Strangers kiss the album, with a kiss to call your heart of innocence, photographer Johanna Siring's "Stranger Kiss" plan, through kissing to pull up the intimacy between people.

I'd like to believe that the world paused, smiled and watched as I kissed you.

"The world stops when I kiss you."

Kiss the time, is two pieces of lip flap hug, is two soul overlap, is the other person saw, also can faint smile pink.

"The world stops when I kiss you" This sentence is lovely, there are some smiles in the eyes when you kiss diffuse, wrapped the world, pink atmosphere with just good intentions. What is goodwill to you? is a thoughtful seat, a pair of smiling eyes, a consolation to your sadness, is in life happened to meet each other, take the treasure greeting, is to see the appearance of love, is willing to give their warm smile for strangers.

For photographer Johanna Siring, her way of preserving the goodwill of her life is to put those intimate strangers into a photographic project, under the camera, to record the most beautiful appearance of the moment, and the meeting of the first period will be permanently preserved in a photograph. (Recommended reading: voice for Love!) A collection of gender-sensitive photography around the world

According to I-d magazine's website, photographer Johanna Siring attended this year's Roskilde Music festival in Denmark (Roskilde Festival), a music festival that began in the 1971 with the spirit of the hippie movement that began in the 70 's, has now developed into one of the largest cultural festivals and music ceremonies in northern Europe.

In this music festival she felt completely free to open, bare feet running, with strangers spent the night, the carefree universe of freedom is so beautiful and scarce, so memorable moment she wanted to remember. (Recommended reading: eternal love and peace!) The colorful Woodstock Music festival )

"Do what you want to do, anytime, anywhere." Change the heart of every person you meet. Open their hearts, if not by medicine, by virtue of beauty, love, honesty and pleasure. "Time Magazine"

Johanna Siring, through the photography program of the Kiss of strangers, photographed every stranger she met, recorded their first impressions through a photographic lens, and then, by kissing, summoned the innocence behind each armed face and photographed it. Johanna in the report , "kissing triggers all the nerve endings around the lip, causing dopamine release and a spike in the aphrodisiac, an instant stress reliever, creating an immediate emotional bond between two people." 」

These kisses awaken everyone's most joyful, open innocence, before kissing, people try to perform what they want to be, after kissing, they all put down the reserve, flashed a smile, and that smile, there is the most sincere natural happiness.

She lets the photographer decide how to kiss each other, "some people would give me a light, quick kiss, and then a giggle, some directly, and the most interesting part was that I felt the character of the photographer in those kisses, just like the second portrait they showed," she said. (Recommended reading: strangers kiss one!) Kiss, the art of Beauty in the world )

Johanna Siring also said in an interview, as a photographer, trying to do is to capture the uniqueness of each person, which is why she chose a stranger to do the protagonist of photography, the hope that through the photography by kissing, capture the precious moment--belongs to that person's nature. Let us use a kiss to melt the gap, with the blink of an eye to convey enthusiasm, with endless carnival dance, celebrating this life, we never stop the pursuit of good meet.

We should not stop dreaming, and we should not stop pursuing a better life that is more human.

The summer of Love hippie movement