This week handsome the lady of the new wave of France, Jane Morrison, and Eternal Summer love.

Jennimore (Jeanne Moreau), the French New Wave film The most representative heroine, from up to, Jack Demi to the Chu Fu (Franois Truffaut) classic as "Summer Love", "Black Bride", to Louis Malou's "to the guillotine elevator" are led by her. "Grand National" director Ossenwels (Orson Welles) has praised her as the shadow of the "greatest actress."

Jeanne Moreau at a reception for her film The parasites, 1956
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Jennimoro stands for nearly 70 years, performing hundreds of films, paraded different roles on the screen, with the body honed more moving intelligence than beauty.

Last month, 31st, Morou died in his apartment at the age of 89, and France's new president, Markhon, also made a special statement mourning the legendary death: "In the face of order, she has a free soul, an eternal rebel." 」

Moreau in the film elevatorto the gallows, 1958
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Morou from 1949 to/or St, hit the French film 1950, 60 's turbulent "New wave", let her fame is the 1958 Louis Malou thriller masterpiece "to the Guillotine elevator" (Ascenseur pour l ' échafaud) and challenge the moral bottom line of "Sin Love" ( Les Amants, who let her take off the crown at the Venice Film Festival. 1960, Morou and the "Life of the Blame song" became the Cannes Film Festival actress.

What really made her famous in international film history was the "New Wave" standard-bearer Chufa 1962 film "Summer Love" (Jules et Jim), using groundbreaking movie language, Chu-fu describes the triangle love story of two men and a woman for many years, and this film has become synonymous with France's "New Wave".

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When you love, be passionate and tolerant when you cool.

Morou's love life is also wonderful with the film, she is passionate about life, love bold, "I am a passionate woman, always easy to fall in love." 」

With the age of the lake, Morou passion and love to distinguish between, for love some different thinking: "Passion is about jealousy, will go higher also will lower, up and down." But love is consistent and stable, full of productivity, empathy, you want to pay more than received, this is the so-called love. I hate that I am still a captive of passion, and I always think: "God, I have lived for so many years and I have not learned from the lesson?" 」

But, love also always let a person often protect youth.

"Age does not protect you from the pain of love, but love protects you to some extent from the ravages of the years." 」

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She loves her warmly, and she loves to be generous. "For me, Love is impossible to forget, so I don't understand why people can bury each other in hatred and oblivion after the end of love." To me, a man I once loved, became my brother. 」

A man I once loved, became my brother.


Morou had three marriages, and no end had made her disappointed and lost her faith in love. Because love is not a limited amount of tangible material, love is an experiment, a kind of ability, failure means that she has learned in the process of love, have made a decision, so better understand themselves, get up and always love again.

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She said she was willing to be a slave to love, famous film critic Lan Zuwei wrote about Morou's love in his blog, "If there is a big house, she will meet all the men in life together," because for her, as long as love, "These lovers are her son." 」

Not to be a fashion symbol, to be more free to maintain your style

Dame Helen Mirren, the famous British actor, Helen Milan the first time the news of the Death of Moses in the IG tribute "She is a bold and beautiful symbol", supermodel Omikambe in the push close-up "on the screen Forever Sai (note)"; The famous French actor Lady Mary Yong Cotia said, " You are a great talent, a singular and a unique beauty. 」

Jennimore is beautiful, but her fame in the history of fashion is inferior to Kibadu (Brigitte Bardot) or Von Swahati (Francoise Hardy) loud, she may not even want to be called fashion symbol, but carefully observe her fashion attitude, will find her dress choice to conceal the consistent sensibility and taste.

Moreau in Venice, 1958
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From the late 1950 to the early 1960, Morou's dress choices were more minimalist than those of the same period: short skirts, buttoned shirts and tight dresses, with French women at ease and without a smile, full of elegance and sexy charm.

When she meets Chanel, she is generous in her Chanel tweed dress and talks freely with Chanel, she wears a male-buttoned shirt on a sailing yacht, and in the film The bride wore Blac, she wears a feathered bridal gown. But no matter how she wears it, she still looks herself, a calm, fashionable, no baggage, but a fashion-conscious woman.

Moreau in Lido, Venice, 1958
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Jennimoro's five elegant Gaul-style attire:

1. She seemed inattentive to the prevalence of extreme negative wear.

In the early 1960, French designer brands such as Chanel, Givenchy and Balenciaga were at their peak, with their backs, waist-dresses and streamlined designs being popular around the world through Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy's dress. But Morou as a French film star, but chose a more lively way, and other actress's dress, she is always a little cold in front of the camera to wear these designs.

Jeanne Moreau in Rome in 1961
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The 1960 's photographer took a picture of her in Chanel's Tweed outfit and went to the Chanel apartment to visit Chanel. The two of them, leaning lazily on the couch, Morou their chin lightly on their knees. The same dress, she also wears it everywhere in the movie premiere and publicity, with a refreshing breath.

Moreau with Coco Chanel, 1960
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2. She's a fashion chameleon in front of the camera.

In the movie "Love of Summer", she wears a Brittany striped shirt, a scarf, and sometimes a thicker knit sweater in a cool-tuned fashion. The movie "Mata" (Hari) you saw her wearing a misty, smoky morning dress and wearing exotic jewels across the screen. Moru in the film "Lovers" (Les amants) was dressed in the 1950 's waist-pinching flower dress and danced with exquisite and meticulous robe. In "The Night" (La notte), she set into the cut elegant, light body lines of the black dress, show the lady temperament.

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Jeanne Moreau in the 1958 film ' Les amants '
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Morou's film personality brought her a lot of different styling, but no matter how famous she was on the screen, every time she played or appeared on the stage, it was always the character, neat and unaffected by the previous style.

3. Her style is difficult to classify, unspeakable

Outside of work, Morou looks elegant but random. The neat mercerized yellow-and-yellow denim and the seemingly languid upper-garment are the main lines of her summer style. But as the picture shows, she has a knack for improving the style, such as a hooded bonnet, or a golden disc-like earring, which looks casual but extremely stylish.

In 1962 with Pierre Cardin
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4. She always mastered the brilliance of the 1960 and 1970 's

In the 1960 's, the Dew reached the pinnacle of fame. She wears a monochrome short skirt suit and black dress--often with a light cigarette in her hand, embracing the fashionable and sophisticated Parisian du jour style. But her style will continue to evolve with the times and is clearly influenced by the legendary designer Piecaden (Pierre Cardin), who are also friends of friendship. There were a lot of photos showing her sitting under the stage of Pieca's show.

Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot
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In the 1970 's, she abandoned the former stage style, turned to choose more decorative, colorful Bosnian American and Asian design, such taste is closely related to the aesthetics of the Times.

Jeanne Moreau in 1975
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5. She has excellent taste for customized jewellery.

In the twilight years of her life, she developed a distinctive but elegant pattern of jewellery wear. She usually wears a handmade tailor's upper coat, a Greek-style pair of trousers, and adds one or two pieces of guest jewellery, such as a large round brooch, and long shoulder earrings, to light up.

At a Dior fashion and Sophia Loren in 1987
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In the autumn of the end of the summer, why not indulge in a warm summer love, do not waste youth and Mao and Sheng time, bold experimental love and modelling, casual dress plus one or two pieces of jewelry can also brighten life, celebrate life. Live like Jennimoro, not afraid to fall in love, because life is the eternal summer love.

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