In the psychedelic and dilapidated generation of their own beauty, the 90 's classic rock character Courtney love, see how she all the way to crazy, in the rock on the road to subvert the crazy world.

It is the United States and the dilapidated coexistence of the 90 's, after the Second World War, cultural development and rapid changes in social reform, people try to chew out of the system of their own thoughts, eager to shout and rebel, to grow their own generation of another.

Courtney love--90 era praised the lead singer, longer than the broken and brilliant generation, not to shake the social oppression, she is only willing to use their own way to say, life how to live, their own decisions; tired of the world add to the definition of women, she will be deviant, break unhindered, To develop more imagination for feminine temperament and body appearance.

You can say that her life is wild or even a little grotesque, but she is sincere love of life, not drift in life, live to be true to themselves, lead you to know how she walked all the way to embrace life, in that psychedelic age, swinging out of their posture.

Courtney Love: Rock and roll Let me subvert this crazy world

Without having to deal with violence, I realized that I could do something completely subversive.

Courtney Love

She was born into a broken family, parents divorced, from childhood experience displacement, inferiority self-pity of the time, the life of the dilapidated let her heart has been a faint burning indignation, to the parents, the world, to the life of the deep cry of doubt, should not be so, her life.

Growing up in a hippie community full of drugs and LSD, at the age of 13, she was sent to a juvenile correctional institution for theft, but here she met to change her life's music, and Courtney Love first heard and contacted the women's rock band in the Juvenile penitentiary, the Runaways, the deep scream and the piercing roar of the song. , resonant with her soul, she finally found a voice in the world, can empathy her sadness, can accept her heterogeneity, even, she found a group with her general desire to subvert the world of the same kind, since this music and rock and roll became her life must, gave her pipe vent the heart of anger, also let her find, She can reconstruct a world she wants to see in music, only to have more dollars, free, wild and unruly souls out there. (Recommended reading: eternal love and peace!) The colorful Woodstock Music festival )

Not to be a woman defined by the law: I can be gentle and wild sex

Underwear outside wear, through the skin gauze, look confused, Courtney love with her clothes to open her avantgarde image, behind her want to convey the idea, as a woman, you can be gentle and violent, you can be confused carnival, you can wear what you want to wear, do what you want to do, you want to become the kind of person. Do not want the social framework to define the image of women, women should not be defined by the Second division, you can be weak in front of the lover but in front of the desire to be strong, you can expose your sexy, peering into the desires of others, this is the lust--and the natural thing.

I have been in vain in some way. All women are under the dualistic Law of society, with a beautiful, sensual, passive side, a monster, a dissolute, an aggressive side. --courtney Love

She has also explored in her own songs the expectations of society for women's bodies, and how they have jumped off the gaze of desire and desire, expecting to grow into more free individuals.

She has mentioned that she is a feminist, but she does not like the feminist in the 90 's anxious to break through the social norms but also set a dogma for women, she only holds the equality of men and women of the faith, to live as she wants to become a feminist. And her position is echoed in the song, she boldly and directly to sing many of the frustrations of life and the world do not dare to talk about the subject. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" is Taylor "qualified" to be a feminist?) )

"I opened my scar and sucked my scar," she said, vaguely describing sex. "Don't worry, baby, you'll never stink again," she says of abortion and abortion. In her "Doll Parts" song, she introspective: "I want to be the most beautiful girl, he only like these things, I think it is true." "Write those girl's silly and eager to be recognized by the boy's sadness."

In the song of the male desires, also on the social materialization of women's various actions to criticize, celebrities gorgeous skin with money on the stack of beauty, girls are expected to be like a doll pure clean ... these images interspersed in her every song, she looked at the dark side of society, hissing to sing her thought of justice.

Life should be addicted to the good things: love and rock and roll

Addiction is a part of us. I don't know why we pretended not to be

Courtney Love

In love, she also loves forthright, Courtney love and the late Grease rock band Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain had a short two-year marriage, two people in the 90 's are classic pointer characters, each in the music field has epoch-making achievements, in the face of appreciation of people, Courtney love do not change free and easy personality, active pursuit of Kurt Cobain, the last two people in Hawaii marriage, have two years of dazzling erosion of the loving time, until Kurt Cobain one day left a suicide, lift a gun suicide end their own life, Their bright but fleeting love also followed a period. (Recommended reading: from Petti Smith to Ono, rock and roll Soul Lovers )

Courtney Love addiction, Kurt Cobain death Rumors, all kinds of gossip, but she don't care how the outside said, consistent, love him also in his own way, in the song forever cherish this paragraph let her quit love.

Along the way, Courtney love in the 90 's to live out her seemingly fragmented but no regrets of the brilliant, in the song, she uses the value of her beliefs to penetrate, social standards never define her, in love, she loves hard, love strong, in the time to love to fully give themselves.

Life full of avantgarde controversy, she let herself indulge in these things she loved, frankly addiction, for her, the other seemingly more grumpy life, it is her life without regret.