If everyone is different, the appearance of the sexual organs will naturally not be the same, it is absurd to expect the sex partner to look like an AV actor.

Have you ever seen the look of your vagina? No? Take the Mirror to yourself tonight!

August D Card Forum has a girl to contribute anonymous article, the girl said, she saw no mosaic of a film, found that the yin of the actress is often photographed very clearly, and looks are "flat", compared to their own seems to be more than others longer " Two pieces of meat ", and as the age of increasing the trend of black, look long to feel like an alien, when the sexual behavior of their own body is not too confident.

The girl began to look up the data, found a plastic clinic in the network to create a "vaginal type map", according to the clinic classification, their vulva lip belongs to "roll into a lump" type. Netizens heated discussion, many girls also have the same trouble, some people feel that the United States, some people are vaginal incision surgery, the vulva to shape more similar to the pattern of the clinic template.

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Two days later, with the forum of another girl anonymous submission, said the boudoir honey because "private place black" and was boyfriend break up, the man even took a lot of a film actress's vaginal appearance photo and girlfriend comparison, suspect the woman color deep is manifested sexual behavior, the woman feel injured.

Below the discussion string, has the male Netizen message said that if the female student can break up because the male penis is small, the boy certainly may because the female girl's vagina appearance and the imagination does not match and break up!

Can be, but should not take photos of others said "you should be like this", and the child you want to know, the most important sex organ is not in the lower body Ah!

The most important sex organ, not the penis or the vagina.

It's normal to feel a little frustrated because the sex organ is different from the imagination. But a wonderful sex has nothing to do with the appearance of the vagina, the brain is the most important and the greatest organ.

Only the genitals can not produce sexual feelings, a piece of the lower body close-up of the people mistakenly think that the vagina is the center of pleasure, to thick, pink as a piece can make oneself with each other happy? Kid, don't let a movie limit the imagination of erotic pleasure! It is the brain that really works and is responsible for the feeling of pleasure.

Those who are willing and able to stimulate the imagination, link and motivate themselves and their partner's feelings are the most powerful men of sexual ability.

From an anatomical point of view, the brain is indeed the most important organ.

The cerebral cortex links conscious behavior such as perception, memory, understanding and movement, and the hypothalamus is responsible for analyzing the information transmitted by the body and the visual system, while the limbic system controls the emotions and memories associated with sex, pornography, and the like, which form the General command of sex.

What makes people feel differently is the substance in the brain: dopamine, prolactin, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and adrenaline. Dopamine increases when kissing caresses, and drives up libido, and when it arrives, the dopamine secretion increases instantaneously, creating a feeling of orgasm.

In the process of sex, the brain produces a lot of endorphins can also make people have pleasure and happiness. The University of California study shows that some patients with mild depressive symptoms will have different degrees of relief after orgasm.

Standardized sex organs aesthetic: boys to thick, girls to pink?

The standardized sex organs in a film reproduce the sexual organs of a single aesthetic standard: males are bulky penises, while women are hairless or trimmed pubic hair, flat pink and symmetrical labia. But the sex organ of the actress of a is to satisfy the GCD business aesthetic as much as possible, often through the surgical integral type.

Laughing at the South Korean girl's "Replicator Corps", how did people not think of the exclusively in the same shape in a film, which might actually be a copy of the version?

However, I would like to review the absence of sex education before blaming the audience for a on the lack of imagination and aesthetic standards.

Open our health education textbooks, gender is two of men and women. Women's standard body shape is thin, flat lower abdomen, no milk, skin similar to white, nipple should be pink, is not the majority of Taiwanese deep skin or brown.

Then turn to the sex organ that page, the male genitals at a glance, the feminine vulva is very obscure, the health education textbook did not say the clitoris originally is not only a small circle point, the labia has two layers, the big labia inside also has the small labia, the hymen is not a membrane at all, but the vagina mouth ring organization, whether has had sexual intercourse, Each female's vagina mouth annular tissue has the hole to let the menstrual blood flow out. (Extended reading:"The plot" of the vagina to start a new plan: Have you ever seen your own private place?) )

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Our health education gives students a large blank of sexual knowledge, sexual development of children have to grope themselves.

But there were teachers who were willing to do more. The nursing teacher of the Northern woman encouraged the students to go home and draw their own mirrors to paint their genitals (on the premise of the students ' willingness and comfort), inviting them to understand the whole society to avoid her watching the body, through the painting to understand their body and feelings of subjectivity.

But the job has sparked many parents and social rallies. "Luckily, my girlfriend didn't teach her," said the Apple Daily, who even interviewed the students about the assignment, taking Kingzheng photos as their cover. 」

When the topic of sex becomes the taboo of the whole society and family, where can the knowledge about sex be found? is the most explicit and most "at a glance" but is filled with the most narrow and false information of a film.

To achieve a group of children's sexual ignorance, need is the strength of the whole country and the whole society taboo.

There are so many beautiful sex organs.

Women fans of the station "Blush Red" has done a great interview, access to the yin part of the art workers Wang Yuchen. (same field Gayon: Why the penis is majestic, the vagina is dirty?) A short visit to the female art worker Wang Yuchen )

In 2015, she set a record for her first public female genital model in the "body's cross-boundary experiment", and last year launched a "ten-year partnership for the daughter and the Vagina" project, starting with family, girls ' growth and sex education, which used to regard women as "unclean, The obscure "vagina" forms a sculpture by means of an inverted mode, and the feminine genitals are no longer the genital organs that are not to be seen, but the creators ' unique masterpieces of art.

Wang Yuchen, who has done countless female vaginal turns, looks like this: "The woman's vagina grows with age, its appearance and color change, and every woman's vagina is different, and is unique." 」

The vagina is a part of nature, as the beauty of the body will change with the seasons, different stages of the body have different flavor.

Because of the beauty of the vagina there are too many, do not allow the classification and nomenclature of the whole clinic to take you to know yourself, say your labia are "rolled into a lump" rather than "rich beautiful", beautiful rich folds are recognized as "multi-layer and Wrinkle Skin", asymmetrical natural beauty should not be rudely called "a small one."

To be a woman, you don't have to be willing to let outsiders and whole-type clinics name us.

"Some guests will ask for their own sex organ model to give to their partner," Wang Yuchen said in a visit. But I'm not doing it. Because I want you to come to know your body, not to please the other half. 」

Your body is your own, beautiful, pleasing yourself before pleasing your partner.

Of course, because the sexual organs and imagination do not agree with the breakup, in fact, no one has the bill room, but take a piece of actress Yin photo attack girlfriend has no sexual organ beauty, but the loss of basic respect for people. Think about it, if your partner is holding a picture of the gods of men and women tell you: You are ugly must be inside too ugly, can not feel absurd?

It's not love anymore. The early release of this object, beneficial to the physical and mental beauty of health, really.

Reference data: "Sex-loving science", pedestrian publishing.