Thank you for the eighteenth-century, Mr. John Menguta, who was from Britain, the Count of Sandwich, the Countess of the Sandwich, as the Count of the Sandwich Village of the Great Britain. He always liked to play mahjoung in his castle, and then he could eat when playing bridge.In general, any bread that is sandwiched can be called a sandwich, just like the Italian grandmother's barley PANINI, which we can say is a kind of ” collectively ”.

Most of the sandwiches just thought of spitting, and Panini only thought of the burning mark of the machine, and then it was taken as a special exotic look-up, others omitted, and the Scandinavia people used the only piece of bread with meat, fish, cheese and so on.This is the traditional food open sandwich of the Northern Europeans.

Submarine Sandwich (Submarine sandwich or sub) is usually made of a French bread from which it is cut, usually about 12 inches long and 3 inches wide, with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, seasonings, general sauces, or salad dressing.A gorgeous name does not add to the flavor, and the most mundane name may also contain a finer thought.The baked self-made bread, crisp and soft, with a variety of different creative sauce, hot and hot vegetables, and sandwiches should be a delicative delicateness. The Earl's creative work, together with our continuous research and development, is now a meal that is delicious.

When friends gather together, they share different flavors, and when they are alone, they let the lively stuffing enrich their lives.The more simple things are, the more they need to let the recipients feel the warmth.

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