"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, from a girl, understand a new era. Look at the way they turn crazy and read their atypical successes. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. Curve lovers, boys and girls, unmarried mothers, in many dogmatic showbiz, she always comfortable, there is a kind of attitude called Lin Chen.

"Do you love me or not?" Do you love me, stop. 」

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That year "Bend lover" in the fierce girlfriend like Lin Chen, candid, sharp, with thorns. Lin Chen Hey also called Aberdeen, she in LEZs interview mentioned, in the mind there is a small boy, is more boyish. Earlier this year, Lin Chen was discussed for his vocal feeding of the public, and many accused her of being "exposed publicly to the weathering and possibly causing sexual crimes".

Lin Chen responded: "Excuse me, when I was being harassed when I was feeding, was there a problem with my (people) harassing me?" Or is it a problem for the mother and child feeding? "She is not to be outdone:" When we walk on the road, a cool hot girl passing by, she was harassed and even raped, is she wearing a cool problem? Or is there a problem with the guy who harassed him? "(Recommended reading:" Intimate photography episode "Under The Lens of love, breastfeeding touching moment )

Her straight to the character, is also able to circle powder (bend) So many faithful powder reasons.

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Girls in the boys ' department: Love is free

Lin Chen to show her debut, she recalls her past participation in "black astringent will Meimei" when very uncomfortable, wasteful she was destined to walk a not typical beauty of the road: "I will not wear makeup and no shoes, the company also headache, as a girl nothing, to start from the beginning of teaching, learning deportment, what, I can not accept, He shaved his hair in a rage. "2006 I guess I guess I guess" the selection of teenage girls, the popularity of the program also opened a neutral girl's big stab in the gender fuzzy posture. Lin Chen is one of them.

Lin Chen just out now on the show, on the top of the cool girl, handsome T will cut the high-level, she talked about their sexuality identity: "I like, just like anyone can like me." At that time, people she is a rare animal in showbiz, what words dare to say, Lin Chen only back: "Showbiz do not tell the truth?" (Extended reading: Alan Dizeni: "No one is qualified to criticize your choice of love")

"There is no good out of the closet, but the identity of their own identification is not only, for me is so, their own happiness, happiness, good, is a personal choice." 」

Lin Chen Natural anti-Bone Meng, let a lot of people like her honesty, she also in "Helen her mother" as a lesbian, after pregnancy for women's body sovereignty voice, the care of gender does not say self-evident.

I have 100 cool ways.

Lin Chen when the first into the showbiz, he was not suitable for TV program ecology, friends told her: "Do you want to try actors?" "It only opened her way. The first to know the actor, like the trainer, acting this thing on the Lin Chen good temper, she seems to be in the act of this thing slowly on their side, tempered the past own hot temper.

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It's basic to do your homework, write stories with your autobiography, and put your character into your life. She has been living like herself, acting teaches her to learn to be empathetic.

"In the beginning, I was clear, not to set limits on what I can do, even if I can only play cool in my lifetime, I have to play 100 different cool." 」

Her character is strong, and her former characters have their own vivid shadow. "The 36th story" in the Qiang son, do not love the scripted, the Grinch, "disappear to see" to promote the end of the philosophy of the Strange girl money, "killer Ouyang potted" in the spicy domineering Liz. In fact, it is not difficult to find, to Lin Chen, the director of the special situation saw her fundamental incompatible beauty.

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I have children but not marriage: marriage is not a bond of affection.

A lot of people worship Lin Chen, when she has children's news, there are many surprised voice-the original that year's teenage girls, also will be mom, the original bad girl such as her, may marry as a man's wife. Having a child for more than half a year, Lin Chen to share his mother's road, the first experience, the original is a woman, women have their physiological changes, after pregnancy has subtle physical changes. However, Lin Chen was born not married, although the boyfriend anxious to marry, people ask why don't you marry? She shrugged her shoulders:

"As far as I am concerned, leaving is going to leave, and that paper has nothing to do with that, marriage is not a bond of affection." 」

Lin Chen also talk about his new family: "A lot of people think I am a lesbian (only like girls), but now I am a big 20-year-old director boyfriend, friends say I like T, boyfriend like gay, we are plural family." "(You'll like: mom and Dad don't worry: we don't get married, but Love is just right)

For the showbiz, Lin Chen like a heterogeneous, to Lin Chen, she just want to and like people together, a contented life, and knot not married, is male is female, no relationship.

Bend lovers love into mother, or as the same whims, she still love freedom, free from restraint, than the young, Lin Chen more than a gentle. Now the Lin Chen, less appearing in front of the fluorescent screen, longer, she spent on her favorite things, such as mountaineering, painting, travel adventures, into the self, not false Zhang not pretentious, is her consistent attitude, good actress, also can live very real, as she has always believed, showbiz is only her sideline, life is the job.

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"A GIRL" Lin Chen

Marriage is not a bond of affection.

Lin Chen XI

I have a lot of responsibility for myself, and everyone of us is.

Lin Chen XI

I care more about what I do than fame and fortune.

Lin Chen XI