspeople often see the sky, clearly did not see, but as if to know other people go to bed before all interaction, the object is a foreign male said girls easy, women actively invite sex is easy, when women's sex out of their control, they suddenly lose self-confidence, must through humiliation to regain control of power.

Showing off the "sex record" is a sore spot, with sex as if it can only be a man's patent, network message string There is a logical wonderful speech to explain this mentality: "Women can not show off, she can only be conquered, because only the army to conquer the Earth, never heard of the Earth to conquer the army." 」

I can't help laughing when I write it down here. This kind of argument not only falls into the body and mind two yuan opposite frame, also lacks the history, the knowledge as well as the imagination. The army has been conquered and captured by the Army, the earth is unchanged, and eternity is there, not possessed, nor conquered.

See the World Universiade, why not let go of the reserve and speak of desire

See the World Universiade, can let go of reserve, talk about desire?

Of course, as long as it does not violate the ethics and other people's physical autonomy, what is the relationship.

Sports anchor Ding Yuanqui holds the media in the program to comment on the athlete's appearance, contrary to professional ethics. It doesn't matter if the anchor is secretly talking to a friend about desires and a personal name in the PTT version.

Similarly, if you use the method of sex reversal to detect, you will also find that there are hidden gender issues. Jordin is a female sports anchor, does she dare to judge the appearance of the athlete in front of the audience? Why is our relay station so tolerant of male anchors, but not open to the same space where women anchors can talk boldly about their desires without fear of being punished?

Sports competition has always been to show the beauty of the body of activities, stripping off the national pride and the logic of win, in respect of the body autonomy, the premise of generous appreciation and talk about the body and desire, it is not a more peaceful way of viewing? Who says there is only one view of sports competitions, and who is qualified to say that attention to competition figures and proper nouns is superior to the audience?

In the sports competition to dissolve the body and mind two yuan opposite social frame, we talk about the body, talk about desire, may be sports activities can bring to the modern society one of the most valuable gift.