Celine and Jessie Love awkwardly, but this life is still willing to hold tight, because this is the most real love.

1993 Midsummer, the Train bound for Vienna, he was fooling toward her, ready to pickup line,"if you can meet another man, how your life will change, I am one of them. Imagine the time back, you will know the answer, you should get off with me. "He clumsy cute, she picked up the bag, with him jump the car, Vienna, the skylight just, around the city and the line, unfamiliar easy to open, open oneself meet you, say a whole day words, incubate the tender Love."

"I like to feel his gaze on me when I'm not too far away," said Celine.

Love romance, your beard with a little red, twinkle in the sun, the dawn of the morning, the lovers Young, the day is forever, how will know, love and sunset and midnight, How will know, love and doubt and quarrel. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Malena and Ouray: You have my love in Your eyes )

Celine and Jessie's love, do not superstitious, do not leave the phone, do not promise, to the old-school agreed time, to be missed over the past, to let go of entangled lost, to be in adult looking back, still remember that day morning, I kissed your side face, you breathe shallow, pretending to sleep, hope love don't wake up. Do you know? You spend a day with the romance of my life.

Six months after the unmanned train platform, nine years later missed the plane, 18 years fly fast, love enough to play the trilogy, Enough Love, enough young Echeng uncle, maiden Echeng mother.

The good love also has the bad possibility, she timidly asks him, "If is today me, we first met on the train, you still think me to be attractive?" "She is afraid of Seation, he is afraid powerless, what they fear most is, grab a love, fall into life, suddenly forget why love, this is how people start breaking up." We became the kind of person who kept a pair of children and finally became a family. (Recommended reading:"Diary of the relationship" Liu Xia and he: in order to love you, I was doomed to miss the Ordinary Love )

Love long lost enthusiasts, like put cool bubble water, mutually speechless, open all is hurt, understanding is probably also the most weird thing, because understanding so understand the soft rib, know how to hurt you most pain. Love is the most lovely is probably the case, the soul of a friend, the final silence, love, high temperature boiling, cooling after the body uncomfortable hair pain.

Celine smashed the card, I think I no longer love you, eyes cold, Jessie confession, like a boy from time, "I have done so much, just to make you laugh." 」

If you want true love, that's it. This is the reality, it is not perfect, but very real.

Love at Midnight in Greece

I don't ask for anything, I screwed up my whole life, just to spend the rest of my life with you. Love is real, we all love others, love very bad, but love you I think I would like to learn all my life; Love is time, every one we walk, or bad or good dawn, sunset and midnight, even if time is dead, I hope our love does not.

Love to the end is, I still want to talk with you all the way, go to a strange city, laugh or quarrel, blink the next 10 years and 20 years, and then I know, you will still take my hand.